Clove Shoe Review — Design, History, Pros & Cons

Clove shoe history and review

Clove is a relatively new shoe company that produces specialized shoes for frontline healthcare workers. They have channelled their resources to make shoes that play to the strengths and footwear needs of healthcare professionals; nurses, doctors, etc.

Some might call the advent of this company timely as their innovation was put to the best use barely a year after their official launch. The need for more healthcare workers during the pandemic helped bring their innovation to the forefront as it showed its best use in that time.

In this article, we intend to give you an in-depth review of the Clove shoe company and its products.

Clove Shoe History

Clove shoe design

In 2018, a certain dreamer named Joe Ammon brought his shoe brand business idea to the limelight by winning business competitions that brought him the capital he needed to kick start the operation. Joe Ammon had these ideas from his days studying MBA in college and has been fondly supported by his wife and co-founder, Tamara Ammon.

The company began operations officially in 2019, locating its headquarters in Philadelphia. Being a new company, and aiming to serve health workers the most, the first product had to be one that would make a statement.

Clove’s founder, Joe Ammon claims to have been at his wife Tamara’s side while she went through nursing school. He was there to help calm her before her first clinical, he celebrated with her when she got her first job and was her place of solace when she lost her first patient. Joe saw first-hand how tasking both physically and mentally the healthcare job can be.

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For most of his wife’s struggles, Joe could do nothing to help, but the one thing he could help was the fact that she used to spend a lot of money on shoes.

Unfortunately none of the shoes she got was built for the healthcare environment and they kept getting damaged through everyday accidents at work. This moved Joe to create a product targeted specifically at her industry, nurses.

The COVID pandemic in 2020 only served to hasten things up as the need for such a shoe multiplied greatly due to the more pressing need for nurses to take care of the quarantined. It was then that the first set of clove shoe themes hit the market.

The shoe was designed as a stylish, comfortable sneaker that put the needs of the healthcare workers first. Its aim was simple: to take care of those who take care of us.

The bulk of the manufacturing process is done in Dongguan, China. However, the finished products are stored in a warehouse in the United States.

Clove Shoe Design Overview

Clove shoe design

Clove shoes are generally lightweight, designed to hug your feet, and be very comfortable to enable you to use them all day without even noticing.

These shoes are designed true to size, but experts advise that wider feet will require you to go about half a size up for a better fit.

It has a pull tab, which, with its in-built neoprene socks, makes slip-on and slip-off very easy.

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The shoe is made available in multiple colors for both men and women including Grey Matter, Brilliant White, Pink up, Lavender and Electron Rose (Limited Editions), Night Shift, and the All Black Option (ABO), whose name is inspired by blood types.


One of the first issues clove tackles with its shoes is the need for clean-looking shoes. Knowing how important the healthcare job is, and how an emergency can spring at any time, Clove made their shoes with Clarino™ uppers and laces.

Clarino is a breathable fabric that’s easy to clean. You could literally clean remove things like bloodstains on the go with wiped and it would be like it never happened.

This keeps them looking new for longer periods, hence lasting much, much longer than your regular shoes.

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Clove Ortholite Insole

The insoles are made of Ortholite material that not only provides comfort and re-arrange overtime to the shape of your feet but has odor-removal properties that prevent your shoes from retaining odor.

This, with the breathable uppers, help fight feet sweat at work. As a bonus, these insoles are also machine-washable, so you can simply take them out periodically and wash them.


Beneath the shoes, the outsoles are made with strong grip rubber to keep the balance as you move around.

There are men and women versions of Clove. They also bear medical-names like Grey Matter and Night Shift. Others include Pink Up, Brilliant White and All Black.

Pros and Cons


Clove shoes solve a range of problems including;

  • They grip very well to the floor so that you don’t slip
  • Clove shoes are incredibly lightweight and comfortable; a great choice for a 12 hours shift.
  • Easy cleaning solutions. You can clean stains you pick up on the go by simply using wipes. The insoles are also machine-washable.
  • Yes, its price isn’t like a regular sneaker, but they still offer an  affordable sneaker for such qualities and comfort. I mean, you can get them for less than $140 per pair.
  • Offer free shipping services. They also cover return costs in the event you’re unsatisfied or order the wrong size.
  • They offer a variety of colors to customer taste.
  • Available in male and female designs.
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  • The major shortcoming of Clove shoes is the fact that they are not breathable. If you’ve a sweaty feet and wouldn’t want to be socked in your sweat, then it’s not a pick for you.
  • The sneaker can become squeaky (at times).
  • Also, they do not offer shipping services outside of the United States. Everything else is perhaps decided by personal taste.

For example, some people find Clove shoes to be more professional than fashionable. However, customer reviews on the website suggest a lot of the buyers actually like the shoe design. So it all comes down to preference.


Are Clove shoes worth it ?

Yes, absolutely! In such a short time, Clove shoes have won the hearts of so many of their users. The initial buyers loved it and have given it so many positive reviews online and offline, it has led a lot of others to get it and love it in turn.

Who can blame them anyway? These shoes are incredibly comfortable to wear, easy to get in and out of, and they are designed to tackle the everyday footwear problems of the average healthcare worker. They are durable, easy to clean, and stylish.

These clove shoes also take care of financial constraints as clove provides plans for payment in installments, although terms and conditions do apply. All in all, your clove shoe is certainly going to occupy a place in both your shoe rack and your heart for longer than a while.

Are Clove shoes waterproof?

Clove shoes are not entirely waterproof, but they can easily resist tiny puddles of water and accidental liquid spillages including blood.

What does the bar above the ‘C’ in Clove Mean?

The bar above the ‘C’ in Clove is a medical shorthand symbol that means ‘with’. As earlier stated, the initial target audience for clove shoes was healthcare workers. Hence, the naming was done in medical shorthand as C-love, meaning ‘With Love’.

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How do I clean my clove shoes?

Cleaning your clove shoes is one of the easiest things to do. All you need is a damp cloth. You dip the cloth in water and gently clean the shoe until all the stains are gone. You can also use wet wipes to achieve the same result.

Once in a while, you are advised to take out the insoles and machine-wash them. The shoes, however, are not to be machine-washed.

Will Clove shoes stretch ?

Yes, Clove shoes stretch over time. The uppers are made of Clarino material; a fabric that acts a bit like real leather.

This material is known to overtime, reshape itself to fit the wearer’s feet. This brings comfort to the wearer in the long term.

However, it isn’t like the stretchy form of shoes like Hey Dude.

Clove shoe review

How do I return Clove Shoes?

If you are unsatisfied with your clove shoes, you can take the following steps to return them.

  1. Go to and visit their Returns Center.
  2. You will need to enter your order number or ID and Zip/ Postal Code to begin your return
  3. Next, you will print a shipping label and drop it off or schedule a pickup with the carrier listed on the label.
  4. Items must be in their original packaging
  5. Another way you can do this, is to drop off the shoe at one of the Clove return partner’s convenient locations across the United States
  6. After the return process is complete, you will be charged $5 for returns and restocking before you are refunded.

How do I find my Order Number?

Your item order number can be found in the subject of your confirmation email.

When did Clove begin business?

Clove shoes have been an idea since the founder, Joe Ammon was in medical school, however, the official launching of the business was in 2018. It is yet a relatively young brand but has a lot of success for its age.

Are Clove Shoes slip-resistant?

Clove shoes were designed with rubber outsoles, carefully carved underneath to grip the ground and give the wearer a steady center.

How can I contact Clove?

You can contact find clove shoes on their website, Or you can use any of the following contact info:

Email: [email protected]

Contact Address: 1719 Chestnut Street, Suite 200, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Contact Info:

Are Clove Shoes for healthcare professionals alone?

No. Clove shoes are made primarily to target the footwear needs of healthcare professionals, but you bet they make very comfortable day shoes as well.

The black style called Clove Night Shift would fit certain professionals including, cooks, teachers, etc. If you want one, simply go to their website to get one.


Healthcare workers especially nurses deserve a comfortable, supportive and stable shoe so that they can discharge their duties properly. With the qualities seen in Clove shoes, they seem to be the answer nurses have craved for in a footwear.

It’s easy to clean, has arch and ankle support, odor-resistant, comfortable, and non-slip. It might just be what you’ve been looking for.

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