Do Crocs Run Big or Small?

Do Crocs Run Big or Small

Crocs are one of the most comfortable and relaxing footwear in the shoe world. It has a wide toe box for the wiggling of your toes.

Seen as always big, you may wonder if it runs big or small. You’ll find out as you read this post.

One disappointing factor of ordering shoes online is the probability of buying shoes that are not your size. But knowing your shoe brand and its size chart could save you from disappointment.

Without stressing much about your feeling on ordering the wrong shoe size, let’s get to the point.

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Does Crocs size run big or small?

As complicated as the answer may be, it would be quite unfair to conclude that Crocs runs big. The sizes depend on what type of Crocs clog you choose to buy. Crocs offer three different fits that vary majorly in width. These fits are roomy fit, relaxed fit, and standard fit.

Roomy Fit

According to the company, the roomy fit is generous in length and width. Compared to other fits, it has the widest toe box. Your feet won’t touch the sides, and your toes won’t meet the front.

Most of the roomy fit clog has a strap for an adjustable fit. When compared to other shoe sizes, they mostly run bigger.

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Relaxed Fit

The relaxed fit is also wide but not like the roomy fit. It offers a more secured room and has a little space around the perimeter of your feet.

The sides of your feet don’t meet the clog either, and your toes shouldn’t touch the front of your Crocs clog. This category of Crocs is said to be true to size.

Standard Fit

The standard-fit feels a bit snug on your feet. It hugs your feet so well that there’s no chance of slipping off. The top and arch area comfortably wraps your feet but not the front.

Your toes should not touch the front of the clog. However, this category of crocs is said to fit true to size.

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Crocs Size Chart

To understand more about the sizing of Crocs, you can measure the length of your foot with a ruler and trace it to the appropriate Crocs size in the size chart below;

Crocs shoe size chart for Women

Crocs Shoe Size chart for Men

Crocs Shoe size chart for Children
Source: Crocs Size Chart Page

Crocs Clogs and Their Sizing

1. Crocs Classic

This Crocs clog is under the category of roomy fit that has the widest toe box. When compared to other brands like Vans and New balance 997, the Crocs clog fits bigger.

But when compared to brands like Under Armour HOVR, the Crocs clog fits smaller.

2. Crocs Bistro

Under the category of roomy fit, it is wider than Crocs Classic. It fits bigger on your feet but not obnoxiously big. It is best to say they are loose.

If you need it to fit snugly on your feet, then you have to size down. But if you need it loose, you have to order the exact size of your foot.

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3. Crocs Crocband

It has similar sizing as Crocs classic. But unlike Crocs classic, it has a relaxed fit. It is not as wide as the roomy fit. Compared to some brands, it runs bigger, while to other brands, it runs smaller.

4. Crocs on the Clock

This clog also has a relaxed fit. Unlike other Crocs, this one has a closed heel instead of a heel strap. The clog fits true to size and is almost of the same size when compared to other brands.

5. Crocs Bistro Pro

It has a roomy fit, much wider than the Crocs classic. While most of the Crocs designs have just a heel strap, the Crocs Bistro has an adjustable heel strap for the fitting of your choice.

When compared to Crocs Classic and other brands, Crocs Bistro Pro fits longer than any of them.

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Do Crocs Fit Wide?

The Crocs have different kinds of fitting; the roomy and relaxed fit can give you a wide fitting, while the standard-fit gives a snug but not tight fitting to your feet.

Do Crocs Come in Half Sizes?

Most Crocs clog do not come in half sizes, but if you are used to half size, you should purchase a size up of your usual size.

However, this advice goes contrary to some Crocs clog like Crocs Bistro and Crocs Bistro pro as they fit bigger and wider than any Crocs. If you have to purchase them, then size them down.

Do Crocs Shrink?

Yes, they shrink, especially when subdued to high heat conditions like under the sun or in a washing machine.

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How Do You Know the Sizes of Crocs to Purchase?

As mentioned earlier, the Crocs brand has made it easy for their fanatics as they have listed out different sizes of Crocs when compared to the length of your foot. You can visit their website at,en_CA,pg.html to see the table. Their sizing is both for men, women, and children.


Crocs may be wide, but some of them fit true to size. To be on the safe side, measure out the length of your foot, and compare it to the sizing of Crocs in the table above.

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