Effects Of Ill-Fitting Shoes and How To Fix Them

Effects of Ill fitting shoes on toes

A perfect pair of shoes means a boost in confidence and overall personality.

Regardless of how well you are dressed or prepared for a gathering, the choice and how nicely you carry the shoes can make or break your look. Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of how an ill-fitting shoe can affect you in more than one way.

So, read till the end and find out the conditions that may result from wearing poorly fitting shoes and how to deal with them smartly!

1. Pain in the heel

If you have been experiencing heel pain, like, first thing in the morning or on-off during your daily tasks, then maybe it’s your plantar fascia ligament that is disturbed. This ligament is present between the heel and the ball of your foot and can easily get inflamed or sore due to some reasons. 

The main cause, among others, is your improper shoe fitting, especially from the back. This is because when your shoes are too tight to let the heels work flexibly throughout the day, it results in enormous stress on the skin and the main ligament.

Therefore, one of the best ways is to break into your new shoes smartly to deal with such a situation. All you have got to do is use a shoe tool to wear shoes comfortably and loosen the material after frequent use. This could be in the form of shoehorns, shoe trees, and other tools.

It will help you mold your favorite pair after a few days while not causing any damage to both your new shoes and feet skin at the same time.

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2. Nails growing into the skin

The second negative effect caused by improper shoe fitting is the issue of ingrown nails. This mostly happens when either you are not careful about clipping your nails at the right time, or the nails are not getting enough room to grow properly over the skin surrounding your nail bed.

While it is recommended that you trim your nails at the right size and time, it is also crucial to take note of the size you are going to opt for your new shoes. If you have any special condition related to your feet, it’s best to go for the pairs that are open from the front and fit you nicely.

3. Irritated and patchy skin

Everyone is well aware that a human body consists of both sensitive and somewhat tough skin cells. When it comes to categorizing the skin of our feet, it will possibly fall into the sensitive skin category by any logical study.

This is the reason why, when you wear or prefer a rather tight shoe fitting, the friction between your foot skin and the material increases. And it results in many serious issues like damaged skin cells, blisters, and causing shoe smell.

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Blisters are usually tiny bubbles either filled with thick or thin clear fluid or blood. They mostly appear because of irritation and high friction. 

So, the best way is to not go out without wearing socks with your sneakers or other boots, finding your right fit in rather open shoes that don’t cause stress at all.   

4. Bended toes

Mayoclinic supports that Hammertoe is a situation where the joints of your small toes are either curled up or bent inward rather than laying flat on the ground and being in natural shape.

This situation causes enormous pain because of the forced pressure on the bones. It also makes the toes look unusual.

The main toes that can be considered to be mainly affected due to this situation are second, third, fourth, or fifth. All of this happens because the shape of a pair of shoes forces the toes to bend inward when you wear them.

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Therefore, it is always best to be mindful of the shape you are going to opt for when shopping for shoes for the wedding or just a casual party.

If you are someone dealing with a specific kind of foot condition, try to stay away from fashionable pairs because they will ultimately result in two types of damage: your health and money because you won’t be able to wear them as frequently as you want.

Bottom Line

Finding a perfect pair of shoes that doesn’t cause any harm and go along with your pace is as important as finding the right skincare routine to look naturally beautiful.

Therefore, we hope that the information provided above will help you be more careful and mindful when it comes to shoe shopping and selection.

Lastly, if you have got anything to add or suggest, feel free to drop them in the comments section below! Because to be very honest, it is your feedback that helps us grow and bring more useful content for our valuable readers!

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