Oofos vs Crocs: Which is Better?

Oofos vs Crocs Which is Better

The footwear industry is one aspect of fashion that improves daily to offer exquisite comfort to individuals. Every day, new ideas to make the most comfortable footwear come in, and they always put them to work.

Oofos and Crocs are among the many comfortable footwear produced. Oofos clog is a recovery clog that offers comfort beyond measures. Its construction makes it lightweight and easy to wear all day.

On the other hand, Crocs’ comfort is undisputed. It is a cover clog with an ankle strap that helps to secure your foot intact. Crocs also come in various styles.

While Oofos and Crocs are excellent choices, there are variations you need to take note of. In this article, we will compare these two so that you know which of them is better, or worth your money.

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Differences Between Oofos and Crocs

Oofos foam is softer and provides higher rebound backCrocs sole is stiffer than Oofos. So it gives lesser bounce on foot strike
Oofos is a podiatrist-recommended recovery footwearAlthough crocs are comfortable and stylish, they offer lesser recovery support
It takes more time for oofos clogs to dry compared the crocs Crocs was originally designed as boat shoes. The material dries off water quickly
Oofos toe box isn't as wide as what crocs haveCrocs is roomy and fits those with wide feet appropriately
Many consider Oofos to have more aesthetic and athletic values than crocs.Some think crocs are ugly and do not provide much athletic support

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Oofos VS Crocs: Differences and Quality Comparison


The Oofos clog is made of a unique foam material called Oofoam that ensures the lightweight and comfort of the clog. Crocs, on the other hand, are also made of a unique material called Croslite. Unlike any other material, Croslite dries water fast from your feet. It started as boat footwear due to its waterproof and non-slip quality.


Oofos clog has a cover upper with a thin line drawn horizontally at the midfoot and three perforations at the side of the clog that serve as air vents for breathability. Meanwhile, crocs are cover clogs that have more perforations at the upper, which ensure breathability and comfort. 

Crocs have an ankle strap for total securement of your foot which Oofos clog lacks.

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Just like other parts of the clog, the midsole is made with Oofos foam that offers 37% of impact absorption on your feet, while the Crocs midsole is made of Croslite foam that gives your feet maximum support.

However, the Crocs midsole feels firmer and more rigid than the Oofos midsole. The Oofos midsole gives a more bouncing effect than the Crocs midsole.

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Arch support

Oofos offers better arch support than Crocs. The Oofos clog conforms to any shape of your foot to give you maximum support. The arch of your foot is pushed up, leaving your toes with not much pressure. The Crocs clog also offers arch support and helps to reduce injury on the feet.

What do Podiatrists Say About Crocs and Oofos?

Oofos is mostly recommended by podiatrists and other health professionals, because of its lightweight construction and high shock absorption. On the other hand, Crocs is approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). Podiatrists and other health professionals recommend it for those foot injuries and other foot problems.

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Oofos VS Crocs – Which One is Better?

Although crocs offer many therapeutic benefits, Oofos still beats it to an extent. Oofos foam has a higher rebound back effect when running than Crocs. Crocs may not bounce at all while running with it.

Crocs sole is more rigid and stiffer than Oofos. Oofos is softer and more flexible, more reason why it is recovery footwear. 

Oofos offers better arch support than Crocs. The sole construction can take the shape of any foot and make it comfortable. It lifts your arch and gives your toes the freedom to move or rise. Crocs can’t do that on your feet. Rather, it reduces foot injuries.

Oofos has more aesthetic and athletic value than Crocs. According to the brand, Oofos can offer up to 37% shock absorption. However, there is no third-party verification of this claim yet.

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Nevertheless, Crocs still have some mouthwatering benefits that Oofos may not have. Crocs have an ankle strap for more support on your feet. 

Crocs have holes at the upper for maximum breathability and comfort. It also has a broader room for the free movement of your toes. Crocs are also used to eliminate plantar fasciitis and other foot problems you may have.

Crocs dry faster and it is water-resistant. It was first used as a boat and beach footwear until people started wearing it for other outdoor activities. Crocs have more colors and varieties of designs than Oofos.

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From our standpoint, Oofos slide beats crocs in many aspects. Crocs, of course, have great qualities and still meet the purpose of their design.

If adding both of them to your closet is way above your current budget, kindly go for the oofos. Else having both styles can help you switch your fashion game.

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