Birkenstock EVA Review – Pros, Cons and Styling

Birkenstock EVA sandals

Birkenstock is known particularly for its cork/latex footbed and leather upper. Other materials seem less of the brand’s identity. But that is wrong.

The German footwear company employs several materials in their craft. One of the materials they have recently adopted is Ethylene Vinyl Acetate commonly called EVA. Unlike birko-flor and birkibuc, the EVA birkenstock sandals look different from leather.

They have outstanding qualities that would make you want to try them out. However, their cons might also make you reconsider the classic leather style.

If your goal is to know more about the birkenstock EVA sandals, this post will be helpful to you. We have discussed everything you should know. This includes what they are made of, their sizing, price, pros, cons, etc. 

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What is Birkenstock EVA?

It is a lightweight birkenstock sandal made from a synthetic material called ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). The material is very flexible, highly cushioning, completely waterproof, and has a high shock absorption property.

EVA falls between foam and rubber and it resembles croslite used for making Crocs. You can call it “BirkenCrocs” (winks)


Birkenstock EVA Upper

The Birkenstock rubber sandal is single-piece footwear with different parts having different densities and flexibility. Unlike a regular Arizona sandal which has a cork footbed and leather or birko-flor upper, the birkenstock EVA is completely made of a single type of material.

It features a flexible, smooth, and soft upper. The buckle is not a metal but made with a sturdy EVA that provides efficient strap and fitting.

The footbed is made solid and soft at the same time. Nevertheless, it still retains the anatomical shape of birkenstock footbed i.e, it is designed to take the shape of your feet.

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Just like every other birkenstock footwear, the EVA version is offered in European sizes. But you can easily convert to U.S or Australian sizes using the sizing chart.

Birkenstock shoe sizing chart

They are also available in two two width sizes:

  • The regular fitting
  • The narrow fitting

The narrow-width fitting sandals are designed for those who do not have a wide toe box. They are about 3mm to 4mm lesser than the regular width fitting ones.

Generally, birkenstock sandals appear wider than regular sandals or shoes. This is because they are designed to take the natural shape of the foot, provide enough room for the foot to relax, and balance forces on foot strikes.

Narrow sandals do not provide such luxury to the foot. Rather they throw the toes out of alignment and distort the foot posture over time.

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The average cost of birk EVA sandals is $45. It is a jaw-dropping cheaper alternative to leather and nubuck birks which cost about $120.

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The sandal is not as durable as the leather/cork counterpart. In the first few months of wearing it, you will begin to notice heavy signs of wear.

However, it is pretty much what you get from the footwear of that price. At least, it’ll serve you a few summer seasons if you do not subject it to heavy or rough use.

Pros and Cons of Birkenstock EVA Sandals

While many have thrown an open arm to the style, it is a huge knockoff for some. It is normal, especially because it is coming from a popular brand but this time, with a different identity.

Birkenstock EVA sandals are adored because they are comfortable, lightweight, and easy to clean. Unfortunately, as a synthetic material, they cause blisters, especially with tight-fitting, and can be squeaky when wet.


  • Resistant to water
  • Lightweight 
  • Highly cushioning and comfortable
  • Machine washable
  • Very easy to clean
  • Affordable
  • Great arch support especially for those struggling with plantar fasciitis
  • Provides good traction needed for stability on wet surfaces


  • Synthetic materials can cause skin irritation
  • Can cause blisters. You can avoid this by choosing the right size (loose fitting)
  • Makes squeaky noise especially when wet
  • Not breathable and can cause sweaty feet

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How to style Birkenstock EVA

The versatility of these sandals is one of its major selling points. You might want to take that advantage and explore different styling possibilities.

Meanwhile, you can wear them with just any summer outfit: breezy dresses, palazzo pants, shorts, and tees, or short casual gowns.

Birkenstock EVAs are casual shoes that you can wear to the beach, for short walks on the street, for gardening, and even to hang out in your backyard.

How to clean Birkenstock EVA

Cleaning the sandals does not involve a hell of a process. You simply wash it with soap and rinse it in water. Here is a step-by-step guide to follow:

  • Step 1: Brush off dirty area
  • Step 2: Apply soap evenly on the dirty surface and scrub with a brush
  • Step 3: After scrubbing, rinse with running water or water in a bowl
  • Step 4: Wipe-dry the wet sandals with a cloth

EVA birkenstock is also machine washable. Alternatively, you can throw them into the washing machine and wash them at a low spin and normal temperature to get them looking great once more.

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Quick Answers

Will it stretch?

The rubber-like sandals stretch and they get wider with use. However, we recommend going for the size that you’ll not need to stretch. Tight birk EVA sandals are not comfortable and can cause blisters.

Is it vegan?

Birkenstock EVA is considered vegan because it is completely made of synthetic material. From the upper down to the outsole is ethylene-vinyl acetate foam. 

Do they break in?

Birkenstock EVA sandal breaks in after a few times of wearing it. It might not feel comfortable the first time, but after wearing it about 2 to 3 times, it should begin to sit right on your feet.

Are they true to size?

Birk sandals are generally true to size. But there are two width sizes (narrow and regular). Go for the one that suits your foot profile.

Do Birkenstock EVA mold to your feet?

The sandal does not adapt to the shape of your feet immediately. You need to wear it a few more times and it’ll perfectly take the pattern of your feet.

There you have it. If you think it’s worth trying, please go ahead. But if you prefer the leather/cork contemporaries, sure you are ready to beef up your budget.

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