Naot vs Birkenstock: Differences & Which is Better

Naok vs Birkenstock

Most things people like about sandals are the comfort, breathability, and support they offer to their feet. On some occasions and weather like the summer, you want to take a break from wearing cover-toe shoes to something breathable and more comforting like sandals.

They are not just any sandals, but sandals that offer excellent arch support to your feet, comfortable, lightweight, and above all, breathable and durable.

Making the right choice between two similar brands like Birkenstock and Naot can be challenging. To take the burden off your shoulders, we have compared the features of both sandals in this article. We hope it helps you make the best choice.

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Naot vs Birkenstock: Overview

Naot is a high-class brand that makes quality sandals. The sandals are hand-made with quality materials that’s ensure durability, comfort, and support. For this comparison, we’ll be focusing on cork/latex footbed Naot sandals.

Birkenstock, on the hand, is among popular brands that produce podiatrist-recommended sandals for plantar fasciitis and other foot problems. From our experience and customer reviews, we can say that the brand puts its customers’ interests before them, creating high-quality sandals with premium materials.

The Naot sandals under review and Birkenstock sandals are almost similar except for the slight differences pointed out and compared in this article. So, without further ado, let’s get to the main reason we are here.

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Difference Between Naot and Birkenstock Sandals

Naot Birkenstock
Fits narrow feet Fits both narrow and wide feet
Doesn’t take much time to break-in Takes a longer time than Naot takes to break-in
Naot has one footbed design Birkenstock has two footbed designs, namely regular and soft footbed
Naot uses few materials for their sandals (Basically leather) Birkenstock uses a wide variety of materials (leather, wool, canvas, synthetic leather)

Naot VS Birkenstock – Quality Comparison

Naok vs Birkenstock
Naot Sandal


The Naot sandals comes with a handful of different upper materials. While some are made with pure leather, others come as either suede or nubuck materials. Each of them, however, are treated in a tanning process for protection against water, stain, and microbial attack. 

Meanwhile, Birkenstock use premium leather materials to craft the upper of their sandals. They include oiled leather, nubuck leather, and suede leather. Other popular materials used in Birkenstock straps are birko-flor (synthetic nubuck leather), birko-flor, wool felt, and canvas.

Verdict: It is a fierce battle between these two and it seems that none is better than the other. The leather upper materials are durable and would serve the same look and style.

Both Naot and Birks are available in various patterns and designs that would suite whatever outfit you decide to pair along with them.

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Birkenstock features a cork and latex footbed with four to five layers. The footbed helps to absorb impact or shock from the ground. It also creates a soft feeling and a rebound effect on your feet. Birkenstock also features a well-grooved, grease-resistant rubber outsole that prevents you from slipping off the wet or oily terrain.

Naot, on the other hand, also features a cork and latex footbed that helps to absorb impact and create a bouncing effect on your feet. The footbed also creates a soft feeling, like you are walking on clouds on your feet. Naot also features a well-treaded rubber outsole for a safe walk, even on slippery ground.

Footbed/Arch support

The Naot footbed top layer is like a footprint on the sand. The footbed features natural cork and latex that ensure flexibility and maximum support to your feet. At the surface lies the moisture-wicking suede that also ensures a soft feel on your feet.

The center of the footbed is raised to relieve your middle foot joints of the pressure. With a deep heel cup and hallux support at the toe box, the sandal is designed for stability and to properly distribute your body weight.

Meanwhile, the Birkenstock footbed contours to your feet at the appropriate time and offers endless comfort. Like Naot, the Birkenstock footbed features natural cork and latex that deliver flexibility and support to your feet.

It is designed to promote healthy feet and all-day comfort for your feet. It features suede material at the top layer that helps to absorb moisture and offers a soft feeling to your feet.

Birkenstock has two different footbeds; regular and soft. The only difference between these footbeds is the extra foam in soft footbeds that makes you feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Verdict: If it is all about finding solutions to the pains of all categories of users, then we will give it to Birkenstock. But on a regular level, the two brands offer good arch support and are comfortable to wear.

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Both brands offer great comfort and stability to your feet once they break in. However, the Birkenstock sandal takes a longer period to break in than the Naot sandal.

It could take a few days for Naot sandals to break in, but it takes weeks with consistent wear for Birkenstock to break in. Hence, it is one feature that makes Naot sandals better than Birkenstock.

Naok vs Birkenstock
Birkenstock Arizona

Sizing and fitting

Naot sandals fit narrow and are inconsistent with their sizing. It is not suitable for those with wide feet. To ensure you buy your size, you should get them offline or order a whole size up from your usual size. 

Unlike Naot, Birkenstock fits both wide and narrow. It also runs true to size. Hence there is no problem ordering online.

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Naot sandals are more expensive than Birkenstock. Naot’s price range is $139.45 – $289.00 on Amazon, whereas Birkenstock is bought at the price range of $89.65 – $135.00 on Amazon.


Both sandals weigh almost the same. Naot seems to weigh less than Birkenstock due to the extra foam featured in the soft footbed.

Naot vs Birkenstock – Which One is Better?

With the comparisons above, it is not too rigorous to declare Birkenstock sandals as the winner of the challenge. These sandals are everything you want for the summer. At a lower price, you can purchase Birkenstock to enjoy the comfort and support it offers.

However, it takes a longer time to break in, but as the saying goes, patience is a virtue. You can get Naot for a lesser break-in time, but be sure you have narrow feet for a comfortable fitting.

And like I said earlier, both sandals do not have much difference. They offer the same comfort and stability and are both recommended by podiatrists for plantar fasciitis.

But unlike Birkenstock, Naot fits only narrow feet and is not true to size. They are quite expensive for the same features that Birkenstock offers and even more.

Buy Birkenstock on Amazon

Buy Naot Sandal on Amazon


Again, both sandals’ performances are excellent. However, it is a matter of opinion as to which of them is better. If Naot sandals are what you want to take a break from wearing shoes, please go for it. But be sure you have narrow feet to get the best fitting.

If you value varieties and styles, you won’t go wrong with Birkenstock sandals.

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