Why Do People Love Crocs?

Why Do People Love Crocs

The first time Crocs was released, people had wondered what kind of footwear it was. It has a funny look, irregular shape, with an unnecessary wide toe box.

They asked Who would wear this kind of footwear? But most people do, especially those who prefer comfort to good fashion.

Crocs were originally designed as boat clogs as they are slip-resistant and dry fast. More reason they can be worn on a deck.

Over time, health workers and chefs started to consider the clog as it is perfect for their all-day standing job.

People started wearing Crocs on the street, indoors, and for vacations. While some people hate the clog, especially the realization of making your feet unnecessarily large, others have Crocs as their favorite footwear. Why is that? Well, you are just in to find out.

Reasons People Love Crocs?

1. Lightweight and Durability

Most people believe that Crocs are made of rubber, but it is not true. Crocs are made of a rare material called Croslite. This material is a type of resin that is made by only the company. The Croslite material makes the shoe lightweight and durable.

Crocs transitions between land and water, hence, people wear them to a beach or for boating, knowing that water cannot deteriorate it.

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2. Comfort and Breathability

The Croslite material features foam cells that conform to your foot size and gives you a better fitting.

The insole is an orthopedic footbed featuring circulation nubs that cause blood stimulation. You can now guess why health workers and chefs make it their favorite.

The holes featured at the upper are for air penetration to your feet. It also allows your feet to dry fast if soaked in wet.

3. Slip-Resistant

Another good thing about Crocs is its slip resistance. It is embarrassing to slip off the floor because of your footwear.

But with Crocs, such stories won’t be linked to you. Crocs have strong traction and offer a firm grip on slippery ground.

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4. Easy to Clean

The material of Crocs is soft and easy to clean. Crocs do not harbor dirt in it. It is also odor and microbial-resistant. Due to the air vents created on the shoe, there is no chance of odor-causing bacteria growing in the clog.

5. Varieties of Designs

Maybe Crocs started badly by releasing outrageous chunky clogs, but as time goes by, they released different styles of Crocs suitable for the wearers.

Apart from Crocs Beach and Cayman, which are well known, Crocs produced more feminine wear such as Crocs Sassari, Crocs Alice, Crocs Mammoth, etc.

They also have different beautiful styles for men and kids.

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6. Seasonal Wear

Crocs are known as summer footwear because of the air vents created. Most love to wear Crocs, especially during the summer, for breathability and extra comfort.

7. Health-Based

Crocs are majorly recommended to people with foot problems. They offer maximum arch support. The clog confirms your foot size and makes you comfortable. It doesn’t hold back dirt as it is easy to wash.

It dries faster, giving no room for the growth of odor-causing bacteria. It features air vents for proper air circulation on your feet. The footbed features circulation nubs that help to stimulate blood flow on your feet.

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8. Uniqueness

Despite the hate for the clog by some individuals, people still love it, and that makes it unique. Some people love weird things and make them fashionable for themselves.

Why Do People Hate Crocs?

It’s simple. Crocs are unnecessarily large and chunky. People who love to show off their beautiful foot shape won’t want to hide it in huge wear.

The perforations on some of the Crocs clogs are large and annoying. They make it unsuitable to be worn during winter.

It is very expensive, which is very understandable as it has great qualities featured in it. Those who can’t afford it may choose to hate it.

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Take Away…

Crocs may not be fashionable footwear, but the good qualities they offer draw people’s attention to them. People who wear it do not wear it for fashion, but because they made their comfort their top priority.

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