Best 15 Men’s Black Dress Shoes You Should Have

Mens Black Dress Shoes

Black is one colour, like brown, that goes with virtually every other when it comes to dressing. Having a great black dress shoe might just save you a lot of footwear choice headache.

This is why we have taken the liberty to recommend for you some of the best black dress shoes you can find regardless of budget.

Most dress shoes are versatile, so you can wear them with a large variety of outfits. Read this article to find which one is to your taste.

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Here are 15 Men’s Black Dress Shoes

1. Stacy Adams Men’s Belden Lace-up Oxford

Men's Black Dress Shoes

The Stacy Adams Belden Lace-up ticks several boxes under the needs to be satisfied by a proper dress shoe. The various features were well put together to provide comfort and elegance to the wearer.

To begin, the shoe is made of leather upper, well-crafted with durable leather and lined on the inside to absorb moisture and be breathable. It also comes with perforations at the toe area to give it extra style at a glance.

The insides contain an insole, well-cushioned to make your feet feel at home and to serve as a light shock absorption technique. Underneath is a flexible rubber outsole that is made to prevent slip.

Finally, it uses the traditional lace-up closure technique. This shoe can be worn to several formal occasions as well as weddings, dinner dates, etc. It adds glow to style to your outfit.


  • Lightweight
  • Great cushioning
  • Breathable
  • True to size
  • Relatively cheap ($32 – $70)


  • Perforations may hold more dust; hence it will require regular cleaning o maintain.

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2. Allen Edmonds Park Avenue Oxford

Men's Black Dress Shoes

Allen Edmond’s Park Avenue Oxford features a cap toe design and is about as formal as it gets. It’s simple, the near-plain design is just what you need to look smart at a business presentation or even behind an office desk.

It starts with a full leather upper, crafted neatly with a round cap-toe design. It doesn’t have any form of perforations, making it even more formally presentable.

The insides are also lined with durable, breathable leather that provides a bit of comfort and keeps moisture off your feet while you wear.

The soles are made of single-oak leather and can be easily replaced if the need arises. The shoe is also designed to match the shape of the human feet to aid natural movement. Also, the lace-up closure method, one of the most popular, is applied with the shoe to cap it off.


  • Durable leather
  • Shaped like to feet for glide-like movement.
  • True to size
  • Breathable
  • Accommodates higher arches


  • Quite expensive with its pricing around $315

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3. Calvin Klein Men’s Bram Oxford

Men's Black Dress Shoes

To spice up simplicity with a bit of style, Calvin Klein came up with this shoe to match customers’ needs. The shoe is made of a rounded square cap-toe design.

It has an approximate high ankle if you measure from the bottom of the heel, which people who prefer high-ankle shoes would like.

As comfort is one of the keys to having a great dress shoe or any kind of shoe, the Nappa leather upper is complemented with a topstitching material to allow the feet a bit of flexibility, and for breathability. These let the shoe absorb moisture from the feet.

The insides contain a mildly cushioned foam as a footbed and for mild shock absorption. Its sole is made of flexible rubber.

This well-patterned rubber provides traction and serves as an anti-slip mechanism. It makes use of the traditional lace-up closure.

The shoe can be worn to series of occasions including weddings, reunions, parties, and even formal occasions. They go well with both a suit and a pair of jeans with a shirt.


  • Versatile
  • Highly breathable due to topstitching/leather upper.
  • Proper traction
  • True to size
  • Moderately priced ($57 – $149)


  • Has a slim-foot design. Wide footed people may have to buy half-a-size up.

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4. Stacy Adams Penny Loafer

Men's Black Dress Shoes

Stacy Adams with this shoe, makes one for those who like it simple. The Stacy Adams Men’s Pierce Moe-Toe Penny is a square-toe dress shoe that is made with the loafer design.

However, it will go sweetly with a variety of clothes including a pair of jeans with a t-shirt, turtle necks, chinos or even khakis. They’re usually won sockless or with ankle-level socks.

The shoe includes a leather upper, also lined on the inside with breathable leather. On the footbed is memory foam, placed for added comfort.

Memory foam is known to adjust to the wearer’s feet over time and provide customized comfort. The shoe uses the slip-on closure, which makes for easier wear.

Finally, the sole is made of flexible rubber. Flexible rubber is known to be more durable and provides better traction when used with shoes.


  • Easy to wear due to the slip-on closure method.
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Moderately priced ($55 -$190)
  • True to size
  • Versatile


  • Some slip-on shoes are known to slack over time and lose grip. This might not be the case here
  • The square toe may not provide as much flexibility as round-toe

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5. Rockport Men’s Dressports

Men's Black Dress Shoes

The Rockport Dressports is a leather shoe with a sports shoe vibe. It is made to give wearers some of those particular feels they get from running shoes, using dress shoe materials.

This shoe is made of a leather upper, carefully crafted and arched to produce a flexible forefoot/toe area. This would let have a bit of allowance to flex their toes.

The insides are lined with textile to absorb moisture and provide breathability; something that is highly sought-after in shoes. The forefoot and collar area are well padded to provide comfort for the wearer and reduce sore foot tendencies after a whole day’s wear.

Finally, the heel and sole are made of EVA material and rubber respectively. The EVA provides support and shock absorption while the rubber ensures proper traction. Lace-up closure is applied here. You can rock the footwear with various casual outfits ranging from chinos to jeans.


  • Well-cushioned and comfortable
  • Great design
  • Great heel support
  • Very breathable
  • Moderately priced ($71 – $90)


  • Not the best for a wide-footed person

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Stacy Adams Men’s Dunbar-Wingtip

Men's Black Dress Shoes

The design of this shoe is one that comes with its highs and lows. In this shoe, Stacy Adams presents a well-lined, highly lightweight, brogue shoe. The full brogue (wingtip) perforations are one of the sweet things looking at the shoe.

It contains a leather upper, arched to have a low forefoot. The inside is made up breathable linings and a memory foam footbed which is known to adjust to the wearer’s feet shape overtime and provide custom comfort for the feet.

The sole is made of flexible rubber, which is great for traction and serves as an anti-slip mechanism. It also uses a blind-eyelet lacing lace-up closure method. This shoe can be worn with both semi-casual and casual outfits.


  • Lightweight
  • True to size
  • Cushioned and comfortable
  • Moderately priced ($43 – $105)


  • A bit too “true-to-size”. Wide-footed people have to go half-a-size up.
  • The low-ankle design may not sit well with several customers.

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Bruno Marc Men’s Leather Loafers

Men's Black Dress Shoes

Thinking of a smart dress shoe you can wear to work, and maybe to a dinner date the following day?

Bruno Marc has just the right one for you. This shoe is a beautifully crafted square toe dress shoe. As a loafer it is, the closure method is the slip-on.

It is made of premium leather, patterned on top and at the sides for style and lined on the inside for breathability. The footbed is made of latex cushioned foam for comfort.

Underneath is a rubber sole, patterned for the forefoot to heel area for the top traction. This sole and the footbed also serve as shock absorption techniques.


  • Great traction
  • Great aesthetics/design
  • Breathable
  • Relatively cheap ($26 – $32). You surely get back your value for money.


  • The square toe may not be as flexible as your feet want if you’ve got wide feet.

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Gifennse Men’s Formal Leather Shoes

Men's Black Dress Shoes

Made out of cowhide leather, this Gifennese dress shoe is definitely up there with some of the best dress shoes there are. It is carefully designed to match the shape of the human feet and so, promote natural movement.

The insides are lined to make it moisture absorbent and the sole is rubber-made, to provide traction for the wearer. The shoe uses the lace-up closure method and can be worn with both formal and casual outfits.


  • Breathable
  • Simple design
  • Durable, both sole and upper
  • Moderately priced ($79)


  • Cushioning is not so great; your ankle could feel it after long wears
  • Wide-footed people have to go half-a-size up

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Magnanni Leather Monk-Strap Dress Shoes

Men's Black Dress Shoes

From the closure to the inner linings, from the arch to the shape, this Magnanni shoe has all the evidence of a modern dress shoe. The shoe has handcrafted perforations on its top patterned just for the aesthetics.

The upper is made of genuine leather and it is arched to make the top hug the forefoot. Inside of it, leather linings are provided to provide breathability, and underneath, the sole is made of leather as well.

The footbed is well padded to both absorb shock and give added comfort. One unique thing about the shoe is its monk strap closure; something that’s not so common (yet is welcome all the same) with dress shoes.

This shoe will look good at the office, at weddings, parties, etc.


  • Bologna construction makes it hug feet, give natural movement
  • The shoe is versatile
  • Breathable
  • Well-cushioned


  • The shoe is relatively expensive ($478)
  • Wide-footed people will have to order a size up due to it’s fit.

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Bruno Marc Men’s Derby Shoes

Men's Black Dress Shoes

Thinking of a very budget-friendly, yet reliable shoe to get for your office days?

This Bruno Marc shoe has got your back. It is a round-toe oxford shoe made of a premium leather upper and lined with leather on the inside. The shoe is arched and moderately sized to serve both slim and wide footed people.

The sole is made entirely of rubber as an anti-slip mechanism. This kind of flexible rubber is widely known to be durable. The inside contains a latex foam footbed for added comfort.

This shoe is quite simple, not the most stylish there is, but will last you a while. It uses the lace-up closure method.


  • Budget-friendly ($33)
  • Made of premium leather
  • Breathable and well-cushioned


  • You cannot use them under harsh conditions

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Bruno Marc Men’s Penny Loafers

Men's Black Dress Shoes

One glance at this shoe and the first thing that comes to my mind is, “It’s time to partyyy!!!”

I can also imagine a guy on a long-sleeve shirt, with matching patterned jacket and trousers. It doesn’t matter though, because these loafers will go with anything, especially casual wears. They can be worn without socks or with ankle-level socks.

They are made of PU leather upper, with hand and machine sewn features. It’s got a fabric lining on the inside that absorbs moisture and a latex foam footbed for comfort.

The sole is made of rubber, properly carved and patterned to provide the best of traction. Like every loafer, it’s closure is slip-on


  • Maximum traction
  • Durable PU material
  • Flashy, flexible design
  • Lightweight
  • Very affordable ($30)


  • It is not made with the best material you will get. However, you will surely get the value of your money.

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Frasoicus Men’s Oxford Shoe

Men's Black Dress Shoes

This shoe is made with a smooth, full-grain leather upper, carefully crafted to the last detail. It has a round cap-toe wingtip design and is crafted to the semblance of the human feet.

Such a design causes movement to be smoother and more natural. It also makes the shoe hug the wearer’s feet and with a lining such as is present here, you need not worry about breathability.

The insides contain a permanent-placed cushioned footbed which makes you feel comfortable when you wear. The footbed and the flexible sole underneath both serve as mild shock absorbers.

The sole is made of rubber and is designed to provide traction. Its closure method is lace-up. This shoe would look good with a tuxedo or any formal outfit.


  • Breathability
  • Hug-foot design
  • Moderately priced ($83)
  • True to size
  • Modern styling


  • Slim design won’t favour wide-footed people.

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Bruno Marc Moda Italy Men’s Dress Shoe

Men's Black Dress Shoes

Formal dress shoes are the everyday best friend of a corporate worker. Somehow, they seem to feel better when you don’t break the bank to get really good ones.

This shoe is a round cap-toe shoe, made of synthetic leather upper, but with no brogue perforations whatsoever. The lining inside is made of premium faux leather and it works with the latex foam footbed to keep the feet comfortable.

Finally, the sole is made of wood, crafted and patterned underneath to be slip-resistance.


  • Moderately shaped to fit a range of feet widths
  • Relatively cheap ($31)
  • Well-cushioned for comfort


  • Wooden soles are not so flexible

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Gecatiso Wingtip Brogue Derby

Men's Black Dress Shoes

This shoe is designed to look sporty as well as stylish. It is made with a full brogue design, with a wingtip cap toe with patterned perforations all over. The upper is made of cowhide leather, lined on the inside with PU leather for breathability.

The sole is made of thermoplastic rubber, well partitioned to match the flat heel for maximum traction and stability. The shoe would go well with a pair of chinos or any other form of casual outfits.

One more thing to note is the shoe isn’t always true to size. You would need to use size charts to determine your EU size before purchasing


  • Breathable
  • Great traction due to the TPR
  • Durable Cowhide leather
  • Relatively cheap ($40)


  • Not true to size
  • Not properly padded

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Stacy Adams Men’s Tinsley Wingtip Lace-Up Oxford

Men's Black Dress Shoes

The Stacy Adams’ Tinsley is one shoe that will add glow to your outfit. It is made of patent leather and has a deep forefoot arch.

The sole and the linings are also made of leather. Leather linings grant breathability, but the leather at the sole is supported by rubber at the heel area to be anti-slip.

It contains a wingtip design with brogue perforations and lace-up closure. This whole construction is lightweight and will comfortably serve as “all-day” wear. Finally, it contains a memory foam insole known to give adaptive, customized comfort.


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Cushioned and comfortable
  • True to size
  • Easy to clean
  • Moderately priced ($62 – $125)


  • Slim design; wide-footed people have to order half a size up

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Are black dress shoes out of style?

Black shoes will ever remain the favorite of most men. Although navy blue, brown and other colors are becoming trendy in the recent years, it doesn’t annul the classical quality of black shoes.

They seem most formal; you can wear them on many colors of dress (shirt). So, they are in fashion even in 2021.

When should I wear a black shoe?

A black shoe can come as a formal shoe or casual one. So what decides when you can wear it is the purpose for which it was made.

Again, if you are wearing a bright colored shirt and trousers, a black shoe would create a prominent contrast that wouldn’t be nice. So you would want to avoid that.

Nonetheless, if your trousers is a bit dull-colored, then it will be a poor decision to wear a black shoe.

What are the best dress shoe brands for men?

When you talk about the best brands of dress shoe men wear, then you would want to mention the likes of,

  • Allen Edmonds
  • Edward Green
  • Hermès
  • Cole Haan
  • Florsheim
  • Johnston and Murphy
  • Berluti
  • Church’s
  • Louis Vuitton

However, you might want to read the review of these top dress shoe brands.

What are different types of men’s dress shoes?

Men’s dress shoes are classified in the forms of,

  • Oxfords
  • Derby
  • Brogue
  • Loafer
  • Chukka Boots
  • Chelsea Boots

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Go ahead, make your choice and be that gentle man you wish.

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