Vans or Converse for Skating

Vans or Converse for Skateboarding

Skating is one good sport that people like to engage in. With the right pair of shoes, you are good to go. Amid the Vans and converse era, scouting for the best shoes for skating is way easier.

Vans and Converse have made a remarkable impact in the skating world that the shoe brands are chosen as the best skating shoemakers. You may wonder what makes these shoes special and which are good for skating.

Well, we shall find out in the course of this post.

What makes a shoe good for skating?

Skateboarding could be interesting but risky especially when you want to do the flip-style. To maximize your comfort and reduce the probability of getting injured, your shoe has to be lightweight, durable, flexible, and offer comfort and support.

The shoe needs to be cushioned to have some level of shock absorption since your feet are going to land quickly.

A skating shoe should have a mid-top. It is the mid-top that offers ankle protection and still allows the free movement of your feet.

Meanwhile, the point here isn’t to list what the features of skating shoes are. We’re only trying to point out the qualities of a good skating shoe to enable us to compare Vans and Converse and choose the best for skating.

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So, without further ado, let’s get started on the comparison between Vans and Converse for skating.

Vans vs Converse – Which one is better for skating?

Considering the qualities of a good skating shoe mentioned above, Vans and Converse could be said to pass the test. You will also find out more as you read on.

The Converse shoes are lightweight and are durable to an extent just as the Vans.

But when it comes to breathability, the Converse surpasses the Vans on that. However, talking about comfort, the Vans shoes will be rated higher than Converse shoes.

The Vans shoe makes you feel your feet on the board and gives you your desired cushioning.

The Vans shoes are highly durable compared to Converse shoes. They feature stiction from the heavier gum rubber waffle outsole. The soles of the Converse All stars are designed for the basketball court and are not as aggressive as the Vans.

But in all of these, get the affordable one. The shoes are not long-lasting enough since they are mostly used for “rough” skating. You can take the chance and get as many as you want for your skating.

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Vans vs Converse shoes for skating: A look at their histories

Long before now, skaters were barefoot to skate while trying to imitate surfing. In the long run, they had to borrow a shoe for their sports and a Converse Chuck Taylor all-star from basketball players was chosen.

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And in 1980, they were out of fashion because other brands like Vans and Airwalks started making great shoes for skating.

Nevertheless, Converse had a good return in the market in 2009 when they introduced a special shoe line for skating which is known as Converse Cons.

Converse Cons gave more skating vibes than the Converse Chuck Taylor all-star and protected the feet way better.

Unlike Converse, Vans is known to be producing skateboarding shoes right from time. They made their foundation on skateboarding. It was launched on March 6th, 1966, and has gained popularity since then.

The Vans had their first collection in early 1970 known as Vans Authentic which was taken as skateboarders’ favorite. In the following years, they produced other collections such as Vans era, old-skool, sk8-hi, etc.

Converse vs Vans for skating comparison

We shall compare Vans and Converse for skating based on the features of a right skating shoe. These would include design, quality, usage, and cushioning.


Converse Cons which is made especially for skating features a rubber-backed, perforated suede that stands up to wear and tear. It features CX foam cushioning which absorbs impact. Because of Cons’ traction rubber outsole, you get a better board feel.

Meanwhile, Vans feature a padded tongue and collar made of open-cell foam that is made out of polyurethane plastic. It also features EVA foam materials for the midsole to give excellent cushioning and shock absorption.

Vans also come with rubber outsoles for top-notch grip and traction.


Converse shoes are one of the best shoes for skating especially the Converse Cons. The rubber toe cap provides incredible control.

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More so, Converse shoes are more supportive when compared to Vans and are more breathable. But one downside of Converse shoes is that they have a very thin insole.

It is great to feel the board while skating, but the Converse thin insole makes you feel uncomfortable. It has no impact protection and has a bad traction pattern.

Unlike Converse, Vans shoes have a rubber waffle outsole that creates high-level traction to your feet on the board. It also has a poorly cushioned insole but is better than the Converse shoes.

The Converse shoe is lighter than the Vans and the Vans waffle outsole Outlast the sole on the Converse.


When it comes to appearance, converse cons serve as the sleekest retro casual kicks. You can wear it with skinny jeans.

Vans are good to go as well but only the less bulky ones such as the Vans Authentic and the recent ones produced.


Believing this article has said it all about the two skating shoe brands, you can make your choice in getting the one you feel is better.

When going for Converse, it is better for you for the Converse Cons which is made specifically for skating.

As for Vans, they are all good to go but the best is the Vans old-skool which is more lightweight and ensures maximum cushioning to your feet.

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