8 Best Crocs Alternatives

Best Crocs Alternatives

No doubt, Crocs is one of the most comfortable footwear in the shoe industry. Its breathability and comfort are top-notch. The uniqueness of the croslite material used made it even more enticing. But Crocs isn’t cheap.

While you wish you could add Crocs clog to your closet but can’t afford it, there are cheaper alternatives to Crocs.

Even as cheaper options, they are not inferior to Crocs clog. It only means you do not have to spend up to $50 to get yourself a nice pair of rubber clogs or slides.

Below, we have made a list of the best Crocs alternatives you can get for yourself. They include:

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List of the Best Crocs Alternatives

  • Birkenstock EVA Sandals
  • Oofos Slides
  • Amoji Clogs
  • Adidas Adilette Clogs
  • Saguaro Garden Clogs
  • Chay Chax Clogs
  • Hobibear Garden Clogs
  • RockDove Slipper

1. Birkenstock EVA Sandals

Best Crocs Alternatives

The Birkenstock EVA sandal is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). EVA is a rubber-like foam that is almost similar to the croslite material used in Crocs. Just like Crocs, the sandals can absorb shock from the feet.

Unlike cork and leather Birkenstocks in the market, this particular sandal is waterproof and dries within 30 minutes of wear if wet.


  • It has great arch support
  • It doesn’t require an extensive break-in period
  • It is easy to wash and doesn’t harbor a bad smell
  • It is waterproof


  • It is not durable; it easily scuffs and breaks
  • It makes squeaky sounds when you walk on it.
  • It could cause you a blister on your foot

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2. Oofos Slides

Oofos as Alternative to Crocs

Oofos slide is another Crocs clog competitor. However, if taken to a poll, the Oofos slide may take the highest number.

The Oofos slide is made of a unique material called the Oofoam. This material makes the footwear lightweight and comfortable for your feet. The midsole offers 37% impact absorption to your feet.

From reviews and tests, Oofos offers better arch support than Crocs. It conforms to the shape of your foot to give you maximum support. That is why it is known as a recovery slide.


  • It offers great arch support.
  • It is recommended for those with plantar fasciitis and other orthotic problems.
  • It is lightweight and offers impact absorption
  • The Oofos foam has a high rebound effect


  • It is more expensive than Crocs
  • It doesn’t have a larger platform for your toes
  • It doesn’t have many colors and varieties compared to Crocs.

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3. Amoji Clogs

Amoji as Crocs sandals alternative

This clog is one of the best alternatives to Crocs. Not only does it look like the Crocs clog, but it is also significantly cheaper than Crocs. Amoji still has its great qualities such as the textured insoles which make you feel safe while going into the water.

Like the Crocs clog, it has large holes at the upper for ventilation. The EVA material which serves as the footbed offers great arch support to your feet. It also has a well-grooved outsole that makes walking on soft and wet ground safe.


  • It is lightweight and comfortable
  • Water-resistant and friendly
  • Same design as Crocs


  • It is not true to size

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4. Adidas Adilette Clogs

Adidas Adilette Clogs

Adidas Adilette clogs is another Crocs alternative brand. This rubber clog is ridden with holes in a specific pattern. Just as Crocs clog, these holes are for air vents.

It almost shares similar features with Crocs except that it ditched the ankle strap and it has a contoured EVA foam footbed.


  • It is water-friendly
  • It is comfortable to slip-on
  • It is lightweight and offers breathability
  • It is cheaper than Crocs. It’s sold for about $45


  • It comes only in two colors: white and black
  • The outsole is not grooved enough

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5. Saguaro Garden Clogs

Cheaper crocs alternative

This clog gives you a Crocs feel with a stylish look. Except that it is made of highly-cushioning EVA material, it still has other incredible features that Crocs would offer. Saguaro is priced between $15 and $20 so it easy to say that it is the cheapest alternative to Crocs.

The upper is filled with perforations for breathability, while the outsole is well-grooved for a firm grip. The clog is flexible and bendable and offers a comfortable feeling. Saguaro garden clog is not just for the garden, you can also wear it to run, drive, climb, hike, go to the beach, parks, etc. And they are a perfect match for any kind of cloth.


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Waterproof
  • Versatile


  • Not durable enough. The white peels off fast after a few times of wear.

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6. ChayChax Clogs

Best Crocs alternatives

Still wondering what brads look like Crocs? ChayChax clogs is one. Unlike the Crocs clog, this clog possesses a fur lining that helps to keep your feet warm. It is best for winter, although most people use it as indoor footwear.

ChayChax clog is made of a synthetic material which makes it lightweight and durable. Its footbed gives a cushion feeling to your heel and relieves pressure off your heel. It also offers adequate arch support to your feet.


  • Sustainable for winter
  • Lightweight
  • Great arch support
  • Cheaper than Crocs clog


  • Not best for summer
  • No breathability
  • It causes too much sweat on the feet
  • It fits wide

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7. Hobibear Garden Clogs

Shoes like crocs

Just like Crocs, this clog has air vents perforations at the upper, and an ankle strap. It is made of EVA materials which make it very soft and lightweight. The clog is water-friendly and dries off the water very fast.

The outsole offers a firm grip and the footbed offers support in the best way it could. Like Crocs, this clog could pass for good summer footwear, ensuring comfort and breathability at its peak.


  • Cheaper than Crocs at the price of $31 – $35
  • Non-skid and breathable
  • Comfort and durability
  • Versatile and colorful


  • Lacks enough padding
  • Lacks sufficient protection
  • It has a thin sole

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8. RockDove Slipper

Crocs alternatives

The RockDove Slipper is the last on this list of Crocs alternatives. This slipper does not look anything close to Crocs but it offers as much support and comfort as Crocs. It makes you feel like you are walking on clouds and the high-traction outsole has a good outsole grip on your feet.

People mostly wear this slipper as indoor wear. The memory foam insole helps in the comfort of your feet. It is a simple slip-on wear, so you don’t have to worry about pulling up or adjusting a strap.


  • It is flexible and lightweight
  • It is cheaper than Crocs


  • Lacks long durability
  • Runs big in size
  • Thin padding
  • Not enough arch support
  • Not recommended for plantar fasciitis

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Crocs may seem to be the best footwear but it has other alternatives that are cheaper and more sustainable. If your budget is not enough for Crocs, you can get one of these footwear on the list. If you want a better feeling than Crocs, go for the Oofos slide.


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