How Many Eyelets do Converse High-Top Have?

how many eyelets do converse high tops have

The metallic part of a Converse shoe which holds the lace is called the shoe eyelet.

Aside from converse, other shoes also feature different numbers of eyelets.

But in this case, we care to know how many eyelets are in high-top converse shoes.

Meanwhile, Converse shoes do not only consist of high tops. They also have low-top shoes, having the collar below the ankle. There are also knee-high top converse shoes.

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These different tops of Converse have a different number of eyelets on them. The high-top converse, slightly above the ankle, has more eyelets than the low-top converse. But not in all cases.

Number of eyelets on Converse shoes and their suitable laces

The number of eyelets on the Converse high-top sneaker, also known as Converse Chuck Taylor, is 7 or 8. It means that in some versions of the sneaker, the eyelets are 7 while in others, they’re 8. In kids’ version of the sneaker, the eyelets are just 6

Meanwhile, Converse All Star high sneakers have two extra eyelets by the side, but these are to improve the breathability of the sneaker; an advantage for those with sweaty feet.

Here is a summary of the number of eyelets Converse sneakers come with.

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Converse shoe type Number of eyelets Shoelaces length (cm) Shoelace type
All-star low 6 106 Flat
All-star high 7 or 8 127 Flat
One Star 7 127 Flat
Golf le Fleur 7 127 Flat

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A bit from history

The Converse All-star that can also be called Chuck Taylor All-Star, was produced in 1908 by Marquis Mills.

He created the iconic trainer with a rubber sole. And now, the Converse All-star is one of the most popular trainers around the world.

The iconic features are available in both low and high top. The high top has seven eyelets, where you can fix the laces and the extra two eyelets at the side of the shoe for ventilation.

The Converse high top made purposely for basketball would need that ventilation system.

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How to thread your laces on your shoe eyelets

  1. You can thread your shoelace through the eyelets closest to the toe.
  2. Make the top lace to be perpendicular to the shoe and outside of the eyelets.
  3. The ends of the shoelaces should pass through the eyelets by going forth and out of the shoe.
  4. Repeat the last two steps till you lace your shoe up to the last eyelet. Adjust it to your fit and tie it.

How to count your converse high top shoe eyelets

Count the total number of eyelets on your converse high-top shoe at the lacing part and divide them by two.

Or count the number of eyelets at one side of the lacing part of the shoe.

You may as well add it to the two eyelets at the side of the shoe that enhances breathability.

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