Hey Dude vs Skechers: A Comprehensive Comparison

Hey Dude vs Skechers

Hey Dude and Skechers are among the top brands in the shoe industry that produce exquisite footwear for their fanatics. They never go wrong with any casual or semi-formal occasions.

For your morning workout, going to the grocery store, or other outdoor activities, you will undoubtedly find the appropriate footwear within these brands.

These shoes have one thing in common, and that is their customers. Most people love lightweight, simple, and classic shoes on their feet, which Hey Dude and Skechers do a great job at.

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Hey Dude vs Skechers: Overview

The Hey Dude shoe is one of the most breathable and lightweight footwear because of its canvas upper and EVA sole. Their designs are timeless, and they never run out of new styles. They bring styling with comfort to light and make people gush over their creativity.

On the other hand, Skechers shoes also offer comfort and breathability. They create enough room for your toes as a runner, as your feet tend to expand over time. Skechers provide excellent support and performance to your feet.

Like Hey Dude, Skechers never run out of production styles for their fanatics.

Despite the incredible qualities of these shoes, it is sometimes necessary to know which of them is better hence this Hey Dude vs Skechers.

While we can’t thread on all of their designs, we decided to focus on the Skechers Melson and Hey Dude Wally.

Hey Dude Wally

Skechers Melson

Features a stretch cotton upper Features a soft woven canvas fabric upper
Hey Dude has a more durable insole than Skechers Skechers’ insoles are not as durable as Hey Dude’s
Features cushioned ankle collar Lacks cushioning at the ankle collar
The insole is removable Does not have a removable insole

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Hey Dude vs Skechers – Quality Comparison


Hey Dude vs Skechers
Hey Dude Wally
Skechers Melson Vs Hey Dude Wally
Skechers Melson

The Skechers Melson features a soft woven canvas fabric upper styled with a stitching accent and a knotted lace. The upper design is not so different from the Hey Dude Wally. Hey Dude Wally shoe features a stretch cotton upper with a stitching accent and knotted elastic lace.

They both have folded designs at the front, which gives them a beach-moc look. They are breathable and accommodate your feet to comfort right out of the box.


Both shoes have a memory foam midsole and EVA rubber outsole. However, Hey Dude Wally has more longevity than Skechers Melson. The memory foam featured in Skechers is a thin layer of low-density polyurethane that easily compresses. 

By doing so, it loses its balance and can no longer be of good to you. But with Hey Dude, you can enjoy better comfort for a longer time.

Skechers vs Hey Dude
Skechers Sole vs Hey Dude Sole

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Footbed/Arch Support

Hey Dude and Skechers shoes feature a long-lasting memory foam insole that is replaceable with orthotics if found necessary.

Because of the flex and fold technology, the Hey Dude shoes are sometimes suitable for people with plantar fasciitis and other foot problems. It cushions the heel and ball of your foot while absorbing impact from the ground.

Meanwhile, the Skechers Melson shoe does not have long-lasting memory foam. Once the memory foam starts to compress, it will no longer be of any benefit to you. Persistence in wearing it can cause ligament and muscle strain or stress.

It could destabilize your foot, ankle, hip, knee, and lower back pain. Moreover, it is yet to be recommended by podiatrists due to the lack of durability of the memory foam. The insoles are not removable and can’t be replaced with another one.

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Both shoes have an inner fabric lining that provides warmth and coziness to your feet.n Unlike the Skechers Melson, Hey Dude Wally features well-padded foam at the ankle collar to increase its comfort.

Skechers Melson is light at the heel counter and collar, which makes it less comforting than Hey Dude Wally.


The Hey Dude Wally shoes do not fit true to size. If you usually wear a half size, we suggest you order the next size up. However, you should note that Hey Dude is designed to fit snugly on your feet. But having toms space to wiggle your toes is not a bad idea.

Skechers Melson, on the other hand, fit true to size and run wide.

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They do not have much price difference. Skechers Melson is sold at about $58, while Hey Dude Wally is at $59.95.


They also do not have much weight difference as they are both lightweight. Each Hey Dude Wally shoe weighs about 6 ounces, while Skechers Melson weighs about 6.4 Ounces.

Hey Dude vs Skechers – Which One is Better?

Considering the comparisons above, it is with no doubt that Hey Dude Wally shoes are better than Skechers Melson. Hey Dude shoes provide top-notch comfort. Its durability is commendable too. But that doesn’t make Skechers worst.

In some ways, Skechers has proven to be a reliable brand, releasing many designs for people who love the versatility. They also offer comfort but don’t last long like the Hey Dude Wally.

The verdict might be different if you compare other versions of these two brands. But for now, Hey Dude has it.

Buy Hey Dude Wally on Amazon

Buy Skechers Melson on Amazon


Hey Dude shoes are for comfort, durability, breathability, and stability. You can enjoy these features once you get the right size and fitting. Skechers are not awful themselves. They offer maximum comfort as long as they last on your feet.

However, if you want varieties of shoes, Skechers are the best option for you, but if you desire long-lasting comfort and durability, Hey Dude shoes are the best for it. In whichever way, the ball is in your court. We hope you make the best choice.


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