Are Hey Dude Shoes Waterproof?

Are Hey Dude Shoes Waterproof

One inevitable thing about winter is that it will rain or snow anytime. It does care if you are still on the road. The good thing you can do for your feet is get a waterproof shoe.

Most people find Hey Dude shoes fascinating and wish to wear them every day to work.

But are Hey Dude shoes water-resistant? Can they prevent the feet from being soaked in rainfall? Do they have a long duration to last during the rainy season?

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These questions go through their mind when purchasing Hey Dude for the winter. So this article could serve as a guide to let you know the materials Hey Dude is made with and if they are waterproof.

Are Hey Dude Shoes Waterproof ?

Honestly, not all Hey Dude shoes are waterproof due to the materials they are made with. Some Hey Dude shoes are made with light Canvas material that gets soaked in the rain, while there are those made with other materials that could protect your feet from being damp.

Hey Dude Paul for men is one of the few water-resistant Hey Dude shoes. It is made with a unique combination of recycled leather and ultra-grip sole.

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Are Hey Dude Shoes Waterproof
Hey Dude Paul

Another one from the men’s collection is the Hey Dude Wally Winter Suede and the Farty Suede. They both feature a suede upper and are highly durable.

The Wally features a cozy textile lining, while the Farty has a faux-fur lining which helps to keep your feet warm. The Farty also features a water-repellent treated Canvas that provides much protection from water.

In the women’s collection, the Hey Dude Vigo Easy Life Boot is perfect for your feet during the autumn or winter period. It features a waxed leather upper coated with a waterproof lining that prevents your feet from getting damp by water.

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Hey Dude Vigo Easy Life is lined with faux-fur up to the mid-calf for additional insulation. Therefore it gives ankle-high protection to your feet.

How to wash Hey Dude Shoes Without Weathering it

To wash your Hey Dude shoes without making the worst out of it, you can follow these rules:

  • Before putting your Hey Dude inside a washing machine, remove the surface dust with a bristle brush.
  • Remove the insole before putting the shoe in a washing machine.
  • Put those shoes in a laundry bag or better still, a pillowcase
  • Then set your washing machine to a slow spin to reduce the rumpling of your shoe
  • Ensure that you don’t wash your shoes mixed up with clothes. You can put them in different loads. You can as well balance the loads by adding a few towels. It would help prevent your shoe from banging around, thereby spoiling the inside of the machine.
  • Add a small amount of your favorite detergent and ensure that you wash your shoes in cold water.
  • After the washing cycle, you should sun-dry it to prevent microbial growth.

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Take away…

Some Hey Dude shoes are waterproof, while some are not. The majority of their waterproof shoes are made of leather or suede. They also provide extra insulation, and you can bid farewell to cold feet.

Ready to pick a pair of Hey Dude Shoes. You can Shop these waterproof Hey Dudes on Amazon.

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