Oofos vs Birkenstock: Which is Better?

Oofos vs Birkenstock

Footwear is a crucial part of our fashion, and it determines our foot health. While we acknowledge that fact, a rating between footwear is done to know which one could give us a better look and healthy feet.

But when it comes to Oofos and Birkenstock, it is hard to decide which one is better. These popular brands are good at what they do. Over the years after they were founded, they expanded their brand by producing different styles of footwear, leaving you to your choice.

Oofos is a recovery footwear brand. It is popular among runners who wear it after much stress on their feet, and Oofos is doing a great job in offering them a relaxing feel.

Birkenstock, on the other hand, makes comfortable and beautiful slides and sandals that have gone through times and are still on the market. It has blended both usefulness and style into footwear that could be seen in a man’s and a woman’s closets.

Both footwear is essential in their way, but which one is better is what we are about to find out.

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Difference Between Oofos and Birkenstock



The midsole is flexible Birkenstock’s midsole is rigid
Oofos is a recovery footwear Birkenstock is more of fashion footwear with arch support
It is made of their unique material – Oofoam Birkenstock is made of cork and leather
Oofos does not come with any buckle or any form of adjustment It comes with buckles for adjustment
There are only a few styles available It is versatile and has numerous designs
Oofos does not have wide space for the toes There are narrow and wide platforms to fit different feet sizes
It is water-friendly Birkenstock isn’t waterproof except the EVA birks.

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Oofos VS Birkenstock — Features Comparison

1. Upper

Oofos slides are made of a unique material of their own known as Oofoam which makes the slides lightweight and comfortable to your feet. Birkenstock upper features leather material and buckles for adjustment.

Aside from natural leather, Birkenstocks sandals feature patented synthetic leathers like birko-flor and birkibuc. Some of these sandals are also made with nubuck and suede leathers.

Oofos vs Birkenstock clogs
Oofos Sandals

2. Midsole

The midsole of Birkenstock is composed of cork and natural latex. The footbed is designed with distinguished characteristics that mimic the contour of a normal healthy foot. This feature helps to support your foot arch and hold your foot together.

Just like the upper, the Oofos midsole is made of Oofoam that conforms to the shape of your foot and gives you better comfort and relaxation. According to the brand, the midsole offers up to 37% impact absorption to your feet.

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3. Arch Support/Footbed

With the Oofoam, Oofos offers great arch support to your feet. It conforms to the shape of your feet and lifts your foot arch to minimize the pressure on your toes. The patented footbed gives you a cushiony feeling and makes you feel like you are walking on a cloud.

Meanwhile, Birkenstock has a contoured footbed that mimics the shape of a normal foot. Although it allows for a break-in period, the longer you wear them, the more comfortable they become. The footbed material also protects your feet from fungus or any microbial being.

The Birkenstock footbed also absorbs impact on your feet and supports your foot arch. It reduces stress and lifts off the pressure on your leg, heel, ankle, joints, and spine.

Oofos slides vs Birkenstock
Birkenstock Sandal

4. Sizing/Fitting

Oofos slides are true to size, but if you usually wear half sizes as a man, you have to order a half size down. But as a woman, you order a half size up for a better fit. Moreover, the Oofos slides mostly come in a narrow size. However, it is inappropriate to fit tight on your feet.

In the case of Birkenstock, things are different. It comes in both narrow and wide fits. It also has buckles for adjustment to your suitable size. And it is true to size.

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5. Price

When it comes to their pricing, Birkenstock is more expensive than Oofos. Here are some of the prices of different styles of the footwear on Amazon:

6. Weight

Oofos is very lightweight. The Oofos OOahh sport sandal weighs about 4.8 oz., while the Oofos OOriginal sport sandal weighs 5.6 oz. The same could be about Birkenstock, but Oofos is lighter. The Birkenstock Arizona – oiled leather weighs 9 oz.

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Oofos VS Birkenstock – Which One is Better?

As earlier mentioned, it is difficult to rate one over the other between this footwear. But if we must, we will consider the flaws in their features. Oofos is, however, better than Birkenstock when it comes to the flexibility of the sole.

The Birkenstock sole is rigid and not flexible. Although it offers great arch support, a rigid sole could weaken the foot muscle and limit your foot mobility. Additionally, Birkenstock is more expensive than Oofos.

Nonetheless, Birkenstock has better features than Oofos. Birkenstock has a wider toe area than Oofos. Only those with narrow feet could wear Oofos. But Birkenstock is open for all kinds of feet.

Birkenstock sandals are more versatile and stylish than Oofos slides. Oofos slide is mostly limited to recovery and indoor footwear, while Birkenstock sandals are for any occasion with any choice of cloth.

Therefore, if voting on the number of features more benefitting to our foot health and fashion, Birkenstock would take the lead.

Buy Birkenstock on Amazon

Buy Oofos on Amazon

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Although Birkenstock took the lead, it still doesn’t make Oofos any less good. Both brands have their function, and they are doing well in carrying them out. So if you need recovery footwear, go for the Oofos slide. If you need maximum comfort anywhere you go, look for Birkenstock.



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