Alden vs Allen Edmonds: Which is Better

Alden and Allen Edmonds are both large American shoe companies that produce high quality handcrafted leather shoes. They both have their history and how they grew to be among the best in America.

Although they serve the same purpose, there are still differences that exist. You would want to be sure which to go for, and probably why. Well, in this comparison, we have looked at certain factors like quality of materials, type of construction, and their prices.

Alden shoes, for instance, feature a well-crafted upper with the highest quality leather available, the shell cordovan leather. Shoes made with shell cordovan leather are durable and they deliver a gleaming look.

On the other hand, most Allen Edmonds shoes are made with top-grain calfskin leather, and they have a quality construction format that could make your shoe last longer. There are more to these shoes and this article gave them the best shot.

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The Alden shoes

The Alden shoe company has been in the market since 1884. It designs and creates ingenious men’s footwear. The Alden shoe is handcrafted from the richest-textured leather. It is very very smooth and shiny as well.

Materials used in crafting Alden shoes

The Alden shoe is not only handcrafted with the shell cordovan leather upper, but also calfskin, calf, and kid suede which features a multitude of styles of Alden. These materials offer great comfort and durability to the shoe.

Aniline calfskin used in the shoe construction is made from full and top grain calfskin that maintains the integrity of the original hide. Not only is the Aniline calfskin soft and comfortable, but it also is tough and impenetrable.

The calf and kid suede are very soft and supple. The shell cordovan leather is the toughest and more gleamy than all of them. It is crease-resistant and durable. Alden shoes also feature a rock-solid sole that is Goodyear welted on the upper.

It also features tanned lining and insoles for support and comfort. Its outsole is obtained from oak tanned leather for durability. The heels are designed with rubber tags and brass sluggings to increase the longevity of the shoe.

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Quality of Alden shoes

With the materials involved, it’s not impossible that the Alden shoes have high quality ranging from the upper down to the heel of the shoes. The patent leather may be appealing to get but the shell cordovan leather can’t be compared to any. It is the toughest and has the glossiest look. It is crease-resistant and has high durability.

Welted to the upper is the rock-solid sole which makes the shoe more durable. It offers a better bond and can easily be repaired. The insole molds your feet to your comfort. The outsole offers to wear resistance.

 As if it is not enough, each sole consists of a tempered steel shank to elongate the period of the shoe. The tempered steel ensures flexibility and resilience to your feet. These features make the shoes a high-quality one.


Alden has so many styles constructed under the brand ranging from chukka boots to ordinary leather dress shoes.

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Allen Edmonds

Allen Edmonds shoe company is a US-based shoe manufacturing company that is into producing exquisite men’s footwear. This brand was founded in 1922, long after the Alden brand and it has produced many quality and good-looking shoes.

Materials used in crafting Allen Edmonds

Allen Edmonds shoes are crafted with the best hand-selected leathers ranging from the full-grain European calfskin, supple suede from England to shell cordovan from Chicago horween.

These materials give the shoes and boots a richer color and make them more supple. The shell cordovan leather delivers durability and a glossy finish. The suede with its supple nature brings flexibility to the shoe.

Committed to building footwear with the finest materials from top to bottom, the Allen Edmonds brand finds perfect soles for its exceptional quality leather upper. They use vegetable tanned leather, Reidenbach oak-dyed leather, dainite rubber, itshide commando rubber, and XL extralite for their outsole.

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Quality of Allen Edmonds shoes

The shoe quality can’t be said to be inferior judging from the exotic materials used to make the shoe. The beautiful European leathers used are hand-finished in their industry; a process that creates an exceptional shoe that would last for a long time.

They craft their perfect shoe with last. Lasts are foot-shaped forms that serve as the foundation for shaping custom-fit shoes. They developed 3 different lasts such as cemented, handsewn, and welted construction.

These last mimic the anatomical shape of varied foot profiles. By selecting shoes crafted to your foot shape, you will feel custom fit and the comfort the shoe renders.

For durability and comfort, their shoes are handcrafted on the incomparable 360 Goodyear welt. The welt is stitched to the last and then filled with innovative materials to extend the life of the shoe.

The outsole, which ranges from leather to rubber or the combination of two gives you your desired look. Care to dress casual, formal, or wear waterproof shoes, Allen Edmonds shoes can provide you with any of that.

Styles of Allen Edmonds

Allen Edmonds made different styles of shoes in their name. Some of these styles are; strandmok brogue, park avenue, Sullivan street, Addison Penny Dalton wingtip, McAllister wingtip, strand, and fifth avenue.

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Differences between Alden and Allen Edmonds shoes

To be frank, here, there is not much difference between the two shoes. You can observe some differences in their footbed though. Alden shoes feature an extra footbed, unlike Allen Edmonds. This footbed makes Alden deliver more comfort to the feet than Allen Edmonds.

But that is because of the method of construction. Allen Edmonds is the only manufacturer of good welted shoes that does not adhere the heel to the shoe by driving the nail through the insole to the insole.

The extra footbed added is to hide the nail heads that are inside of the shoe. Without the footbed inserted, your heel would feel the nail heads after the surrounding leather is compressed over time.

Moreso, Alden shoes are heavier than Allen Edmonds because of the presence of steel shank heels. Allen Edmonds is significantly lighter. Moreover, Allen Edmonds is tighter and has more fitting than Alden.

Alden is more expensive compared to Allen Edmonds. Probably because of the extra cushioned footbed featured in it. Allen Edmonds features either rubber, leather, or both materials as outsoles while Alden features only an oak-tanned leather outsole.

Due to the varieties of the outsole in Allen Edmonds, it is more versatile than Alden when it comes to wearing them on different occasions and on clothes to match.

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Similarities between Alden and Allen Edmonds

They have many things in common with considering why they are being compared in the first place. They are based on men’s footwear and have similar materials for production.

Even the mode of construction is almost the same.

Alden vs Allen Edmonds – which one is better?

People’s choices differ. While most people chant “Alden all the way,” a good number of people still feel that Allen Edmonds is the best. Based on the weight of both shoes, Alden is chunkier and heavier than Allen Edmonds.

Most people prefer Allen Edmonds to Alden because of its significant lightweight. But when it comes to ultra-comfort the shoe offers, they prefer Alden because of the added cushioned footbed.

Others purchase more of Allen Edmonds than Alden shoes because of the costly price of Alden. Allen Edmonds is more versatile than Alden based on the different outsoles used for construction.

No, the ball is in your court to play. Whichever one that meets your specific needs is the one you should certainly go for.



Comparing two American shoe brands whose aim is to bring light to the men’s footwear could be a hard nut to crack. Adding that they almost feature the same material and have the same shiny look would be a difficult puzzle to solve.

But in all of these, they still have to be compared and it all boils down to people’s choices. Those who can’t afford Alden can find Allen Edmonds as a substitute. And those who can afford the two but still choose Allen Edmonds will be based on their preference.

The shoes made from the two brands are good and creative. If you can afford them and you want them, get them. You haven’t made the wrong choice.

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