Oofos Slides vs Hoka One One Slides: Which is Better?

Oofos vs Hoka One One Slides

Aside from leaving to work with a shoe that checks the list for comfort, you may need a slide to relax your feet at home, especially after a long day. Among the numerous slides produced by shoe brands, the Oofos slides and Hoka One One slides are discussed in this article.

Oofos brand is known to release quality footwear that gives you happy feet. Their slides help your feet, ankle, and heel to recover after a stressful day. It is unarguably one of the best recovery slides in the shoe market.

Hoka One One slide, on the other hand, serves a great purpose for your feet too. Its comfort is unquestionable. It has beautiful designs, making you wonder if it’s just for relaxation and recovery.

Despite having these good qualities, you wish to know which one would be better for your feet. So without further ado, let’s kick off with this Oofos vs Hoka slides comparison.

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Oofos Slides and Hoka One One Slides Comparison

Hoka One One Ora slides
Hoka slide

Specifically, we will compare the Oofos OoAah slide with Hoka One One Ora recovery slides. Both slides serve the same purpose but have slight differences.


The Oofos OoAah slide upper has the same material as its midsole. It is more like they are in one piece. However, it is not so different from the Hoka One One Ora recovery slide. 

Oofos Slides Hoka Slides
Has two thick straps at the upper, more like a piece of thin EVA lining slightly separated into two straps Has 7 thinner straps laid across the foot.


Like other parts of the slide, the Oofos midsole is made from Oofoam. The footbed conforms to the shape of your feet to deliver maximum support. The Hoka slide, on the other hand, has groovy patterns on the surface of the midsole. Meanwhile, oofos has a smoother surface but is not slick.

Oofos Slides Hoka Slides
Midsole is narrower and short Hoka slide is roomier under the strap
Oofos sole is softer and springer. A thicker and stiffer sole than the Oofos slide
Has a shallow heel cup Has a deep heel cup
Fits better barefoot Fits better with socks

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Oofos OaAh Slide
Oofos OoAhh slides
Oofos Slides Hoka Slides
Built into a single piece together with the upper and midsole Has a separation between the midsole and outsole
Outsole has a slight curve up to the forefoot that serves as a rocker for flexibility Features a traditional Hoka early-stage meta-rocker in the forefoot
Slimmer outsole platform Wide outsole platform
Features fewer flex grooves Designed with multiple flex grooves


Oofos slide of the same size as Hoka weighs less. A pair of Oofos OoAh slides, men’s size 6 and women’s size 8 weigh about 9.2 oz, i.e 4.6 oz each.

Meanwhile, a pair of Hoka One One Ora Recovery slides of similar size weighs about 12.8 oz, i.e 6.40 oz each. Note that as you go up in size, the weight also increases.


Talking about how versatile these footwear are, the Hoka slides have more colors than the Oofos slides. It also has more designs than Oofos slides.

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Similarities between Oofos slide and Hoka One One slide

  1. Their outsoles are made of EVA, and so is their midsole. Because of the EVA foam material, they are waterproof, beach-proof, and are worn to shower.
  2. Both slides have rocker at the forefoot, although it is more pronounced in Oofos slide than Hoka One One.
  3. They both have grooves on the outsole for better traction and grip on your feet.
  4. Both slides absorb shock effectively. The Oofos Slide absorbs up to 37% more shock from the ground than the Hoka One One slide.
  5. Both brands of slide have arch support and are recommendable for persons with plantar fasciitis and other orthotic problems.
  6. Hoka and Oofos slides serve as recovery footwear.

Oofos Slide VS Hoka One One Slide – Which one is Better?

This question is way tricky to answer. As mentioned earlier, both slides serve the same purpose. However, there are some features in one that make it slightly better than the other. At their upper, the Hoka One One slide has a wider area than the Oofos slide which keeps your foot a bit locked in.

The midsole and the outsole of the Hoka One One slide have a wider platform than the Oofos slide. This platform in Hoka creates enough room for your toes. However, people with narrow feet may not see it as an advantage over the other.

Unlike Hoka One One slide, those with a high arch foot may find it difficult to wear the Oofos slide as it is for a neutral arch. With the Hoka slide, the arch support is more stable and comforting for high arches.

The Hoka outsole is more grooved than the Oofos outsole. Therefore, the Hoka outsole can withstand any slippery ground because of its strong traction and offers a firm grip on your feet.

Despite the advantages Hoka has over Oofos, the Oofos slide still beats it in many aspect. The midsole of Hoka is stiffer and thicker than the Oofos slide. Oofos midsole is known to be softer and springer. Hoka works better if you wear it with a pair of socks for Maximum comfort, but you can rock Oofos barefoot.

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If you are in need of recovery footwear, you can choose between the Oofos slide and Hoka One One slide, or you can get them both if you can afford it. However, if you have a narrow foot, you can choose Oofos slide over Hoka.

If you need a lock-in upper and a deep heel cup for maximum support, then go for a Hoka One One slide. The ball is in your court.


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