Are Hey Dude Shoes Comfortable? (Sincere Take)

Here is a full review on whether are Hey Dude shoes comfortable?

Hey Dude shoes are becoming more popular and you are wondering if they are comfortable. Well, the same question bothered me and I decided to find out.

I researched by going through what users and reviewers have said about the footwear and studied the materials used in making them as well as the ideas behind their design. In the end, I found out that Hey Dude shoes are very comfortable shoes that you can wear as an everyday shoe and to casual occasions.

However, they are not for hiking, running, nor for formal purposes. You should rather wear dress shoes in a formal setting and sneakers for sports activities.

Qualities that make Hey Dude shoes comfortable

To better understand why people including me have said that Hey Dude shoes are comfortable, we shall look at the features or rather, qualities these shoes possess.

Flexible Upper

Are Hey Dude shoes comfortable?

Most of the reviews have emphasized the unique quality of upper materials used in making the footwear. Hey Dude shoes primarily come textile upper which appears either as a knit, canvas, or just a stretchy textile.

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These kinds of materials offer you the flexibility, freedom, and protection your feet need. So, you wouldn’t gnash your teeth out of pain when in these.


Wait! Do you know Hey Dude shoes weigh about two pairs of socks?

So, another reason why these shoes are comfortable is that they are amazingly light. On average, they only weigh about 150g (5 ounces). You will know how bad an experience it is to wear a heavy shoe the day you try it (if you haven’t tried it already).

The lightweight of Hey Dude shoes is a result of the EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) outsole, lightweight memory foam midsole, and of course, the textile upper. Perhaps, the case would have been different if it were a rubber sole and leather upper.

Are Hey Dude Shoes Comfortable?
Hey Dude memory foam insole
Is hey dude shoe a good shoe?
Hey Dude EVA sole

Proper cushioning

The truth is, maximum comfort was the guiding principle behind the creation of Hey Dude shoes. Now, they come with a memory foam insole that would not only provide a comfortable footbed but would also serve as a shock absorber.

Around the closure, they have foam lining that would gently kiss your ankle, giving you that subtle fitting you need for comfort. The EVA sole is lightweight and well toothed to give you maximum traction.

On the inside, they are lined with a soft cloth material that gives you a cool feeling. So, if you aren’t in socks, you would still be OK.

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Snug Fitting

Similarly, Hey Dude shoes do not offer such tight-fitting offered by the lace-up closure. Although they come with lace, you only use them for gentle adjustment. However, the shoes have elastic bands that serve as a grip feature around the heel area and sides.

They do not hug your feet so tight but gently embrace them, just enough to avoid the shoes from pulling out.

Nonetheless, if you are the type who likes to wear supportive shoes; maybe you like them tight, Hey Dude is not a good choice.

High breathability

Hey dude, these shoes are highly breathable. As you know from the first point, Hey Dude shoes come with a textile upper; a sort of material that permits the inflow and outflow of air (or water vapor) around your feet.

This is particularly an important feature for shoes, especially those worn in hot seasons, perhaps summer. However, breathable shoes improve the health of the foot. That is to say, wearing Hey Dude shoes, especially in summer would help you escape some foot problems.

Pros and Cons of Hey Dude Shoes


  • Comfortable
  • Machine washable
  • Highly breathable
  • Flexible and gentle fitting
  • Stylish and therefore trendy
  • Lightweight, a cool choice for travel
  • Removable insole
  • They are affordable


  • Not super supportive in terms of footbed and fitting
  • They do not come in half sizes

Other FAQs on Hey Dude comfort

Do Hey Dude shoes have arch support?

No. Hey Dude shoes does not have arch support. Instead, the shoes have flat memory foam insoles without any arch support. Thus this is not good for those with heel pain and flat feet.

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Do you wear Hey Dudes with socks?

You can wear Hey Dude shoes with socks and you can also decide not to. The shoe is lined on the inside with soft oxford cloth material that can serve the purpose of socks. However, wearing socks would offer you more advantages. In the end, it is your choice that rules.
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Are Hey Dude shoes true to size?

Some are while others are not. Nonetheless, if you are ordering from the company’s website, there is usually a suggested sizing tip to help you make the right choice.

Do you like what you now know about Hey Dude shoes?

Ready to order a pair?

You can go via Amazon, Zappos, or via their USA or UK website.

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