Nuusol vs Oofos: Which is Better?

Nuusol vs Oofos

You haven’t gotten out of Winter if you have not started to grace your feet with a comfortable flip-flop or slide. In doing so, you need to get a flip-flop that ensures comfort, provides arch support, and helps your feet recover quickly after a workout or stressful day at work.

If you are contemplating getting either the Nuusol or Oofos slide, this review should help you arrive at a better decision. Meanwhile, the Nuusol flip-flop is designed for comfort, style, and keenness. It offers soft cushioning with its distinctive textured footbed.

Oofos, on the other hand, is a recovery slide used commonly by runners or people who stand all day at work for relaxation and comfort. It is recommended by podiatrists and other health professionals for people with plantar fasciitis and other arch and heel problems.

Despite having good qualities surrounding their features, we still want to know the best among the two brands, hence the need for this Nuusol vs Oofos.

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Differences Between Nuusol and Oofos



Has varieties of styles and colors Oofos styles are limited (just about 3)
Ridged between the toes and the foot Not ridged between the toes and the foot
Nuusol features a rigid surface at the footbed Oofos footbed surface is not as rigid as Nuusol
Doesn’t have a thick heel like Oofos Oofos has a thicker heel than Nuusol
It has a grooved outsole but is not as defined as Oofos Oofos has a better-grooved outsole
Nuusol has a wider toe box than Oofos Oofos has a wide toe box but not as Nuusol

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Nuusol vs Oofos: Quality Comparisons


Nuusol is made of synthetic material to ensure the lightweight of the footwear, while Oofos is of special foam called Oofoam that provides not only lightweight but also a soft feel and comfort to your feet.


The midsole is an essential part of footwear. While Nuusol features Evasol technology as a midsole, Oofos features their soft patented midsole called Oofoam.

Evasol is attributed to the softness and flexibility of the flip-flop. The material is very lightweight and offers comfort with a sleek design. It provides support and contours to the shape of your feet.

Oofoam carries out a perfect job in recovering your feet from stress. It puts your feet in a relaxation mode and provides excellent arch support. Oofoam also contours to the shape of your feet, giving you maximum fitting.

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Arch Support/Footbed

Nuusol has a patented soft but textured footbed that allows for cooling airflow. The deep heel cup contributes to the arch support provided by the flip-flop. It supports the body framework, including the back of your neck, joint, and back injuries.

The footbed is designed in a specific form that raises your foot arch and relieves the pressure on your toes. It has a rigid pattern on the surface, more defined than in Oofos, which provides slip resistance to your feet.

Oofos footbed provides maximum arch support to your feet. It is perfect for those with low and high arch feet. People with fallen arches also enjoy the comfort of Oofos footbed. Oofos footbed also has a deep heel cup that supports your heel and aligns with your toes.

More than that, Oofos has thicker heel foam than Nuusol, which makes it more durable and provides more comfort than Nuusol. However, both brands are recommended by podiatrists and other health professionals for arch support and plantar fasciitis.

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Nuusol fits true to size, and it is unisex. However, if you usually wear a half size, we suggest you order the next size up. If you have a wide foot, order a half to one size for a better fitting.

Unlike Nuusol, Oofos sizing is not unisex. If you usually wear a whole size, order the same whole size. But if you always wear a half size, order a half size down as a man and a half size up as a woman for a better fitting.


A standard Nuusol flip-flop goes in the price range of $39.84 – $54.99, while an Oofos slide is at $49.99 – $74.95. Therefore, Oofos slides are more expensive than Nuusol flip-flops, but they are worth the price.


Nuusol is lightweight but depends on the style. The weight of Nuusol ranges from 6.56 ounces to 14.39 ounces (Approx 186g to 408g), while Oofos weighs between 4.6 ounces to 11 ounces (Approx. 130g to 312g) proving that Oofos is more lightweight than Nuusol flip-flop.

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Nuusol vs Oofos – Which One is Better?

Without much drag, Oofos is better than Nuusol. Oofos offers better arch support than Nuusol, and I’m not trying to disapprove of the authenticity of Nuusol arch support. Both footwear offers a rebound effect.

However, Oofos has a thicker heel than Nuusol and therefore, offers better shock absorption. According to reviews by other users on Amazon, more complaints are on Nuusol for its inability to fit a wide foot. Oofos, however, fits both narrow and wide feet.

Oofos vs Nuusol
Oofos Ooriginal Slide

Nuusol can still be a cheaper alternative for Oofos and even more. At least, Nuusol has a rigid footbed platform, more defined than in Oofos, that makes it difficult to slip from your feet. However, there is also no such report on Oofos.

Nuusol also has more varieties in styles and colors than Oofos. Nuusol is machine washable only with cold water and does not dry under the sun. Hence it will shrink.

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As the saying goes: different strokes for different folks. People have various choices for their needs. If Nuusol is the footwear you want to add to your closet, go for it. If the Oofos slide is the footwear you choose for relaxation, buy it.

Both footwear brands have their functions, and they carry them out effortlessly. But to recover your feet from stress or long straining, purchase an Oofos slide as your recovery slide. It will go a long way on your feet than Nuusol would do.

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