Vans or Converse for Walking? Find Out Now

Vans or Converse for Walking

Walking is part of our everyday life. Most times, we need a comfortable shoe to make it worth it.

In case, we are dealing with two popular shoe brands: Vans and Converse.

These two sneakers brands are well known to produce different types of shoes and styles.

People choose these shoes for their recreational activities, but are they good for walking? Well, let’s find out.

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Vans or Converse – Which one is better for walking?

Most of the Vans shoes can’t boast of enough arch support nor can Converse shoes.

Vans shoes are purpose-built shoes. They are built for skating. Anything aside that is just an extra.

Nevertheless, Vans has a new model line of shoes called ComfyCush which was re-engineered to be more comfortable than other of their footwear.

It has more padding and arch support. So if you are going to wear Vans shoes for a long walk, it should be ComfyCush.

Check the price of ComfyCush Vans on Amazon.

In comparison with Converse shoes, the Vans shoes have more arch support than Converse shoes. Converse shoes are mostly used on the basketball court and are worn during the period of the game.

They have zero arch support and the cushioning comes from the thin insole. But like Vans, Converse has an upgraded version, Chuck Taylor II which has Nike cushy insoles. This insole helps to support your feet.

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But one good thing about Converse is that you can insert your insoles to enhance comfort and support. Just get yourself a high-tech sports shoe insole sold out there and improve your shoe’s arch support.

You can check out some of these insoles on Amazon.

When it comes to breathability and lightweight, both shoes passed the test. They both feature canvas material as the upper, relatively light, very flexible, and very breathable on your feet.

On the traction part, Vans shoes have more aggressive traction than Converse. Since converse is more of a basketball court shoe, they have less strong traction than Vans shoes.

Vans shoes are more durable than Converse shoes because of the Vans waffle outsole that outlasts converse outsole.

The vulcanizing shoe-making method used in making Vans shoes makes them last longer.

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Qualities of a good walking shoe

1. If there is any quality that should top it all, it should be a shoe with great arch support. You don’t want your Achilles tendon to be stressed up from bad wear.

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2. The shoe should also have a roomy toe box. You don’t want to develop calluses on your toes because of the tight friction.

3. The heel collar of the shoe should be foamy to ensure maximum cushioning at the ankle.

4. People love to work on flat shoes. It enhances more comfort than a heeled shoe.

5. The upper needs to be breathable and lightweight.

6. The outsole should also have strong traction to prevent you from slipping off the ground.

7. The shoe should also have enough cushioning at the midsole to reduce impact from the ground to your feet.

Difference between Vans and Converse shoes

1. Vans shoes are mostly for skating while Converse are mostly for basketball play although the brand now has Converse Cons that is worn for skating

2. Better traction is ensured on Vans than on Converse

3. The Converse shoes are more versatile than the Vans shoes. Converse shoes can be rocked with any outfit and still fits perfectly.

4. Based on quality, the Converse shoes are more breathable and lightweight than Vans.

Vans is chosen to be a better walking shoe than Converse only if the Vans shoe is from the Vans ComfyCush line of shoes.

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Take Away

We hope by now you are clear on the choice of shoes you want between Vans and Converse when looking for proper walking shoes.

You can use Converse for a walk but not a long one unless you add an insole to it. And you can use Vans for a walk only from the ComfyCush line of shoes.

Also, we hope you make a better choice. If it gets too confusing and you can afford the two shoes, then spend your money.

Ready to get any of them?

Check out these Vans Shoes or the Converse sneakers on Amazon.

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