Telic vs Oofos: Which is Better?

Telic vs Oofos

After a stressful day or an exhausting exercise, a good recovery slide would be necessary to relieve the stress compounded at your arch and heel. Telic and Oofos, however, are among the best recovery slides that do a great job at this.

Oofos slides are popularly known as one of the best recovery slides ever discovered. With their special foam, it speeds up your foot recovery. Telic slides are not left out. They make the best out of your feet after much stress on them.

Both sandals are recommended by podiatrists for plantar fasciitis and recovery. But as the saying goes, when two people are walking, one is better than the other. The question now is, between telic and oofos, which one is better? Well, you will find out in the end.

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Differences Between Telic and Oofos



At the footbed, Telic has more defined ridge between the foot and toes Oofos doesn’t have much defined ridge between the foot and toes
Compared to Oofos, Telic doesn’t have much rebound effect Oofos offers good rebound effect
At the forefoot, Telic is not so curved like a natural foot shape Oofos is well curved like a natural foot shape
Telic doesn’t have roomy toe box Oofos has wider toe box
Compared to Oofos, Telic feels hard and rigid Oofos is softer and more flexible
Telic has deeper grooves between the block at the outsole Oofos doesn’t have deeper grooves between the blocks, but you won’t have any traction issue
The heel foam in Telic is not as thick as Oofos Oofos has a thicker heel foam
Telic has a deep heel cup but not as deep as Oofos Oofos has a deeper heel cup

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Telic vs Oofos – Quality Comparison


Telic upper is made of lightweight synthetic material and has the Telic logo on it, while Oofos features Oofoam – their special foam material as the upper that ensures a lightweight and extremely soft feel on your feet.


Telic features Navalon technology midsole that offers great cushioning at its peak while propelling your feet with so much energy and hugs your feet in comfort. It is feather-light and helps to absorb impact from the ground. It also offers a rebound effect, making you feel like you are walking on clouds.

Oofos, on the hand, features a special foam called Oofoam that provides excellent arch support to your feet. Its softness is out of the world, it cradles your feet, and makes you feel warm. Like Telic, Oofos has a great rebound effect that makes you forget that you are just walking on a slide.

However, the Oofos midsole is softer and has a better rebound effect than Telic. Telic feels harder and stiff. 

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Telic Heel vs Oofos Heel

Footbed/Arch Support

The telic footbed gives a soft feeling but not as Oofos does. Telic has a deep heel cup to help cradle your heel but it is not as deep as Oofos. Telic has a wide toe box but can’t be compared to the width of Oofos. Oofos is wider.

But one good thing about Telic on its footbed that Oofos doesn’t have is the defined ridge between the toes and the foot. It protects your toes as your foot flexes. In Telic, the contoured footbed creates an underfoot coverage distributing the weight of the body and removing pressure points under your foot.

However, the Oofos slide offers better arch support than Telic. Oofos is mostly recommended for those with high arches who need additional heel support for injury or stress recovery.


Oofos has a wider fitting than Telic. For someone with wide feet, Telic might be small for your feet. According to the Telic manufacturer, if you are in-between sizes or unsure of your size, order a size up. If you have wider feet, also order a size up for a better fitting.

Meanwhile, for Oofos, if you wear a whole size, order the same whole size. If you usually wear half sizes, we suggest that you order a half size down for men and a half size up for women.

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Oofos is more expensive compared to Telic sandals, but it is worth the money. A standard Oofos sandal retails for about $60 to $80, while Telic is sold for as low as $59 on Amazon.


Oofos slides weigh between ranges from 4.6 oz to 11 oz depending on the style. The weight of telic slides are best described as light as feather because they weigh lower than oofos styles.

Telic vs Oofos

Telic vs Oofos – Which one is Better?

Telic slides perform well but not as Oofos do. They don’t have as much cushion-like Oofos. It is true they have deep heel cups but are not as deep as Oofos which makes Oofos offer better arch support than telic.

The Navalon technology midsole featured in the Telic slide offers a great rebound effect on your feet and is elastic. It has a soft texture that could make you feel like you are walking on clouds. But compared to Oofos, it is not doing much.

According to We Run for Fun, the midsole is stiff and unforgivable. Oofos is more appropriate for people with high arch feet and in need of extra heel support for injury recovery. Oofos has a thicker sole and offers a soft feeling to your feet.

Both slides have rugged grooves, so you don’t have any problem with their outsoles. Oofos slides are more expensive, but I believe they warrant the fame and hype.

Check Telic on Amazon

Check Oofos on Amazon


There is no doubt that Oofos is way better than Telic, but that doesn’t make Telic any worse. You can still use Telic as an alternative to Oofos if you can’t afford it. Although Telic doesn’t give as much comfort as Oofos does, they are still worth trying on.

Telic is recommended by podiatrists and other medical professionals for patients with plantar fasciitis and other arch and heel problems.

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