Do Crocs Shrink?

Do Crocs Shrink

Crocs are one of the most trendy footwear favorable for the summer because of their perforations. It allows airflow and easily removes debris.

Since it’s mostly worn during summer, there are tendencies it may be exposed to sunlight or extreme heat conditions.

You go back to wearing your favorite loose Crocs and realized it suddenly feels snug. You think of it the whole time and keep asking what just happened? Do Crocs shrink? Was it because of the sun?

If you are on this page for the answers, you made the right choice. Let’s go!

Do Crocs shrink?

Yes, Crocs shrink. Crocs are made of a synthetic-like material known as Croslite that shrinks at exposure to sunlight or extreme heat conditions.

Unlike other materials such as woods, plastics, rubbers, or concrete that swell when exposed to extreme heat conditions, Croslite reduces in size.

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How do Crocs shrink?

Crocs shrink under certain conditions. Here is the list of these conditions:

  • Exposure to direct sunlight: Crocs shrink at about 100°c or 212°F of heat. When exposed to such an amount of heat under the sun, it could shrink.
  •  Using boiled water: Since extreme heat could cause Crocs to shrink, dipping your Crocs in boiling water for over 5 minutes would do the job.
  • Cloth dryer: After washing your Crocs and deciding to dry them with a cloth dryer, the heat from the cloth dryer can shrink your Crocs. Unless you want to reduce the size of your Crocs, there’s no need to dry them in a cloth dryer.
  • Hairdryer: Hairdryer releases heat enough to make your Crocs shrink

Do Crocs Shrink?

Do Crocs shrink in water?

No, Crocs don’t shrink in water or when washing it. Crocs shrink when you put them on the dryer cycle or expose it to extreme heat conditions.

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Do Crocs shrink in the freezer?

No, freezer or cold temperature does not affect the size of Crocs.

Can you unshrink Crocs?

Yes, you can unshrink your Crocs, so there is no cause for alarm. Although heat makes Crocs shrink, it could also make them flexible.

When that happens, you either insert socks into it or wear them on your feet to take up the size of your foot and allow it to cool.

Another easier method is the use of a hairdryer.

  • Stuff your Crocs with thick stockings.
  • Get your hair dryer and set it to a high temperature.
  • Blow hot air to your Crocs with the hairdryer. The hairdryer also releases some moisture in the air that helps the Crocs flexibility.

Do this for 2-3 minutes, then leave your Crocs to cool down to take the size that you want.

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Why do people shrink Crocs?

Most times, we order footwear online and find out that it is not our size. If other shoes could offer the same opportunity as Crocs, people would shrink their shoes.

We all can agree that Crocs fits better when it feels a bit snug than loose. When your Crocs fit looser than you want, you can shrink them to the size you want them to be. If you over shrink it, you can still unshrink it to your favorable size by following the procedures mentioned above.

Take Away…

Now you know that Crocs shrink when exposed to a high temperature, would you want to reduce the size of your crocs?

Or would you leave it the way it is? The choice is yours. If you choose the latter, you have to be careful not to expose it to sunlight or an extreme heat condition like putting it in your car booth.

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