Vans Authentic vs Vans Old Skool: Which is Better?

Vans Authentic vs Vans Old Skool

Vans Authentic and Vans Old Skool are among Vans shoes recognized worldwide. Considering how great these shoes perform, comparing them may not be an easy task. But this article can do justice to it.

Vans Authentic being the first shoe produced by the brand in 1966 has a retro style and classy look. It was known as style #44 before it was given the current name. This shoe got the brand maximum recognition as it was the best for skating.

In the long run, Vans produced another footwear with upgraded designs. One of the shoes with a recognized upgraded design is the Vans Old skool. The Vans Old-skool features a side stripe called “jazz stripe”.

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Both shoes are great. No doubt. But which one is better for a great performance is a question we have to solve by and we’ll begin by knowing their differences.

Difference between Vans Authentic and Vans Old-skool

Production year

Vans Authentic was Vans’ first debut which got them to the limelight. It was released in 1966 while Vans Old skool was produced in 1967, right after Vans Era.


Upper: Vans Authentic features a sturdy canvas upper while the Vans Old-skool features either canvas or suede. The Vans also has an iconic side stripe that the Vans Authentic doesn’t have.

Tongue and collar: One factor that could make Vans Old skool better than Vans Authentic is the padded tongue and collar. The tongue and collar of Vans Authentic lack extra padded foam that makes it less comfortable than the Old Skool.

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The Vans Authentic is made simple and classy. It has a retro vibe and doesn’t feature many designs like the Old-skool. It is mostly black and white.

But that is a different case for Vans Old-skool. Vans Old Skool is dipped into fashionable hues creating different choices for it. It is eye-catchy and well built.

Vans Authentic vs Vans Old Skool – which one is better?

Taking clues from the difference mentioned above, the Vans Old Skool gives more comfort to your feet than the Vans Authentic. No one wants to go skating and have sores on his feet.

However, with the padded collar and tongue, the Vans Old Skool is heavier than the Vans Authentic. Just as people want maximum comfort, they also need a lightweight shoe for their skating especially if they want to do the flip-style.

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Coming on to the fashion world, the Vans Old-skool takes the greater credit. It features different colorways that make it more attractive. The Vans Authentic is simply ancient and simple. However, not everyone loves colors on their footwear.

So they mostly go for the Vans Authentic to give them that simple and classy look. In any case, they are just as good as you want them to be.

Similarities between Vans Authentic and Vans Old skool

  • They are made for skating
  • They are made of low tops and feature lace-up closures
  • They have the signature waffle rubber outsole.

Vans Authentic vs Vans Old Skool: Price

Prices of Vans Authentic sneakers

  • Eco Theory Authentic – $70.00
  • Anaheim Factory Authentic – $85.00
  • Cold-hearted ComfyCush Authentic – $65.00
  • Woven Authentic Stackform – $75.00
  • Mix Match Authentic – $70.00
  • Washes Authentic – $65.00
  • Waxed Canvas Authentic – $60.00

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Prices of Vans Era

  • Custom tiger stripe ComfyCush era – $90
  • Custom checkerboard roses era – $75
  • Zap era – $60
  • Customs leopard era – $75

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It is obvious from the above that neither Vans Authentic nor Vans Old Skool is pricier than the other. It all depends on the upper material and its design.


The Vans Old-skool sets to be the best shoe for skating because of their features but choices differ.

People still prefer their simple and classy Vans Authentic. If not anything, but because of its lightweight and simple look.

Nonetheless, you can have both shoes and still have a wonderful ride.

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