Shoe Cream vs Shoe Polish: Differences & Uses

Shoe cream vs Shoe Polish

At least, it is certain that both shoe polish and shoe cream are what you put on your shoes to improve their appearance.

Although you can quickly think of shoe polish as a wax product that makes your shoes shine when buffed. How about shoe cream?

The lingering confusion between these terms inspired us to investigate shoe polish vs shoe cream. So, we’ve come out with their definitions, differences, and their purposes, to understand which one to use at any given time.

What is shoe polish?

As the name implies, it gives your shoes a polished finishing. It is a shoe care product that adds layers of wax to your leather shoes to make them shine when buffed.

Polish does not seep into the leather but remains on the surface. So, you can easily remove them whenever you want to.

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You can also think of shoe polish as that classical method of maintaining the shiny appearance that the shoes had when they were new out of the box.

Why use shoe polish?

Over time leather shoes lose that original appearance; they become dull, dry, and flaky. Using shoe polish is one way to restore the nice looks of these pairs.

Shoe polish forms a protective wax film, fill-up scratches, and gives the shoes the required bright and shiny look. You’ll once become that smart guy or beautiful woman everyone admires.

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Shoe polish vs shoe cream

What is shoe cream?

Shoe cream on the other hand is a footwear care product that conditions and adds color to shoes to restore their original look. In a simpler term, they reverse the faded color of leather shoes.

Shoe cream also functions as a conditioner as they moisturize and prevent leather shoes from cracking.

Why use shoe cream?

Using shoe cream would offer you two major benefits: color improvement and moisturization.

Talking about color restoration, you can remove shoe cream if at all you don’t like the outcome it gives on the shoes, unlike dye.

It also nourishes leather and prolongs its age through its moisturizing ability. However, a shoe conditioner does a better moisturization job.

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Differences between shoe cream and shoe polish

  • Wax polish gives your shoes a shiny appearance, masks scuffs, and forms a waterproof layer on them. A shoe cream adds and renews the faded color of your leather shoes.
  • The shoe cream is made with more pigmentation than polish. However, shoe polish has more amount of wax.
  • When buffed, a wax polished shoe would give a high shine. In contrast, shoe cream wouldn’t give as much shine.
  • Wax polish does a better job in covering scuffs and scratches than shoe cream.
  • Shoe cream has some leather conditioning ability while shoe polish remains only a surface remedy.

Difference between shoe polish and shoe cream

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The bottom line

Your choice to use either shoe polish or shoe cream at any given time depends on what you want to achieve. If you want to confer a glassy, waterproof effect on your shoe, use wax polish.

On the other hand, if you prefer to restore the color of your shoe and moisturize it a bit, then shoe cream should be a better option.

Dress shoes most times are huge investments. You must take good care of them. Polish and moisturize them as often as possible.

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Can you use shoe cream on suede shoe?

Please do not use shoe cream on suede shoes. Instead, use a suede cleaner. Learn here how to clean a suede shoe

Can I use shoe cream on leather bag?

You can use shoe cream on leather bags and other leather materials so long as they’re not making direct contact with your body.

Will shoe cream dye leather?

Although shoe cream adds color to leather, it is not a dye. The effect of shoe cream is temporary and if you want a permanent color effect, go for a pure leather dye instead.

When should I use shoe cream?

If the color of your shoes are faded, you can restore the original color using a shoe cream. Apply it once in a while to maintain your desired appearance.

Can I dye shoe with a shoe polish?

No amount on shoe polish you put on shoes will dye it. You can only have partial and temporary color change. Use a shoe dye for a better result.

Should I remove shoe polish?

Yes it is advisable to remove old shoe polish once in a while before putting a new layers. This would prevent the shoe surface from being flaky and will also help the new layer to shine better.

Can I use shoe polish on car seats?

No, shoe polish isn’t meant for car seats. They’ll leave your cloth stained.

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