Hey Dude Wendy Review: Pros & Cons

Hey Dude Wendy Shoes Reviews

In this article, we will go in-depth for the Hey Dude Wendy Review. Hey dude is a shoe brand that had just recently gotten into the spotlight. This shoe brand was first introduced in the year, 2008 by two Italian shoe experts – Alessandro and Dario.

It has since then strived its way to success. In 2018, the company women’s version of Wally shoes, Wendy shoes was introduced.

The successful journey of Hey Dude, right before the invention of Wendy linen started in 2009 when it first reached the market. After a year, another branch was opened in the USA.

Later in 2010, Hey Dude shoes expanded to most parts of the world, including Europe, Eastern Asia, and South America. They got more popular that up to one million shoes were sold in 2011.

In 2018, the Hey Dude brand decided to produce Wendy shoes for women for most times, casual occasions. They are not for sports nor for gymnastic purposes because they don’t possess such features.

Wendy shoes come a bit wide and make free-range on your feet, so they’re mostly worn during summertime, sailing days, or on any pleasant journey, you embark on.

Wendy’s shoes come with simple designs, with a few lacing that is more for adjustment. However, they can be found in different designs and colors.

Such variations of Hey Dude Wendy are:

  • Wendy Loafer
  • Wendy Chambray
  • Wendy Sparkling
  • Wendy Youth Cotton Candy
  • Wendy Woven
  • Wendy Linen
  • Wendy Print
  • Wendy Sox, and so on.

Hey Dude Wendy Shoes review

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Hey Dude Wendy Review

MaterialsCotton canvas upper, anatomical memory foam, ultra-light outsole with flex and fold Technology.
DesignSlip-on designed shoe with few lacelet for adjustment.
Flat shoe constructed for a daily outfit, more like casuals.
UsesFor traveling, used during summertime, casual slip-on.
ComfortWith anatomical memory foam insole, Wendy linen ensures maximum comfort and support to your feet. It is also breathable.
Price$50 — $65

Design of Hey Dude Wendy

Hey Dude Wendy Design

The excellent work of art put in the design of these shoes and their remarkable features have left them with great qualities.

Qualities that are mostly put on the check by people when purchasing shoes, such as; lightweight, durable, comfortable, stylishness, breathability, and affordability.

These shoes mold the shape of your feet to give you the support and comfort that you desire. The convenience of Hey Dude shoes is a result of their upper materials, fitting and sole quality.

We elaborated on the above when we answered the question, “Are Hey Dude Shoes Comfortable?

Upper Materials of Hey Dude Wendy

Most of the upper materials used for making Hey Dude Wendy shoes are cotton canvas. This material ensures proper ventilation in your feet.

Not only does it provide breathability, but the material also makes the shoe lightweight and flexible.

Although Wendy shoes can be worn as a slip-on because, they are wide (but not enough to slip off your feet unusual), they still have eyelets for lacing up your feet for adjustment if need be.

At the upper, they are stitched around in a U-shape pattern, from the forefoot to the midfoot at the lace-up side. Perhaps, to give them a unique look.

The midsole of the Hey Dude Wendy

The Hey Dude Wendy midsole constitutes the anatomical memory foam insole that gives your feet super comfort.

Ever had the feeling of walking on a cloud when you put on a shoe?

Well, these shoes ensure that you feel that way; more like they’re snug to your feet.

With the help of flex and fold technology, comfort and relaxation are not far from you. They make sure you have happy feet as the shoes are flexible.

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The outsole of Hey Dude Wendy

Hey Dude Wendy Outsole

No one would want to walk in a shoe and still fall at the slightest slip. Hey Dude Wendy like every other shoe by the company, feature an EVA sole.

The ultralight outsole that the shoe features, not only make the shoes lightweight but also gives strong traction to your feet. So, they have a slip-resistant feature.

Pros and Cons of Hey Dude Wendy Linen


  • They’re breathable
  • Wendy shoes are very affordable.
  • They’re so lightweight they could be mistaken for a feather. Okay, that was an exaggeration, but they’re very light. With a cotton canvas upper and an ultralight outsole, its weightiness is very low at 4.2oz (about 119g) per shoe.
  • Hey Dude Wendy shoes are machine washable.
  • They’re easy to slip on and off and can still be adjusted for a tight fitting.
  • They come in various designs and colors. So, you’re left to make your choice.


  • Some Hey dude Wendy are not true to size. Since they run wide, purchasing half down the size is the best option.
  • While others claim the shoes are perfect, some reviewers think that the shoes are of inferior materials. They are not durable enough.

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Overall Performance of the Wendy Shoes

The Hey Dude Wendy shoes are specifically designed for women. However, they still fit men properly.

These shoes are not the exact shoes for running, jogging, and gymnastic activities.

They’re mostly worn for a night walk-out, for traveling, sailing, in the summertime, or any other outdoor casual activities.

Hey Dude Wendy shoes match with a pair of jeans trousers, skirts, and gowns. That’s how you can style them.


Is Hey dude Wendy for women alone?

Yes, it is. The inspiration for the design is gotten from the popular Wally shoes, only that Wendy is the female version.

Is Wendy waterproof?

Can’t say for sure if it is waterproof because it is made with breathable materials. But one thing for sure is that it dries fast.

Is Hey Dude Wendy machine washable?

Yes, they can be washed in a machine and they dry very fast.

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Can Hey Dude shoes be adjusted?

Of course, they can be adjusted. They have a shoelace with about two or three eyelets that serve for adjustment. As such, you can easily slip-on on your feet in the shoe.

Thanks to the elastic band on the heel and sides of the shoe that could ensure that.

Does Wendy linen shoe run wide?

In most cases, yes. But not too wide to slip off your feet easily. It is wide enough to slug your feet in maximum comfort and flexibility.

Does it have arch support?

No, the anatomical memory foam insole used in the shoe is flat. Therefore if you are looking for a shoe with arch support, I suggest Wendy linen, not a good idea.

Here are the best women’s office shoes with arch support.

How much are Hey Dude Wendy shoes?

The price of Hey Dude Wendy shoes falls between $50 to $65. Aside from Wendy suede which is sold at $64.95, others are either $54.95 or $59.95.

Wish to get a pair?

Buy on Amazon


Hey dude always makes sure to put a smile on her customers’ faces.  This is the more reason they don’t lose their fanatics but instead, grow every day to meet their demands.

The Wendy collection is a production from their brand; shoes made for women for casual works and strolling.

Not only are these shoes very affordable. They also give you that top-notch quality and comfort and make your long time of wear worth it.

Generally, Hey Dude shoes are easy to take care of and they give the support that you need to your feet. You know, having this classic silhouette in your wardrobe is not a bad idea.

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  1. I like the look of the Wendy Hey Dudes but I don’t like how the heel fits. I’m a size 8 so I ordered a size 8. They were way too big, so I exchanged for a size 7. The size 7 fits better but the heel still slips and is harder to slip on. I tried these with and without socks and they still slip. I’m worried if I wear them they will rub my heels raw or cause blisters. Does anyone else have this problem?

    1. Hi Melanie,
      I suppose the shoe isn’t deep enough for your heel to relax properly.

      What if you remove the current insole and replace it with one that’s more flat?

      It might help.
      Thanks for coming by.

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