Skechers Max Cushioning Elite Review — Pros and Cons

Skechers never ceases to turn up with the most amazing and impressive shoe designs ever since it’s inception in 1992.

So that, if you’ve been looking for that one shoe that will always eliminate or rather reduce your daily stress, absorb all shock while you jog in the morning, and flee all stress while in your workplace, a Skechers should be in view.

The Skechers Max Cushioning Elite is a hit. It is both a lifestyle and sporting shoe. Although the brand’s products generally come with amazing features, in its Cushioning Elite version, it appears like their best cruise is all embedded in one piece.

Moreover, the Max Cushioning Elite was first introduced into the market by August 2019 but it still stands it ground over the test of time. Nevertheless, in the Max Cushioning series, there are also more designs such as Skechers Max Cushioning…

  • Ultimate
  • Elite vivid
  • Premier
  • Elite lucid
  • Elite amplifier etc

This version of Skechers Max Cushioning under review was upgraded from the previous Skechers max cushioning ultimate and premier.

The shoe has all the features you’ll ever want, to make your day a stress-free one. A friend who wore it said, “You can think of it as a prayer answered to me who hates uncomfortable shoes and probably to all athletes as well.”

Key features of Skechers Max Cushioning Elite

Material Mesh, rubber outsole
Design Lace-up closure, Pull tab/tongue
Colors Blue, Navy/Orange, Black, Charcoal/Red, Navy/Turquoise, Navy/Lavender, Black/Multi
Sizes 7 – 14 X-Wide
Uses Running, Basketball, Workout, Gymnastics, random sports
Comfort Foam cushioning, responsive UltraGO platform, Goga Mat insole, breathable mesh upper
Price $69 – $140
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Skechers Max Cushioning Elite weights about 11.5 oz (Approx 326 g). It has a heel drop height of 6mm (0.25 inch), and an actual heel height of 2 inches (50.8mm).


Skechers Max Cushioning Elite

The upper of Skechers max cushioning elite is made up of seamless engineered mesh fabric, that gives it so much credit in breathability and ensures that the toes rest comfortably while in it. It has all lace-up closure, with an amazing Sketcher logo mainly the letter “S”.

Moreover, on this part of the shoe as well as the side and heel is crested synthetic contrast colored grid overlay detail. This among other features makes the footwear appear unique and beautiful.


Skechers Max Cushioning Elite Review

The midsole is perfectly cushioned with an air-cooled Goga Mat that provides a medium for shock absorption and support. This area is well padded to provide a comfortable responsive ULTRA GO™ comfort platform for the foot and ensure well place arches.


Skechers Max Cushioning Elite Review

Max Cushioning Elite’s outsole is not heavy. Rather, it is light, flexible, and durable enough to ensure surface traction. The outsole is grooved and not smooth; a design made to prevent falls from slippery surfaces.

Most importantly, the forefoot flex groove added in the design of the shoe aids flexibility, while the midfoot strike zone enhances speed.


  • It is machine washable
  • This Skechers model is so outstanding and definitely can’t be robbed of its merits
  • The Sketcher max cushioning elite comes in various attractive designs.
  • The upper is made of an air-permeable material and as such, has an undeniable breathability
  • Its midsole is cushioned to absorb shock. It keeps you bouncing and make you less vulnerable to stress.
  • It is true to size
  • The shoe is not as heavy as it looks. In contrast to its look, it is very light and can be worn by both males, females including children.
  • It can be used for a variety of purposes ranging from walking, running, sporting in general, traveling, and even for casual events.
  • The grooved outsole doesn’t permit fall. It also allows flexibility and speed.
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  • It is bulky
  • Its heel is primarily designed for athletic and general sports purposes.

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What gender are Skechers for?

Skechers come in amazing styles and designs for both male and female gender. The Skechers max cushioning elite is not an exemption.

No gender embraces suffering. Both males and females want to be stylish and comfortable.

What sports are best done on Skechers max cushioning elite?

This shoe is good for any games which involve running. They may include jogging, table tennis, lawn tennis, basketball, volleyball, and so on.

Skechers max cushioning elite vs ultimate: what’s their difference?

The difference is not much. This is because the ultimate was upgraded to become the former. Thus, the most outstanding difference is that Skechers max cushioning elite has more cushioning in the midsole than the Skechers max cushioning ultimate.

This makes elite more superior and expensive than the former.

Moreso, the Skechers max cushioning elite is more stylish and comes in amazing color contrast that may lure you into getting more than a pair.

It is also divided to be specific that is to say that it could be vivid, lucid, or amplifier.

Is Skechers max cushioning elite the best Skechers?

You can’t really conclude if it’s the best or not. It depends on choices. You may due to one reason or the other prefer max cushioning premier, or ultimate or another one.

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But the sketchers max cushioning elite is not bad at all. It gives you the best feeling you can ever expect from a pair of shoes and more.

Does Skechers max cushioning elite serve all outdoor purposes?

No, it doesn’t. The shoe is good for sports, workouts, and gymnastics because it is built to ensure stamina and enhance speed.

While it does that, it is not water repellant and cannot be a good option for any water involving activities such as snowing, or hiking in the winter, or even going to the beach.

Bottom line

You can’t possibly say that Skechers max cushioning elite is the best because more is yet to come, but I can bet that it is what you need for a long time satisfaction.

It is most comfortable, stylish and it is cozy enough for any dress you want to wear for your casual outings. This shoe is mind-blowing.

Lastly, you might want to consider ordering because of the features described above. It is still not a bad choice.

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  1. You guys need to dial down the glowing comments on your reviews to make them more credible. Sounds like a review you would read on Amazon that was written by the manufacturer’s marketing department. You don’t even take ownership of your “Cons” list, attributing it to what others are saying.

    I own these shoes and they are quite good. But come on!

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