What is Birko Flor Material? (Definition, Pros and Cons)

What is birko flor material

Birko flor is a branded material used as an upper in Birkenstock sandals. The outer layer is made with gentle PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and it is lined with fleece on the inside.

This Birkenstock upper material is skin-friendly, easy to clean, soft to touch, tear-resistant, and a suitable alternative to leather. Unlike some other synthetic materials, birko flor is breathable and does not fade easily.

Birkenstock footwear also uses other materials like nubuck leather, natural leather, suede, and felted stuff.

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How to identify birko flor material

The label alone might not be enough to tell you if that is a birko flor or not. You need to physically observe it while putting some points into consideration.

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  • Check if it has the fleece lining by turning it over (exposing the inside of the material). A fake or materials that are birko flor do not have that lining.
  • Observe the feel. Birko flor is sleek. Roughness on the outside is a bad signal
  • Birko flor is thick and hard-wearing. Check for these qualities when trying to identify original birko flor

What is birko flor material?

Advantages of birko flor

  • The fleece inner lining makes it friendly to the skin
  • Soft and smooth to touch; an attractive sleek appearance
  • It is also easy to clean and care for
  • It has some breathability compared to some synthetic footwear materials
  • Birko flor does not fade easily. You are sure to use it for a long time
  • It is available in many colorways. As such, you can style it in different ways
  • Some birko flor has a close resemblance with nubuck leather. So you will still enjoy a classy look
  • Compared to leather, the price of birko flor Birkenstock is pocket-friendly.

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Disadvantages of birko flor

  • Leather footwear improves with age, but synthetics like birko flor do not.
  • Believe it or not, cheaper items tend to be the lower quality ones. Comparing the prices of leather and birko flor reveals that birko flor is relatively the inferior one.
  • At times, synthetic materials cause itching to the skin. Birko flor might not be far from causing such discomfort
  • You might need to wear birko flor shoes severally to eliminate the roughness of the inner fleece lining.

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Is birko flor as good as leather?

Both leather and birko flor are unique materials, durable in their terms, and worth their prices. However, leather is superior to it.

Leather is not just priced higher, but it is also more durable, classy, breathable, and comfortable too.

Nevertheless, birko flor is an option to turn towards if you are looking for a suitable leather alternative or a vegan option.

Does birko flor stretch?

No. Birko flor material does not stretch. It is made from non-stretchy vinyl with a felt fleece inner lining.

Is birko flor waterproof?

Yes, birko flor is water-resistant because of the kind of material it is made from (PVC). However, we do not advise that you use it in place of water shoes.

You will risk damaging the leather insole, or loosen the glue used in the footwear construction.

Is birko flor vegan?

Not all Birkenstock shoes with birko flor upper are vegan. The vegan ones come with a microfiber footbed lining, while the non-vegan ones feature a suede leather lining.

So, read the product description or the label on the footwear before you make a purchase.

There you have it: what birko flor material is. Again, it is a synthetic material used as an upper in some Birkenstock sandals. Some popular styles of birko flor sandals are Arizona, Mayari, and Gizeh.

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