Adidas Ultraboost 22: Complete Top to Bottom Review

In 2015 Adidas released one of the most recognisable running shoes today.

The shoe was intended to be the best of Adidas’ performance shoes but ultimately is a style icon as well.

The Ultraboost has since, come in many different colourways, variations, and collaborations with other brands.

My Ultraboost experience

In 2015, I bought my first pair of Adidas Ultraboost after their initial release.

I wouldn’t call myself as a runner as I felt like my knees didn’t allow me to run long distances on tar.

I decided to give the Ultraboost a try, they served me very well as a beginner and light runner.

The shoe is gentle on the body when running, even after I recovered from injuries which I really like.

As my running style and habits changed my Ultraboost adjusted to what I needed them to be.

After becoming a more avid runner my preference has remained with the Ultraboost because they make it so easy.

Good for JointsLittle energy return
Extremely Durable 
Many different colourways 
Considerable cushioning 
Fantastic Grip 

First Impressions

 Right off the bat, getting the shoe on is not the easiest task.

The tongue of the shoe is not separate to the rest of the shoe upper, making it more difficult getting your foot into shoe.

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The toe box felt small at first but did improve with wear and now they sit perfect. 

As soon as my Ultraboost came on and they were laced up and felt secure, they hold my foot great and offers a lot of stability with its wide base.

The Ultraboost is a very comfortable snug fit straight out of the box, and they immediately provided me with a confidence boost.

The Primeknit upper

The Ultraboost upper is made from very comfortable Primeknit, 50% of which consist of recycled materials.

Primeknit produces a stable feel, not limiting foot movement.

The shoe provides an incredible hold on the foot and resembles a sock like feel.

The Primeknit upper holds the foot, but it is not a tight fit.

The materials of the UB’22 create a shoe that is effortless to wear for a full day and feel barely noticeable on the foot.

I love the way the upper feels, it feels strong, seems less likely to damage It is slightly warmer than the previous versions but remains breathable.

I like how the Primeknit has evolved, it’s a much easier clean than previous Ultraboost versions.

The Cushy Midsole

The Ultraboost 22 Midsole offers superior cushioning and reliability and definitely makes the Ultraboost the most comfortable running shoe.

These midsoles are very durable and don’t perform less as use increases.

The weight of the shoe is lighter than the Ultraboost 21 and lighter than expected considering the latest heel stack.

Scuff warning

The midsole is without a protective layer all round which means it could scuff and damage easier than competitors.

I have always gotten damage on the foam sole because of this.

There’s more protection on the UB’22 than past versions but mine are already scuffed after four months and I would like to see some form of protection in the future.

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Midsole performance

Due to the shock absorbance and weight of the shoe, the Ultraboost does not bode well at speed.

The UB’22 are less responsive than some competitors.

A more relaxed runner would enjoy the shoe more.

If you decide to pick up the pace, be ready to work for it as the sole doesn’t return as much energy.

These soles are awesome for a long, relaxed runs. A serious runner will benefit use in recovery runs because they are so kind on the joints.

Continental Outersole

The Outer sole is made of a Continental rubber sourced from Continental A.G., a German tyre company.

These shoes will last most occasional hikers, tar or treadmill runners or walkers a long time.

The Ultraboost can boast with excellent grip on most terrain and any weather. UB’22 grip gives me a lot of confidence regardless of where I use them.

Excellent grip and comfort provide necessary performance and superior durability.

Made with woman in mind

The UB’ 22 was created with woman in mind.

Previous versions of the shoe were unisex and were just downsized to smaller sizes.

Having the female version tailored for woman, Adidas had made the heels narrower with a shorter instep.

Ladies have been provided with two extra lungs on the outer sole.

I can feel the difference and benefit of having the shoe designed with the female anatomy in mind and it is a very welcomed change.


Ultraboost aren’t only functional, they have become stylish staples.

Considering the price, like to know the shoe could serve more than one purpose.

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Adidas took the popularity of the Ultraboost and created what seems like countless colour-ways.

Adidas has collaborated with many other iconic brands as well.

The different variations of the shoe provide options for most style aesthetics.

Ultraboost 22 Fit

The UB’ 22 fit true to size with a wide forefoot although it sits extremely low. Don’t be too concerned as the shoe will feel truer to size after a few wears as it’s just the process of the shoe forming according to your feet.

If you have wide feet, it would be a safe bet to go up to a half size in the Adidas Ultraboost 22.


Considering the upgrades in the Ultraboost 22 these shoes will last a long time and give most people many happy miles, they are very durable and are made to last a long time.

Every part of the shoe just seems like it is made to last, and they do.


These shoes are awesome, I would recommend them for casual runners looking for a reliable and durable shoe which are soft of the joints and provide superior comfort.

The UB’ 22 is a stylish and versatile running shoe able to last a long time.

If you are a serious runner looking for a more responsive shoe, you might benefit looking at competitors who offer more performance based running shoes as the energy return isn’t as high.

The Ultraboost 22 is a better running shoe for woman in comparison previous models which sizes where just downsized from male moulds, making it a more suitable shoe for everyone.

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