Do Hey Dude Shoes Stretch Out?

You are probably tired of wearing snug shoes and you want to try out Hey Dude shoes but not sure if they stretch out.

Well, I believe that Hey Dude is committed to ensuring happiness and comfort to its fanatics. It was founded in 2008 and since hasn’t lost its touch.

The shoe brand had produced different shoes leaving you to make a choice. And I guess your choice is a Hey Dude shoe that could stretch out.

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Do Hey Dude shoes stretch out?

Yes, they do but not all of them. Hey Dude shoes employ the use of different materials in making their shoes’ upper. The shoes are either made of Canvas, Sox, or Stretchy materials. But the ones that could stretch out are the shoes made with Sox or Stretchy materials.

Sox styled Hey Dude shoes are made from dual-layer elasticated fabric. The material adapts to your foot while still retaining its form.

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One of the shoes made from sox materials is the Wally Sox Classic shoe. It features adjustable laces and a strong traction outsole. It’s also suitable for wide toes.

The Stretchy style is another set of Hey Dude shoes that stretches out. The shoes are made with an elasticated fabric.

So it conforms to the size of your feet and makes your toes flexible. One example of a shoe made from stretchy material is the Wally Stretch Shoe.

You can walk an extra mile wearing this shoe because it features Flex and Fold Technology; a feature that gives you extra comfort and support.

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Do Hey Dude Shoes Stretch Out

Pros of Sox and Stretchy Hey Dude shoes

  • They are suitable for your wide toes
  • They allow the flexibility of your foot
  • They are accustomed to the size of your foot and fits you perfectly
  • Sox Hey Dude shoes can be washed in a washing machine

Cons of Sox and Stretchy Hey Dude shoes

  • Stretchy shoes can’t be washed in the washing machine. It would weather faster
  • The Sox shoes can’t be worn in a snowstorm
  • Stretchy shoes require more loving tender care to prevent them from washing off
  • The Wally Stretch Shoe has a rough cut seam that causes the threads to come after some time of early wear.

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How to care for Sox and Stretchy Hey dude shoes

The Sox styles do not need tender loving care as much as the Stretchy style.

You can wash the sox styles with a color-catching product in a washing machine.

Ensure you remove the insoles before putting the shoe in a washing machine.

The Stretchy style needs more attention. The material is more delicate than any other material. So it has to be handled with caution.

Therefore, it is safer to wash inside a pillowcase with a color-catching product.

If the thread comes out at the initial time of wear, all you have to do is trim it off; and be careful not to affect the stitches.

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Take away…

Now that you have known that Hey Dude shoes can stretch out if you get the ones made from Sox and Stretchy material.

I hope you add it to the collections in your closet.

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