High Heels vs Wedges: Which is More Comfortable?

Most ladies find it difficult to walk in high heels. But with wedges, they do better. This is probably because wedges have a wider base that provides a better balance than stiletto.

Yes, a stiletto heel might make you look more attractive but you have to choose carefully because there is more to everything than you can see.

What is a high heel anyway?

Any shoe which tends to lift the heel could be referred to as high heels.

High heel vs wedges

Precisely, a wedge in this course is a shoe or sandals in which a block of material either wood or rubber forms both the sole and heel.

Wedges could be of different shapes, styles, and designs. It could be a platform wedge, ankle strap wedge, t-strap wedge, etc.

Wedge shoe vs high Heels

Wedges may not be the most stylish shoes but they are still fashionable, especially when it goes with the right outfit.

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High heel vs Wedge: Which is more comfortable?

Wedges, either sandals or shoes are more comfortable and can be well-fitted than high heels or stiletto. As such, wedges can be worn for a longer time compared to a stiletto.

Although the alignment of the foot to the heel while wearing a high heel could be straight (making you look sexier), it doesn’t mean it’s as comfortable as wedges.

Why wedge heels are comfortable than stiletto heels

See with me the reasons why we can wedge shoes offer more comfort than stiletto heels.

1. Less stress/pressure on the arch

High heels put a lot of stress and pressure on the arches of the foot thereby pushing it forward and causing pain if worn for a long time.

2. Wedges lift anterior and posterior parts of foot

Wedges lift both the anterior and posterior part of the foot causing a little more balance unlike the high heels which elevates just the heels hence the name”high heels”

3. Better cushioning in wedges

In most cases wedges come with better cushioning than high heels. At least it’ll take more time before the ball of your foot becomes strained.

4. Well balanced

When walking in soft grounds, high heels especially those with pointed ends could be annoying as it keeps sinking to the ground, making your track and footprints obvious.

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5. Wedges are less squeaky

High heels could be noisy and could draw unnecessary attention.

Differences between high heels and Wedges

  • High heels mostly have a pointed base, unlike wedges which have their base looking flat as a wedge, hence its name. Talk about a stiletto and kitten heel.
  • The sole and heel of a high heel shoe can easily be differentiated, but in wedges, a block of material forms both the sole and heel all in one.
  • In high heels, the foot itself could be in the same alignment with the heel, but in wedges, the alignment of the foot to the heel is diagonal.

Similarities of high heels and wedges

  • Both are not flat as they elevate the heel (rare part of the foot)
  • Both are fashionable
  • They build confidence and add beauty when worn on correctly.
  • If tight, both could be painful
  • There is no exceeding limit in heel length for both women’s shoe types


Recently, ladies have been going for shoes that make them more comfortable, fashionable, and durable. When shopping for shoes as a lady, you must give yourself a reliable answer to the following questions:

  • Does this shoe match my status, outfit, and occasions?
  • Is this shoe fashionable enough?
  • Will it boost my confidence or make me uncomfortable?
  • Is it durable enough?
  • Is the price commensurate to the material it is made of?
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Comfort is primary, remember. Now the ball is in your court to play.

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