Shoes to Wear with Khaki and Polo Shirt

What shoes to wear with khaki and polo shirt

It’s quite easy to know that your pair of khaki pants will make a perfect match with your different polos, but what is rather difficult afterward is knowing the best footwear to complement the outfit.

Let’s say a pair of brown loafers will be gorgeous with beige-colored khaki pants with a white polo shirt. Then, brown chukka boots will also be good with a blue polo shirt and brown khaki pants. But can you tell so many other shoes that can be as lit as this?

In this article, we’re going to lead you through all the shoes that make you fabulous on your polos and khakis.
What shoes to wear with khaki and polo.

Khaki with polo is a casual outfit, but your shoes will add smartness to your dressing. That is why I must guide you through the best shoes to wear with khaki and polo.

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What Shoes to Wear with Khaki and Polo

1. Loafers

A pair of penny loafers with polo is a nice combo for casual and semi-formal outings. All shades of blue polo with a grey-colored khaki and black loafers are splendid.

White body hug polo with a maroon-colored khaki and brown tassel loafers is hot and enticing.
In the case of striped polo or polo with multiple colors, you should go for khaki of dark color and maintain black or brown loafers. Any type of loafers can go.

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2. Sneakers

You can wear black sneakers with a khaki and polo, but let’s say it’s a rugged outfit for very casual events. It looks swaggy when you join a baggy polo with a bit of tight khaki with legs rolled up to the ankle.

A white leather low-top sneakers or an Adidas canvas are a bomber when khaki and Polo are involved. It is stylish and cute as well.

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3. Espadrilles

Espadrilles are simple slip-on shoes with woven soles. If you want to look exceptional but cool on your way out today, go for your khaki with a Polo and rock it all up with your pair of espadrilles.

Most time, we don’t see the beauty in espadrilles, but you’ll be surprised how amazing you’ll look on your dark-colored espadrilles with your khaki

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4. Leather sandals

Leather sandals with polo and khaki look good. White, black, and brown leather sandals go with khaki. When you want to be all simple, combine your khaki with Polo and sandals.

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what shoes to wear with khaki and polo shirt

5. Boat shoes

Boat shoes are a good combo with khaki pants and polo. Brown leather boat shoes and blue or red boat shoes are shoes that go along with different designs of polo you could wear to go out.

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6. Derby

Khaki and Polo, though a casual outfit, can be made semi-formal by adding some formal shoes. A Derby is one of the regular work shoes. They make a great combo with khaki pants and Polo.

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7. Leather Slides

It’s simple, neat, and smart-looking. For casual events, most men like to wear polo and khaki pants with leather slides. It could be in flip-flops or slides designs, but whichever design or color is either black or brown is fine.

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8. Boots

Chukkas and Chelsea boots are wonderful for a khaki and polo combo. A pair of khakis with a polo can be enticing when worn with a chukka, a dark or brown-colored leather chukka. It gives a smart and elevating outlook. Using your Chelsea boots with a pair of khakis and Polo is still good. It looks good and fitting for all.

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shoes to wear with khaki and polo shirt

Shoes you shouldn’t wear with khaki and polo

1. Oxfords

Khaki and Polo is already a casual outfit using oxfords which is a formal shoe that is out of line as it still doesn’t make the outfit formal rather, it makes you look confused and dumb in style

2. Chunky sneakers

Chunky sneakers and trainers are mostly for women. They might not be too good for men. Therefore, wearing them with khaki and polo is a thumbs-down combo, especially when you choose sneakers that have many colors. It could be manageable in a very casual setting or worn for a teenage party when you use it with ankle-length khaki and baggy polo.

3. Rubber flip flop

This is not a good thing for this outfit. Most people wear it, but it doesn’t look good for any occasion at all.

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Khakis: Before and Now

Khaki pants have maintained their ground in today’s fashion world despite their ancient history due to their wonderful make and design. Khaki pants are fashionable and can be worn for almost all events depending on how you style them.

Initially, khakis were made to blend with the earth’s surface during wars as the early northwest frontier fighters of the British Indian empire first started using them. Since then, khakis have evolved to not having the initial khaki color and even into chinos( khaki like pants)

While most people use khakis and chinos interchangeably, they still have some differences. Khakis are a Hindustani word for soil color. It implies that traditionally, khakis are earth brown, while chinos are khakis of other colors with a slightly softer material.

Facts about khaki Pants

  • Khakis are worn best on the waist. There’s no need for high waisted ones
  • Khakis with modern designs are the best as they have straight legs, perfect length, flat front, and are not baggy.
  • Khakis can serve casual, semi-formal, and formal purposes. Just as earlier said, khakis can be worn for any event, but those for formal purposes shouldn’t have cargo pockets as it makes them too casual, just two pockets in front and behind is okay.
  • It is normal for khakis to have cuffs and wrinkles, a lot of it may be too messy, but moderate cuffs on your khaki pants are part of the design. Perhaps, you should straighten the pants when using them for formal events.
  • Khakis are best when they graze the top of your feet. They should be too high or folded all around your feet.
  • Khakis go with varieties of tops ranging from shirts, polos, sweaters, both plane and stripe


Are polos the best tops that go with khakis

Polos are one of the many tops you can style a khaki with. Alternatively, you can use a shirt, jacket, coat, blazers and so on. Polos are good options for khaki, but shirts or blazers could be better.

Are khakis the same as chinos?

Most people use the two interchangeably, but traditionally, chinos are khaki of other colors aside from the initial soil color. Chinos are also made of softer fabric than khaki.

Can you wear a khaki and polo to work

Khaki and polo are not formal Wear, so it is not regular work outfit. But it all depends on the kind of work you do. But on a day like Friday, it could be allowed (depending on the company’s dress code).

Bottom line

A pair of khaki pants and Polo is a popular outfit for modern-day guys as it doesn’t require so much to get into it. It only demands that you choose the best shoes so that you don’t look odd but classy and smart. You could wear your loafers, espadrilles, sneakers, leather pams, chukka boots, and others depending on your color and design of polo and pants.

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