Chaco VS Birkenstock: Which is Better?

Chaco vs Birkenstock Differences

Just like Crocs, sandals are another great footwear for the summer. You can always enjoy the comfort and relaxation that they offer. Their uppers are designed as straps, so you can understand the level of breathability they offer to your feet.

Chaco and Birkenstock are among the footwear brands that produce great sandals for your summer. Sandals from both brands carry out their functions effortlessly. They ensure maximum support to your feet.

Birkenstock or birks are sandals from a German shoe company that mostly consist of cork and rubber soles. The cork footbed serves to contour the shape of your foot and give you enough comfort.

Chaco, on the other hand, features a complex strap design and an adjustable system that has a ‘Z’ shape. Both sandals have various functions but which one of them is the best? We are just in to find out.

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Differences Between Chaco and Birkenstock Sandals



Chaco is more preferred for hiking Birkenstock is not practical enough for hiking
Chaco doesn’t fit well with socks Pairing Birkenstock with a pair of socks is a good combo
Chaco is water-resistant Birkenstock is not water-resistant (except the EVA birks)
Chaco is more comfortable walking in In a review by a user, Birkenstock is hard to walk in
Chaco sandals are very selective. They are not as versatile as Birkenstock You can rock Birkenstock with any cloth and for any occasion

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Chaco and Birkenstock – Quality Comparison


Chaco is made of a fast-drying upper material that is designed to a ‘Z’ strap shape. It has two varieties, one with a toe strap and the other without a toe strap. Birkenstock on the other hand has a variety of upper designs ranging from leather, nubuck, birko-flor, birkibuc, and EVA birks.


Birkenstock has a cork footbed that conforms to the shape of your foot that Chaco does not have. However, both sandals have great arch support.

Chaco sandals are made with a polyurethane (PU) sole which has high resistance to wear and compression with use.

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Chaco uses its outsole creation known as ChacoGrip™, a non-marking rubber compound. The outsole offers a firm grip and strong traction to your feet better than Birkenstock will have.
You can take the risk of walking through a slick road with Chaco but not with Birkenstock.


Chaco sandals fit perfectly when you adjust them to your size. Although, some people find it annoying as the strap is a bit long and drags on the ground after the adjustment. Also, the strap is hard to adjust, especially when the sandals have stayed long enough.

On the other hand, the Birkenstock sandals adjust with a buckle, although most times, the notch is not where you need it, so you have to create the hole by yourself.

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The durability of both sandals is top-notch. Leather birks can last for years just as a real Chaco sandal. However, the Chaco outsole is more durable than what Birkenstock currently offers. Chaco is worn for hiking, kayaking, and camping, and you won’t have any issue with the strap and the sole.


Chaco is limited to only two styles which restricts its versatility. They are also clucky and heavy to wear. Birkenstock, on the other hand, has different styles, giving you the opportunity to tweak your fashion and still enjoy the comfort and class.

Chaco VS Birkenstock – Which one is Better?

Deciding which one is better between Birkenstock and Chaco sandals could be hard as they serve their purpose well. But if we rely on the advantages one has over the other, then Chaco should take the lead.

Chaco is suitable for all kinds of weather, especially during the rainy season. The straps can dry within two hours or thereabout. It is not advisable to wear Birkenstock in the rain, it turns your foot brown, and the cork cracks faster.

Moreover, Chaco has a better outsole grip than Birkenstock and is recommended for outdoor activities, especially during the summer. It is perfect for long hiking as it protects the sole of your foot.

Although both sandals are expensive, Chaco serves more value than Birkenstock. Chaco is highly durable. It could last throughout the season and the next season without falling apart. Comparatively, Birkenstock wears out faster.

But when it comes to styling and looking classy, birks beat chaco hands down. If you want to maintain a classy look and the talk of the town (you know what I mean), Birkenstock should serve best.

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In all of this comparison, it still boils down to personal preference. Both sandals serve their various purposes very well. If you need a sandal for your outdoor activities, you can get yourself a Chaco sandal. If you need a sandal for your everyday wear, you can choose a Birkenstock.

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