20 Breathtaking Nude Wedding Shoes for Every Bride

Nude wedding shoes

The word “nude” in fashion terms simply refers to anything with a skin-tone colour. Some brides want a well-pronounced pair of shoes, while others really couldn’t care less about the shoes as they push their focus to other things. Others still, really want the shoes to be almost unnoticed.

If the last group is your group, you might be considering which nude shoes to wear. However, in this article, we’ve put together a list of the best nude shoes for wedding that you can wear and rock the special day.

So, go through it carefully and pick what catches your fancy.

Studio Amelia Strappy 75mm Slingbacks

Best Nude Wedding Shoes

These slingbacks are perfect for anyone who wants to wear footwear without actually drawing attention to them. It consists of a medium-level heel, with tiny 75mm stretches of leather and a buckle to keep it on the wearer’s feet.

It is made of calfskin leather and straps and sole and is fastened with a buckle for closure. Being open-toe, you do not have to worry about feet ventilation, and you can be assured of the leather strength. Besides weddings, these shoes are also good for dates and picnics. They are priced around $270.

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Lishan Bridal Ankle Strap Sandals

Best nude wedding shoes

Again, if you’re a fan of heels, this is another option for you. Not only does it have tiny, well-positioned satin uppers to grip your feet properly, it is also designed with rhinestone for a bit of flair. It is a low heel sandal with and is closed via a buckle.

The sole of the shoe is made of rubber to give the wearer an anti-slip mechanism to aid movement with the heeled shoe. This shoe can be worn to different occasions varying from parties to weddings or even with casual, everyday outfits.

It’s quite a bargain too, at $56.

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Steve Madden Andrina Heel Sandal

Best nude wedding shoes

You could be part of a bridal train but not want to spend too much time determining which colour shoes to with which clothes. The Steve Madden Andrina solves that problem.

This nude bridal shoe is completely transparent, but for the footbed. The uppers are made of translucent vinyl material.

Other advantages of this shoe are its block heel, which helps wearers maintain balance while walking, or even dancing. The shoe itself uses a slip-on closure and is easily worn and removed. It is moderately priced as $80

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Sable Kyle Heel

Best nude wedding shoes

One of the properties of nude shoes is the skin-toned colours. This Sable Kyle heel is just one of the members of the Sable series that fit such a description. It is a 4-inch stiletto heel sandal with nude silk uppers.

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It is also got leather lining for comfort, and an easily replaceable leather sole. The heel isn’t exactly pointed, so it’s not so difficult to move about in.

Although its price is on the high side at $300, it is definitely what you want with a nude shoe.

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Mila Lady Women’s Heeled Sandals

Best nude wedding shoes

A 3.5-inch heeled sandal, this one has a sort of balance that lets you move more easily than most. The uppers are made to glow, having being made of faux leather superimposed with rhinestone all through.

The sole is made of synthetic material; great for traction and serving as anti-slip. The shoe itself has a zipper closure, placed behind it for easy wear and removal.

All these make the shoe one heck of a nude shoe that can be worn with various casual occasions, and for the sake of this article, at weddings, for the bride and bridal train.

At $40, this shoe is a bargain.

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VCIXXVCE Women’s Latin Dance Shoes

Best nude wedding shoes

The construction of this shoe was without a doubt, done for the benefit of dancing brides and their bridesmaids.

From the 4-inch heel to the suede outsole, the bottom of this shoe presents both balance and traction.

It’s got a latex midsole for comfort and light shock absorption, while it’s suede insole serves to keep the feet dry from all the movement. Finally, the uppers are of satin and rhinestone; a worthy glitter crown to this beaut.

The price is about $50

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XYD Women Open Toe Low Block Heel

Best nude wedding shoes

Comprising of an ankle strap and just a tiny other upper detail, this shoe is almost as absent as it is present. It is easy to slip on and off and holds fast by means if a buckle closure. It is open-toe and uses a faux suede upper.

With a padded insole for comfort, a really low block heel and a rubber sole, the traction and comfort given by this shoe make it okay to be worn all day, especially at occasions such as weddings.

Being able to easily match various dresses regardless of colour, you don’t need to worry about not fully utilising it.

You can get a pair at about $75

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Rebecca Allen New Pump Nude III

Best nude wedding shoes

Most of — if not all of — what we’ve shown you so far are open-toed shoes and sandals. This nude pump has the tone of tanned skin or that of people of colour. It is made of patent leather and is perfect for occasions.

The shoe is a 3-inch pump with a lacquered outsole, for traction, a cushioned insole for comfort. It serves more for aesthetic appeal than for dancing and movement, yet no one can deny that it’s simply classy. Perfect for weddings.

It’s a bit pricey though as it comes at $165

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Banana Republic Bare High-Heel Sandal

Best nude wedding shoes

With a 3-inch high heel and a padding system that includes a memory foam insole which is known to provide foot comfort due to its wearer. It generally has the nude shoe colour, but it comes in various hues. These tones make them perfect nude shoes no matter your skin tone or tan level.

Different versions of the shoe come in suede or leather uppers. Order whichever you prefer. It also has a buckle strap closure and a flexible rubber sole for slip resistance.

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Dream Pairs Dolce Open Toe Heel Sandals

Best nude wedding shoes

This Dream Pairs sandal features a buckle closure with a TP rubber sole that works as skid-resistance. It tries to balance out the little imbalance that might come from the 3-inch high heel.

The color toning of the shoe blends and live up to its nude-shoe name. The uppers of the shoe are made of faux leather, and there’s a heel guard that serves aesthetic appeal, keeps the feet somewhat in place and helps with the closure. The insole, placed for comfort, is also made of faux leather.

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Dream Pairs Women’s Lexii Sandals

Best nude wedding shoes

This shoe is made up of PU leather uppers and a knit ankle cuff to keep your feet in. The nude versions of the shoe are of two tones, one a bit darker than the other. This shoe’s look comes off as classic in a whole variety of dresses.

It’s got a 4-inch heel and an adjustable buckle closure, and it’s well-placed insoles and outsoles guarantee good traction. At $33, this shoe is quite the bargain.

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Dream Pairs Women’s Fiona Heeled Sandals

Best nude wedding shoes

With a lot of effort put into the balance, this shoe has its heel set at just 2 inches. Shoes like this are great for dancing and will suit the fun parts of a wedding just fine.

The uppers are made of faux leather and contain a combination strap and zipper closure method. Then, the outsoles are made of flexible, synthetic rubber.

These are known to have great traction and are durable. For comfort, the shoe comes with a cushion faux leather footbed.

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Jenn Ardor Stiletto High Heel Shoes

Best nude wedding shoes

This Jenn Ardor Heel is a closed-heel, closed-toe shoe, better known as pumps. It uses a slip-on closure for easy wear and removal and has comfortable insoles so you can wear them all day.

The shoe comes with pointed toes and uses synthetic materials in its upper to give it a significant spark.

It’s got a 4 inches heel and is toned close to the skin, hence the nude name. The soles are made of flexible rubber that won’t only guarantee traction but are very durable.

These would look great on a bride or a bridesmaid.

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Prada Patent Leather Vernice Pump

Best nude wedding shoes

Besides having a classy, elegant look, the Prada Women’s nude pump is particularly comfortable to wear. Its insoles are well cushioned to enable the wearer to use them as day-to-day wears easily.

This shoe has a pointed, closed-toe design and heel cuffs, but is bare in the middle. The uppers are made of patent leather and they are slip-on shoes.

The 3.5 inches heel is balanced up by the synthetic leather sole. These shoes go well with almost any dress and occasion.

The only drawback here is the $285 price tag.

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Saint Laurent Nude Leather High Heel

Best nude wedding shoes

At a towering heel height of 4.5 inches, these pumps are some serious business. The shoe has nearly an inch-high platform height to provide balance and support for the heel and the entire shoe in general.

It is a completely closed shoe, on all sides and it neither has strap not buckle. The closure method is slip-on and it enables easy wearing and removal of the shoe.

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The upper material is made of leather, lined to be breathable and keep out moisture during long-day wears.

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Amerce – Black Mary Jane Ballerina Dress Shoes for Women

Best nude wedding shoes

So far it’s been heels and heels on this list. Here’s a little something for those who are more comfortable flat-footed. The Amerce Ballerina shoe is a short, block-heeled shoe.

It has a closed-heel, semi-open, patent leather upper with a buckle closure as is the case with ballerinas. The well-cushioned insole provides a soft landing and the rubber outsole provides great traction and serves as an anti-slip mechanism.

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Felly – Leather Sandals for Women

Best nude wedding shoes

This is an open toe shoe with heel cuffs that keep the feet in place. The shoe contains well-cushioned insoles that make them easier to keep on for the whole day.

The outsole is made of flexible rubber which also provides support, and is known to not wear off easily. Its upper is made of patent leather.

These attributes add a bit of glitter to their look and in turn, to whatever they’re worn with.

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Mackin Girl G547-1 Ankle Strap Clear Sandal

Best nude shoes for wedding

The Mackin Girl G547-1 is an almost completely transparent shoe, but for the footbed. Its uppers are made of transparent, ultra-lightweight TPU materials that run across your foot and ankle and close with a buckle on the ankle strap.

Beneath it is a 2 inches high block heel that is perfectly balanced. The outsole is made of leather, and offer the required traction.

However, shoes like these are great for dancing and go with almost anything. It is also very affordable at $39

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Dream Pairs Ingrid Ankle Strap Sandal

Best bridal nude shoes

For more options for lovers of flats, the Dream Pairs Ingrid is probably another shoe you should look at. It is an open toe shoe with heel cuffs, having straps across fore-foot and ankle. The ankle strap is closed with a buckle.

The upper material is polyurethane (PU) leather, the sole is made of thermoplastic (TP) rubber, while the heel height is just around 2 inches. For comfort, the insole is made of faux suede, easing stress on the wearer’s foot for longer hours.

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LifeStride Suki Pump

Best bridal nude shoes

This shoe is a closed and pointed-toe shoe, as is the case with most pumps. The shoe also has a well-rounded heel cuffs in behind to help it keep the feet in.

Moreover, this nude wedding footwear does not have any closure method; it is a slip-on type shoe. Nonetheless, there is a strap of leather that runs across the mid-foot and holds it firm.

The heel is near 3 inches high, and at this height, stability is not an issue. The sole beneath is made of synthetic material, as is the shoe’s upper.

These would look great with knee-level or even long dresses. You can get them for around $35.

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