Can I Wear Laced Shoes on Native: Complete Guide on Nigerian Natives?

Do you wear lace shoes with native

To make things right with fashion, you need to know what kind of footwear to match your outfit. Nigerian men are known to grace occasions or ‘owambe‘ with native attires as they contribute to their poise and composure.

Although we see most notable men in a society that match native attires with laced shoes, the question people ask is if it is right to do so or a dimwit fashion sense?

Can I Wear Laced Shoes on Native?

Not to curse on such fashion, but if taboo is a fashion, it is pairing laced shoes with native attire. It is all shades of wrong to wear a lace-up shoe on native, be it ankara, agbada, senator, lace, or any material used to sew clothes for men.

To create a good fashion impression with native attire, you need to pay attention to every detail. Native is not one to wear without appropriate guidelines and accessories like your footwear. To step out looking appropriate, you should take the following guidelines on how to rock your native attire as a man;

Unwritten Laws for Shoes for Nigerian Native

Shoes to wear with Nigerian Natives

  • Ensure your trouser length is right at your ankle. It shouldn’t be a jump-up trouser or a trouser that sweeps the floor.
  • Do not pair your native attire with dress shoes or any form of laced-up shoes
  • Do not let peer pressure make you wear canvas shoes, running shoes, or any form of sports shoes with native attire.
  • The appropriate shoes to wear for all kinds of natives are loafers, boats, moccasins, and leather sandals.
  • If you must wear socks because of stink and sweat, wear half socks. Avoid wearing full-length or ankle socks. Nigeria is too hot to make that kind of fashion taboo.
  • For a special occasion such as a wedding, grand events, etc., avoid matching your native attire with leather slippers. Aside from those special occasions, a leather slipper is not a bad choice.
  • Do not match your native attire with a rubber flip flop. It is not a choice, it is mandatory.
  • We know how much you want to flex your sports wristwatch, but not with a native attire.
  • Avoid wearing a belt with native attire. Native trousers are sewn to fit right on your waist or with an adjustable strap. 
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The Best Styles of Shoes to Wear with Natives

Loafers and leather sandals are the best style of footwear to match your native attire. Are you confused about the kind of loafers shoes to buy? You can check some of them in the list below.

1. Penny Loafer

Shoes to wear with natives in Nigeria

Penny loafer is a versatile and attractive shoe that best suits your natives. It has both traditional and classic looks delivering unquestionable comfort to your feet. This all-around footwear originated in the 30s but got into the limelight in the 50s.

The shoe features a leather upper and mostly comes in dark colours like black, espresso, brown, and burgundy.

2. Tassel Loafer

Shoes to wear with senator and Agbada

Here is another stylish silhouette made of leather or suede that goes in style with your natives. It features a pair of tassels at the upper. Rumours had it that the tassel loafer style was inspired by an actor named Paul Lukas, who brought a pair of oxford with tassel to Alden Shoe Company.

The company combined the tassel with a slip-on, and the stylish silhouette came into existence.

3. Kiltie Loafers

The slip-on loafer features a kiltie style finishing at the upper. It is one of the stylish loafers that is a perfect match for your native. The kiltie style came into existence when kilted golf shoes and penny loafers had a fashion moment in the 50s, and the two styles were combined into the kilt loafer.

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4. Horsebit Loafer

Horsebit loafer for natives in Nigeria

Unlike other loafers that either featured a pair of a tassel, a strap, or a kiltie, this loafer features a golden metal strap with the silhouette of a horse’s snaffle at the upper. Although it has a retro design, it is most certainly suitable for your natives as it gives a sophisticated look.

Associating with Gucci, the Horsebit loafer became popular, the colour changed from brown to black, and the lining tinkered.

5. The Slipper Loafer

Best Shoes for natives

Although it gives a classic look, the slipper loafers are suitable for your natives and serve as both everyday and casual wear. They are mostly available in suede or leather. To pull these out with your native, you can opt for a lighter-coloured suede material.

Although the shoes don’t have stitches, some of the slipper loafers have a smooth upper, while some are designed with metallic embroideries or tuxedos at the upper.

6. Driving Loafer

Do you wear lace shoes with natives?

It is another loafer with a casual look but great vibes. Looking for a shoe to rock with your native but that gives you a casual look? Look no further. It is an effortless slip-on shoe you can rock without socks. With the pebble rubber outsole, the shoe offers extra grip to your feet.

7. Belgian Loafer

Shoes for natives, senator and agbada

This low heel-styled loafer with a little bow at the upper comes in either leather or suede material. It gives a classic look to your native, especially with the leather loafer. It made its first debut in the 1920s, during the time Henri Bendel imported them for his eponymous department store.

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Shoes that You Should Never Wear with Natives, Senator, or Agbada

There are shoes to match your native attire, and there are shoes that lead to fashion faux-pas that you need to avoid. Those shoes are;

  1. Lace-up shoes
  2. Canvas shoes

Running shoes or any sports shoe like the likes of Nike, Adidas, Vans, etc. are great footwear and have their purpose, but certainly not to match with native attire.

Other Accessories You can Wear with Native Attire

A leather watch or a stainless steel watch is perfect for native attire

You can also match your native attire with bracelets that complement the colour of your attire. You can match it with any type of bracelet, such as a metal, beaded, leather bracelet, etc.


Men who wear natives with appropriate accessories to an occasion are men with good fashion sense. The guidelines are here to lead you on the path of great combo wear. Because you have to look outstanding doesn’t mean you should look odd and out of fashion.

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