Hey Dude Shoes vs Crocs: Which One is Better?

Hey Dude Shoes vs Crocs

Hey Dude and Crocs are lightweight shoes that not only provide comfort to your feet but also allow enough air around your feet. Moreover, the Hey Dude shoe brand is now a subsidiary of Crocs brand. Crocs acquired the company to expand its business all over the US. This deal was completed on the 17th of February, 2022.

While at it, the Crocs brand has their customer’s breathability interest to heart. That is why they feature a unique material – Croslite, with holes at the upper and the forefoot to create ways for air penetration and to ensure dry feet.

Hey Dude shoes are reliable, stylish, and perfect for a casual and professional outfit. To enjoy the breathability of Hey Dude shoes, you should get the Wally Hey Dude shoes. It is made of a weaved-polyester material for unique freshness and dryness of feet.

Crocs and Hey Dude shoes are also perfect to wear on beach or pool times. But the question still stands; which footwear would give a great summer and beach vibe? Well, it’s never too late to find out.

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Differences Between Hey Dude and Crocs

Hey Dude


Features breathable cotton canvas upper and EVA sole Single-piece clog made from croslite material (a material that falls between foam and rubber)
Hey Dude gives a snug fit Comes with wide toe-box
Stylish and suitable as a business casual shoe Entirely casual clog
Slip-on shoe with bungee lace for fit adjustment Closed-toe clog with back strap for stability
Eco-friendly canvas upper Croslite is not eco-friendly

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Hey Dude vs Crocs – Comparison of Features

Hey Dude Shoes vs Crocs
Hey Dude Shoe


Most Hey Dude shoes feature organic cotton canvas at the upper. However, the Wally Hey Dude comes with a weaved-polyester material, which improves breathability and lightweight. Nevertheless, Hey Dudes are generally breathable and have reliable sweat-wicking properties

Crocs, on the other hand, feature a croslite material at the upper with holes that improve air circulation. The material is also responsible for its lightweight and soft and cushy nature.

When you juxtaposed the upper materials of crocs and Hey Dudes, you will not notice many differences in terms of breathability because they both perform well. However, crocs are waterproof while Hey Dudes are not. Also, crocs do not do well in absorbing sweat as much as Hey Dudes. But to make up for that, you can wear crocs with socks.

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While you might want to appear in a more “acceptable” way, your comfort should rule over any conventional fashion “rule”, especially in times like summer.

With that in mind, crocs have a soft, contoured footbed that wraps around your feet and delivers maximum comfort. It has a chunky EVA midsole that raises your foot way off the ground and makes you feel like you are walking on clouds.

On the other hand, the Hey Dude shoe has a soft patented memory foam insole that also contours to your feet and offers you comfort to its peak. Like Crocs, Hey Dude has a slightly-chunky midsole that absorbs shocks resulting from foot strike.

However, it is not safe to wear Hey Dude shoes on slippery ground or for hiking as they don’t have enough traction against slippery or rocky terrains.

But some Crocs clogs are certified slip-resistant like Crocs Bistro, bistro pro, on-the-clock, and on-the-clock-liteRide. Crocs classics are not yet certified slip-resistant clog.

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Crocs vs Hey Dude shoes
Crocs Classic


Hey Dude shoes feel snug on the feet and do not run in half sizes. So, if you wear half sizes, we recommend you go a half size up. For example, if you wear 81/2, go for size 9 instead.

Unlike Hey Dude, Crocs are to fit wide on your feet. Although they run in three width sizes: standard, relaxed, and roomy fit, only a little difference exists between them. So all Crocs fit wide, but roomy fit feels wider than relaxed and standard fits.

We might suggest a wide-fit shoe for summer but since Hey Dudes, especially those designed for summer are very breathable, the snug-fitting might not be a point to consider. However, this does not apply to every kind of shoe. Always go for something that will give you freedom and lots of comfort.


Crocs are comfortable to a reasonable extent. From the heel cup, contour footbed down to the thick cushy heel, Crocs keep your feet safe and sound. They also have an ankle strap to keep your foot firm from the clog.

Hey Dude shoes have memory foam insoles that conform to your arches and curves. The midsole is also a cushy and shock-absorbing EVA sole. Hey Dudes have elastic no–tie lace with two to three eyelets at the upper for adjusting the fit.

In terms of arch support and relieving foot pain like plantar fasciitis, crocs would perform better. But if you are more concerned about regular comfort or a less casual look, then Hey Dude should top your chart.

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Another quality of a summer shoe is lightweight. Although the two shoes are relatively lightweight, Hey Dude shoes are lighter than Crocs. A pair of Hey Dude weighs up to 6 ounces, while Crocs weigh about 11 to 15 ounces.


Some Crocs are cheaper than Hey Dude, while some are more expensive. The price range of Crocs is $21-$100, while the price range of Hey Dude is $46-$56. It is easy to go for either depending on your budget and the features you want.

Hey Dude vs Crocs – Which one is Better?

The comparison in the first place is to know which is better between Hey Dude and Crocs, right?

Well, Hey Dudes are excellent shoes but Crocs are better in most aspects of shoes for summer. Crocs have larger holes and a light upper that ensures better breathability to the core. They also have better traction than Hey Dude, even though you can’t put 100% trust in them. You can wear Crocs to the beach or pull side, knowing they have deeper grooves at the outsole.

Similarly, Crocs are easier to put on and off compared to Hey Dude shoes. You don’t have to worry about tying your laces or adjusting the fit. There is also no need to worry about having a stinking shoe or foot with Crocs. Crocs are easy to wash and clean.

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Crocs, however, are no match for Hey Dude shoes in terms of business-casual style. Hey Dude will make you look smarter. So think of it as a shoe you can wear to work as well as casual events.

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Hey Dude and Crocs are good for the summer and offer all the comfort you can get during the hot weather. They both have their pros and cons.

If you prefer something too casual that you wear to the beach and around the house, Crocs will suit you better. But if you are looking for summer footwear that you can wear around the street, hangout with friends, go to the grocery store or style with your summer outfits, then Hey Dudes are a better option.

In the end, it all depends on what you want. Just note that they’re both great shoes.


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