Vans Old Skool vs Vans Era: Which is Better

Vans Old Skool vs Vans Era

Vans Old-skool and Vans Era are two shoes most people prefer to skate with because of their features.

They may not look alike as supposed for the comparison, but they have features worth being compared as to which one is better.

Vans Era, formerly known as style #95, was invented by the two legendary skateboarders named Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta.

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It was released in 1976 and became one of the best skating shoes Vans had produced because of its extra padded tongue and collar.

A year after the Vans Era, Vans shoe also introduced Vans old skool, formerly known as style #36. The shoe features, by the side, a “jazz stripe,” designed by Paul Van Doren. The sidestripe later became a hallmark of the brand.

You will get to find out in this article as we draft the differences in their designs and features.

Difference between Vans Old-skool and Vans Era

1. Year of production

Vans Era was introduced in 1976 while Vans Old skool was introduced in 1977


Upper: Vans old skool has more colorways than Vans Era. The Vans Era is available in plain black and white but Vans Old-skool features many colors.

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Unlike Vans Era, Vans Old-skool features a signature side stripe which makes it unique. Vans old skool also features a leather panel – the first of its kind that Vans Era doesn’t have.

Collar and tongue construction: The Vans Era is more padded at the tongue and collar areas than the old skool. This made Vans Era more preferable for skating than Vans Old skool.

Vans old skool vs Vans Era – Which one is better?

Vans old Skool vs Vans Era
Vans Old Skool

Vans Era is an upgrade of Vans Authentic, which means it still has the retro vibe but only with the padded collar and tongue.

This added feature makes it even more conducive for skating than old skool as it gives more ground for comfort and stability.

But old skool features a leather panel which makes the shoe more durable than Vans Era. And since durability is something that lacks in skating due to the rough handling, having an old skool could be a better choice.

Moreover, the old skool features many colorways. This makes the shoe versatile for more outdoor activities than Vans Era mostly features plain color.

The jazz stripe at Vans old skool makes it look better and more attractive than Vans Era.

However, most people won’t choose good looks over good performance. That is where Vans Era comes to win. However, it doesn’t change the fact that Vans Old-skool is good both on and off the board.

Vans Old Skool vs Vans Era
Vans Era

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Similarities between Vans Old-skool and Vans Era

  • Both Old Skool and Era Vans make use of suede and leather upper materials
  • They are also available only in the low-top design.
  • Both feature the signature waffle rubber outsole
  • Both shoes make use of a lace-up method of closure
  • They both have padded tongue and collar
  • They are among the best shoes for skating

Vans Era vs Vans Old Skool: Sizing

Vans seems to be consistent with sizing across their various styles of sneakers, including era and old skool. From a personal experience and what other users have said, both Vans Era and Old Skool usually come true to size with a bit of snug design.

You can wear them right out of the box, and they become more comfortable when you break in. So, always stick with your normal size when going for Vans trainers.

Vans Old Skool vs Vans Era: Price

In terms of their prices, Old Skool do not differ much from Era. They both range between $60 to $100.

Prices of Vans old skool

You can find Vans Old Skool in different variations. The common line of difference among these shoes is the upper material.

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  • Pig suede old skool – $75
  • Floral old skool – $75
  • Vans checkerboard old skool – $70
  • Vans yacht club old skool – $65
  • Love me love me not old skool – $80
  • Woven old school stackform – $80
  • Matte Shine old skool – $75

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Prices of Vans Era

Just like the Old Skool, Vans Era also exist in different styles depending also on the upper materials and pattern.

  • Custom tiger stripe ComfyCush era – $90
  • Custom checkerboard roses era – $75
  • Zap era – $60
  • Customs leopard era – $75

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In the end…

To round it all up, Vans Era is more of a performance shoe than the Vans old skool. But the Vans old skool is better out for casual wear than Vans Era.

However, it shouldn’t limit you to a particular shoe as both shoes could serve as both performing and casual footwear.

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