How to Clean a Leather Shoe

How to Clean a leather shoe

There’s almost nothing as presentable as a person on clean shoes. It is said that when someone sees you, the first thing they notice about you is your footwear.

And judging by the fact that leather shoes go with almost all kinds of dresses. It’s important you keep them clean always.

Also, due to the sort of material that leather is made of, it is really durable, but not impervious to dirt and dust.

Hence, knowing how to clean and tend to your leather is most likely going to preserve it and keep it good looking much longer.

In this article, we will be outlining a few steps for you to follow in order to effectively clean your leather shoes.

Some of the Materials You Need to clean leather shoes

  • A shoe brush
  • A soft piece of cloth
  • Shoe polish
  • Shoe protector spray

3 Ways to Clean a Leather Shoe

If you don’t have a dedicated surface for cleaning your shoes, it is good you lay a piece of rag or an old newspaper on the surface to avoid permanent stains.

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Also, do not forget to remove the shoelaces before you commence cleaning.

1. Brush to Remove Dirt and Debris

Use the shoe brush to rub the surface of the shoes gently. This procedure helps remove debris that’s stuck on the surface.

Try not to rub so hard as to damage the leather. But be thorough enough to get the dirt out.

2. Removing Tough Stains

Dip the soft piece of cloth into a water bath mixed with a little soap. Then squeeze it till its damp.

You will do this to ensure that the cloth doesn’t have too much water which could damage your shoe.

When there’s a bit of lather on the cloth, use it to clan the shoe to remove tough stains.

If the stains persist, add a little pressure. You can also use this to remove the dirt between grooves.

3. Wipe Off Soap

Once the shoe is clean, soak the cloth in clean water (without soap), and squeeze until there is no more foam. Then soak again and squeeze out the excess water until its damp.

When that happens, use the cloth to wipe off the soap on the shoe.

How to Remove Special Stains

In the case of special stains such as salt stains, you can use a mixture of water and vinegar to clean it.

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Do this by dipping a clean piece of cloth in the mixture and gently rubbing your shoe surface with them.

For oil or grease stains, spray the affected area with talcum powder to absorb the oil.

Leave it there for 2/3 hours before removing it with a shoe brush.

Polish the Shoe

You would want to polish your shoe after you have cleaned it off any dirt.

Remember to use a polish that is of the same color as the shoe to polish it.

You can use a soft cloth to apply the polish. This can help protect the shoe from stains as well.

And, you can learn these methods of making your own leather shoe polishes at home.

Shine the Shoes

Allow the polish to soak for a while. When that is done, take a shoe brush and swipe it across the surface repeatedly to shine it. Then leave it in the open air to dry.

Spray with Protector Spray

Spray your leather shoes with protector spray to keep them soft and waterproof.

However, you need not repeat this particular process often.

The Bottom Line

Above all, the important thing is to make sure you don’t leave your leather shoes dirty for long.

As soon as you notice they’re dirty, clean them. This will make cleaning easier and serve to prolong their life.

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