Vans Authentic vs Era

Vans Era vs Authentic — Differences & Similarities

Vans shoe is a famous brand that has been in the business for over 50 years producing athleisure and bringing retro styles to the modern world.

They deal specifically in skateboarding shoes, although most people wear them now for a casual purpose. Their first debut was the Vans authentic which was formerly called Style 44.

Vans Authentic vs Era
Vans Authentic

It was produced in 1966 that brought a huge customer base for the brand as most skateboarders found it interesting. It was told that their style was inspired by the M4 Sherman tank.

In 1976, Vans released their second shoe, Vans Era that was formerly known as Style 95. This style was produced by two legendary skateboarders, Tony Alva and Stacy Peralta.

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The Authentic and Era styles look alike outwardly, and this makes it more confusing for people who are interested in either of them to pick.

There are some notable differences between these two shoes anyway. These differences between Vans Authentic and Era what we have carefully discussed in this article.

Differences between Vans Authentic and Era

1. Year of production

The Vans Authentic was the first shoe released by the brand before Era. Authentic was produced in 1966 while Era was produced in 1976.

2. Design

Upper: The Vans Authentic features a sturdy canvas upper while the Vans Era features a durable double-stitched tri-color canvas upper.

Collar and tongue: The collar and tongue of the Vans authentic are not padded. Unlike the Vans Era which is padded for extra comfort.

Vans Authentic vs Vans Era
Vans Era

Materials: The Vans Era features a leather or suede upper while the Vans Authentic uses simple materials for the part of the shoe.

3. Style

The Vans Era features new technology available to Vans. They are made of new materials unlike the Vans authentic which still has retro styles.

Authentic is a traditional Vans sneaker style that is just a simple but classic shoe for skating.

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Similarities between Vans Authentic and Vans Era

  • Both shoes feature a low top design
  • They both have a lace-up closure with a metal eyelet.
  • They have a Vans signature waffle rubber outsole
  • They are both conducive for skating

Vans Authentic vs Era – which one is better?

Just like Vans Old Skool and Ward, Vans Authentic and Era are among the best shoes Vans has in their collections. Even at that, one is supposed to be better than the other, right?

However, that decision is supposed to be made by people as another man’s meat is another man’s poison.

So, while some people prefer the stuffed foam at the collar and tongue of the Vans Era, others love the simple Vans Authentic without any padding.

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Vans Authentic is a simple shoe with fewer critics. It has a traditional style bringing the retro design to the modern days. Because of its simplicity, Vans Authentic could be worn for skating and casual occasions.

Vans Authentic can also withstand any weather without wearing off. It can also be worn by both adults and children. It is not selective.

The Vans Era, however, is a modification of Vans Authentic. Unlike Vans Authentic, Vans Era features a padded collar and tongue for additional comfort.

After its production, the Vans Era became the best shoe for skateboarding. People fell in love with the shoe because of the comfort it offers compared that Authentic couldn’t.

Still, many people prefer the Vans Authentic to Vans Era because of less foam around the ankle. They prefer the freedom and less stuffing in Vans Authentic.

Vans Era vs Vans Authentic

When it comes to the best shoes for skating, the Vans Era takes the trophy because of the extra padding which makes skateboarders comfortable while skating.

But when it comes to flexibility, versatility, and simplicity, the Vans Authentic takes charge of the trophy. The Vans are seen as the shoe for the culture.

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How much is Vans Authentic?

  • Vans Unisex-Adult Authentic core classics: $35 — $120
  • Vans Kids Authentic core classics: $35 — $100
  • Vans Men’s Authentic pro skate shoe: $44.96
  • Vans Vee3NVY Unisex Authentic shoe: $54 — $114
  • Vans Authentic true white VN-0EE3W00 Men: $59.10 — $96.69

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How much is Vans Era

  • Vans Men’s Era 59: $40.00 — $89.99
  • Vans Era TC Men’s suede low top lace-up sneakers: $27.99
  • Vans comfy cush Era fashion sneaker men’s shoes: $49.99 — $89.99

See the recent price of Vans Era on Amazon


Vans Era and Vans Authentic are alike with a little difference. Vans Era is preferred to be referred to as the modification of Vans Authentic with padding at the collar and tongue, and a double-stitched vamp at the upper.

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Vans Era was manufactured for additional cushioning during skating while the Vans Authentic is maintaining its retro style. Meanwhile, the Vans Authentic is very versatile and simple.

You could choose either of them or even make both of them your favorite, you haven’t still made the wrong choice.

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