Pregnant Women Must Not Wear these 4 Shoes

As a pregnant woman, you should avoid certain types of shoes. Although some of the footwear you must keep away give you a certain look that one could say it’s elegant, or beautiful.

But here is the question, is your life and that of your unborn baby unworthy enough to be risked for the sake of fashion?

In my suggestion, I would say NO!

Now look at this: Can you think of a movie scene where a woman wearing a fancy set of heels hit a stone on the floor and fell face flat?

The odds accompanying the above scenery replays in my mind over and over again, and it would be a horrible scene if the woman involved is pregnant.

However, one of the smartest things to do to avoid this kind of situation is to stay very far away from unbalanced and uncomfortable shoes.

What are those types of footwear a pregnant woman must not wear?

1. Stilettos

Shoes pregnant women shouldn't wear

These types of shoes are a ‘no-no’ for expecting mothers. While you weren’t pregnant, you could rock your stiletto and look fashionable. But when you’re pregnant, you gain more weight, hence more pressure on your legs.

Stilettos are long and slender, and due to its lengthy heel, your feet struggle to fit in without applying pressure.

Yes, stilettos elongate your legs; a pregnant woman doesn’t need her feet elongated. What you need is a good foot massage to ease the pressure off your feet. Stilettos would rather cause stress, and pain hurts your feet.

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2. Platform shoes

Shoes Pregnant women shouldn't wear

The platform shoes we are talking about here are those that have a very thick sole ranging from 3 to 10 inches in height. These shoes have a platform but its heel is significantly higher than stilettos.

By this I mean 3 — 5 inches higher. If accidentally you fall from this kind of shoe (pregnant or not) you could sustain an ankle injury, or even result in more complicated situations like a miscarriage.

Therefore, experts do not advise pregnant women to wear this shoe although they have a platform. Again, I would not encourage mothers to put on this heel because of its crankiness and discomfort you would experience wearing them.

3. Pumps

Shoes pregnant women shouldn't wear

Pumps are designed with comfort in mind because they possess a low heel made from rubber soles known as pumps. But don’t be fooled! These heels are narrow and are stretched to add length to the feet.

Unfortunately, stressing your leg plus your newly gained weight, you can develop osteoarthritis. So, pregnant women with this medical complication have surgery to worry about and pains during contractions.

But if an expecting mother should wear this, it shouldn’t be for too long. Experts advise mothers to take breaks and switch to comfy shoes rather.

4. Wedges

Shoe pregnant women shouldn't wear

This footwear comes in various forms like boots, sandals, and cover shoes with a sole in the form of a wedge made out of rubber. Due to the wedge this shoe possesses, it is balanced but could cause hefty damage to your backbone.

When you get closer to delivery, the hormones produced by your body stretches the body out and make your baby bump more visible. And wedge shoes could cause your back to bend more, resulting in intense back pain.

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Therefore, experts advise that you should wear wedges only during the first trimester and switch to flats afterward. The same goes for the other types of shoes above.

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What shoes should you wear during pregnancy and feel comfortable?

1. Clarks

Shoes for pregnancy

Clark footwear is best at any trimester because of its cushioned footbeds that give you comfort. Its footbed is so soft and made to pamper your feet.

Again, Clarks lack heels and could be worn with any casual dress. As a pregnant mother, you should wear loose clothes and casuals, and sandals are the best fit for this class of outfit.

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2. Isabella Crocs Sandals

Shoes for pregnancy

Due to the weight gain during pregnancy, your feet may not fit into the footwear you have. And as you get closer to delivery, your feet size increases the more.

This sandal is large enough to accommodate the increase in the size of the feet and still makes you feel like you are taking a walk at the beach.

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3. Skechers

Shoes for pregnancy

This footwear is work-friendly, casual, and sporty. You can also wear it to any formal event because it provides comfort, and it is light weighted.

Also, this shoe is made with a fabric that keeps it cool and absorbs sweats from your feet. In a simpler term, Skechers is highly breathable.

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How to keep your feet intact and avoid any sort of damage to your pregnancy

1. Drink a lot of water after every day’s work

If your legs are swollen in the first five months, doctors say you at the risk of having a miscarriage. So, how can drinking water does away with swelling?

Fluids aid the formation of new tissues, enhance digestion, and also helps to flush wastes. I would advise that you take water before every meal to aid digestion, and before going to bed to ease digestion.

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2. Exercise in your free time

Every expecting mother is not an exception to exercise; in fact, you need it the most. Doctors advise exercises like walking up the stairs(of course you must be careful), small jogs, and hops. You should not do this frequently because you need all the strength in case she falls into labor.

3. Foot massages should be frequent

Massaging causes a form of relief and aids blood circulation. You should massage frequently to avoid the return of any form of swelling.

Also, if you are the type who experiences some form of depression, massaging your body would reduce stress and ease their minds off things that bother you.

However, you should only allow massage therapists and experts to do the job, to avoid risks like pitting edema and deep vein thrombosis.

These deformities could lead to surgery in some cases.

The Bottom Line

4 types of shoes pregnant women shouldn't wear
These shoes are not for pregnant women

Although fashion is important, comfort is king. When loafers and sandals aren’t working for events, choose footwear with a low heel like kitten heels, to prevent you from losing your balance.

In intervals, take short breaks. Try to sit when you can feel the pain to avoid excessive pressure on your feet, and your baby would be free from risk. And above all, avoid these shoes discussed above during pregnancy.

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