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With our in-depth reviews and buyer’s guide, we hope to help you decide the best footwear to buy.

We help to keep your shoe closet fresh with the help of our shoe care tips, shoe accessory reviews, and other necessary information.

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John P.

John is a content writer and a footwear lover. He is the lead editor and content creator of Shoe Harbour.

Aside from fashion, he is also interested in digital marketing, and personal finance. We created this site because we have hundreds of shoes which we buy constantly, thus

we decided to review & share our thoughts on it.

Here’s our best article yet : Best Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Feel free to Email me for enquiries or shoutouts: [email protected]

Immaculate Ogodo

Ogodo Immaculate

I am a writer who’s currently undergoing a programme in Radiography. I love all things fashion.

Being part of Shoe Habour has given me the opportunity to explore more about shoes, outfits and fashion, and share my views with the world as well.

Anne Ugwoke

Anne Ugwoke

Fashion is one of the few things that I have very much interest in. As a kid, I never had the luxury of a full wardrobe. But the little I had, I styled them to my own childish fashion sense.

Now, I know I can wear short flare gown with a stiletto, sneakers, or canvas. And yes, short flare dresses are my favorite.

I love fashion; I love standing out; and I love looking good.


Been into buying and selling shoes since 10 years ago.

I love sharing my experiences to prevent others from buying the wrong shoes. I do it as a passion and decided to share with everyone.

Here’s my profile : https://www.linkedin.com/in/dominicmario-ogodo