Benefits of wearing high heels

8 Astonishing Benefits of Wearing High Heels

There are so many reasons why you should count heels as the best option. Indeed, there are always two sides to a coin.

But this time, you will see so many reasons why this side of this coin overpowers the other.

But then…

What is a high heel?

Heel shoes are those shoes that aren’t flat but elevates in the heel part. It is, however, one of the most popular types of women’s footwear.

But a disparity comes in when there are different kinds of heels attached and different heights as well. While some heel shoes are very tall, others are rather short.

While some have bulky heels others have slender heels. Whichever one it is, a shoe becomes a heel when it isn’t flat.

Types of heels

S/NTypeUnique features
1StilettoHas a slender heel and the heel is usually about 4 inches high
2PumpsMost pumps are toe-covered and do not have so much height as a stiletto.
It's usually less than 4 inches but not an inch
3Kitten heelsThey have a very short slender heel. Just about 2.5cm — 5cm high.
4Ankle strapIt bears a strap running across the foot bridge, holding the foot in place with shoe.
5Platform heelThe fore part of the sole is padded to be in the exact level as the heel.
6WedgeIt has a fully base heel just like a wedge. It is highly stable
7High heel gladiatorThis heel has also few straps running across it.
Sometimes it needs to be tied. It usually extends to the knee sometimes
8Backsling heelThis heel has an open back and has a strap behind where from it can easily be adjusted.
9Block heelTheir heel is in a very shaped form usually rectangle.
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What are the benefits of wearing heels?

It is without a doubt that wearing high heels has lots of good. But sometimes it appears there aren’t reasons to put them on; that is a myopic point of view.

Here are the amazing benefits that only a high heel can give you.

1. High heels can be comfortable

This is funny, right? Yeah. After this post this should have been the first bounce back question:

“Heels aren’t comfortable. Why did you say they have benefits?”

Well, I purposely put this as the first advantage of wearing a heel because, in reality, high heels are comfortable.

The shoemaker makes every shoe to provide comfort to the user. For you to be uncomfortable on a heel, it means there’s a fault.

It could be that you are not balanced on it, or it is too tight or loose. It might seem uncomfortable because you’re not used to wearing it.

But without these faults, heels are very comfortable. The most comfortable heels are wedges, ankle strap heels, block heels. This is because they command a whole lot of balance.

2. Heels make you more attractive

Heels itself is highly-attractive and it makes you more attractive. A saying goes that you can’t give what you don’t have.

You won’t wear dull footwear and expect yourself to look hot. High heels make you so classic and attractive. When you wear an attractive heel, you can’t help but be attractive as well.

You look sexier in heels because they make you appear taller; they rotate your hips to tuck in your bottom then keep your back and shoulders straight.

3. Heels boost self-esteem

When you look good, you discover that you look filled and proud of yourself. You look bigger and stronger. Your ego tends to rise.

That’s what high heels do. It gives you the impression that “Wow! I look great and stunning.”

With this, you discover that all your actions from that moment are lightened up and done perfectly.

4. Heels help you lose weight

Although one of the best ways to lose bodyweight is by cardiovascular exercises, wearing high heels can help.

Walking in high heels engages your calf muscles more. This higher activity, therefore, burns fat around your leg area and gradually in your body.

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5. Heels give you a feeling of happiness

Imagine attending a club night with your friends and find out everyone is in hot sexy heels and you wore your work flats. Damn!!

You’ll certainly not enjoy the party because you’ll feel not up to the class. But when you’re on that heel, you’ll be happy and you’ll rock and roll with friends.

6. Heels increase height

Necessity they say is the mother of invention. I think one of the reasons that led to the invention of high heels is to help the short ladies look taller.

Yeah, high heels make you look taller. With that, your tall friends don’t have to laugh at you anymore.

7. Heels are long-lasting footwear

For the fact that heels aren’t the kind of shoes you wear everywhere and every time, the life span tends to increase.

This is because the footwear you wear all the time will easily wear out and spoil. But if you give your footwear time before wearing it again, it will last longer.

8. Heels helps you win the moment

Sometimes the beauty of something is when it’s done in a difficult condition. Imagine dancing on a stiletto.

Dancing is a simple act, but dancing on a stiletto is difficult. Most people use heels to dance just to make a fun moment out of a simple act.

With this, it makes the whole event epic, creative, and mind-blowing. Heels serve a purpose that only they can offer.

These are some of the many benefits of wearing high heels. The more you wear it, the more you get used to it. Then, you tend to be more comfortable and relaxed on it.

Some side effects of wearing high heels

Side effects of wearing heels
Source: Freepik

Just like I said earlier, there are always two sides to a coin. Just like there are so many advantages of wearing heels, there are also disadvantages.

1. Imbalance

High heels don’t have enough balance like flats or slippers. They tend to be unstable.

For this reason, you on high heels should be very careful with your steps to avoid falling.

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2. Accident

Most high heels are not grooved in the sole. This could make it very slippery and can cause a great accident.

You may fall and still cause someone else to fall too. It’s embarrassing and you wouldn’t want to experience that.

3. It’s painful

I know that most times we like to dodge this part but it’s true. High heels are painful especially when tight. They can even cause you sores at the end of the day.

4. Restriction

When you’re in high heels, there are certain things you don’t do. It will restrict you from walking around a lot, from rascal dancing, from running and some other activities which you would have done freely if it wasn’t for it.

At what age should you stop wearing high heels?

Any woman above 50 should reduce the number of times she wears high heels because it may affect her. Or maybe she might not be able to hold back herself if any accident occurs on the heel.

It is not advisable as well for children below 7 to begin wearing high heels. It may be really difficult for them and as such, they are advised to use other kinds of shoes until they are of age.

Nevertheless, it is possible that you wear high heels for as long as you live ( age unlimited).

There is a stage you get to in life and you become less strong. You become less attracted to fashion. You may even feel that wearing a high heel is a burden.

Most people start getting this feeling after they start procreation. The mindset becomes,

I’m married, what’s my business with fashion? Who do I want to attract again?

Well, this could be a negative mindset. There isn’t a time you should stop looking good for yourself, your husband, and your children.

More so, most people stop wearing heels because of health reasons. This can come at any age.

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