45+ Types of Women’s Footwear: Complete List

Types of women footwear

The right outfit should go with the right footwear. Knowing that variety is the spice of life, it is necessary that you know the types of footwear you should have as a woman.

In previous posts, we have made a list of the shoes to wear with dress, and those to wear with a jumpsuit. Check them out too.

But in this post, we have exhausted the entire list female footwear types. We hope you find it helpful.

Women’s footwear can be grouped into the following:

  • Slippers
  • Flip flops
  • Sandals
  • High Heel
  • Flat shoes; and
  • Boots

Types of women’s footwear

1. Slippers

A pair of slippers is usually simple, flat footwear which is usually open and easily slipped on and off the foot, hence the name “slippers”.

It is usually worn around the house. Sometimes indoor and other times outdoor. Most of it is made to keep the feet warm. It comes in different designs and styles.

More importantly, the main difference between slippers and a shoe is that, while slippers can slip on and off the feet, a shoe remains covered and can not be worn and removed with so much ease as slippers.

Types of slippers for women

Types of slippers

A. Slippers sock

This slipper most times has the features of socks because it extends unto the leg and can be folded to any length of your choice. It is a good indoor slipper that provides warmth, especially during Winter.

B. Bootie slippers

This is usually a very fancy slipper mainly worn by women during the winter. It has both features of slippers and a boot. It’s very cozy and warm. Women especially children like to wear it while at home to prevent much cold.

C. Clog slippers

This is an amazing slippers design that looks more or less like mules but isn’t as padded in the outsole as mules. It is used for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Clog slippers can be made from different materials which may include rubber, suede, nylon, and so on. The best thing about these slippers is that they are worn by both males and females. But women love it more because it is closed and so gives the impression that it’s a shoe but it’s not.

D. Slides

It is one of the most simple outdoor slippers. It is open-toed and it’s very comfortable. Most ladies prefer to wear it during casual outings in the summer.

The only disadvantage of Slides is that when tight it could bruise the area where it has direct contact with your foot. And when loose as well can easily slip off your foot especially when wet. Therefore, we advise that you find a matching size.

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E. Mules slippers

Mules usually have the upper foot almost all covered with open toes. It is very comfortable, fashionable, and simple.

F. Crocs

Crocs are mostly made of rubber. It’s one of the footwear that trended in 2019. It is perforated not in the sole to allow breathability. It comes in many colors and styles.

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2. Flip Flops

Flip flops are casual footwear that has a demarcation between the big first toe and the second toe. In other words, it has a ‘Y’ shaped thong which runs from in between the first big toe and the second down to the outsole where it is attached to opposite sides.

It is mostly worn by women and can be used for both indoor and outdoor purposes depending on the make.

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Types of women's flip-flops

Types of flip flops

A. Rubber sole flip flop

This is the most common and casual flip flop. It has multiple designs and forms. It is very comfortable and can be used to walk around and inside the house, and also in the bathroom for a bath.

Moreso, it can be worn to the beach and also visit the neighborhood. Though it is not usually advisable to use it for formal outings.

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B. Wedge heel flip flop

This type of flip flop is fashionable enough and can be worn anywhere around the town. It has a foamy wedge-like heel which keeps the footwear somehow bouncing.

But this footwear can cause a severe ankle twist if you mistakenly miss a step or slip off. A pair of jeans trousers with a striped blouse and a flowered wedge heel flip flop will make a sparkling outfit.

C. Unisex flip flop

If you don’t like to look all feminine, then this type is for you. It doesn’t have fancy designs and the ‘Y’ shaped thong is mostly bold and not slender. As such it can be worn by both males and females.

D. Birkenstock flip flop

This footwear can be worn by both males and females, though the ones for females are designed to be more beautiful and fancy. It is very comfortable and long-lasting as its sole is made of cork.

E. Designer flip flop

This is a normal flat rubber or leather flip flop. The unique thing about it is that it has a lot of weird designs and beads and colors. Making it flashy.

F. Leather mirror flip flops

This is a simple flat flip flop made of leather but sometimes covered with shiny mirror-like material. It’s very shiny and can come in many colors.

You may want to try out any of these amazing flip flops.

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3. Female Sandals

A sandal is one of the most primitive footwear, but amazingly it is still in vogue today because it is so comfortable and can be styled with different outfits. My grandma is so in love with sandals because it makes her worry less about slipping off.

Types of sandals for women

Types of sandals for women

A. Thong sandals

It has a thong in-between the first toe and the second. It’s usually a closed-back thong. From a front view, one can say it’s a flip flop but it’s not cos it’s buckled from behind.

B. Velcro

This is a very simple and comfortable sandal with mostly a rubber sole. It can be used for sports and other outdoor purposes, even hiking. It is worn by both males and females and it is still very much in style.

This footwear derived its name from the type of closure it features.

C. Gladiator sandals

The origin of the gladiator sandals can be traced back to the ancient Roman soldiers who wore these sandals to fight. Gladiator means a swordsman.

It has many straps running across it. The sandal could be designed to be short gladiator or a tall one that could reach the knee. It is very fashionable and mostly worn by teenage girls.

If you want the perfect footwear for your mini skirt, you should try a tall gladiator and watch out as you radiate.

D. Chunky

Just as the name implies, this sandal is chunky. It is a little bit heavy and cumbersome to wear. The footwear usually has a bulky block short heel.

However, it is not too fashionable but a beautifully designed chunky sandal can add a little spice to your casual outfit. It is mostly worn by women between their thirties.

E. Wedge sandals

When you want to look taller on a casual outing with friends or colleagues, you can choose a wedge sandal. It will serve you well because it’s fashionable and balanced.

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F. Ankle strap sandals

An ankle strap sandal is usually sexy and iconic. It may not be the best option when going for a date, but trust me you’ll like the compliment when it comes to going to school or evening hangout.

G. Toe loop sandals

This type of sandal creates a space where just the big toe is encircled. It helps for a firm grip while movement is going on. This design is nice and comfortable as well.

H. Platform sandals

This sandal is a nice option for simple church outfits. It has a level heel like a platform. It is fashionable and can be worn anywhere around town.

I. Leather sandals

It is a sandal made of leather. It could be in different designs such as gladiator, ankle strap, platform, toe loop, chunky, thong, and so on. A good leather sandal is long-lasting and comfortable especially if it’s flat.

J. Birkenstock sandals

For the fact that your legs are embedded in a cozy and comfortable insole made of cork, most ladies like to use this sandal for casual daily activities. It is comfortable and fancy.

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K. Crochet sandals

It is trendy to be on crochet sandals. Crochet is used to weaving different designs of sandals. It lasts long and it’s washable. You should try out one.

Lastly, sandals are amazing, stylish, and comfortable. If you don’t like being too heavy on yourself, why not flee from stress and use those sandals that you’ve got. They are awesome, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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4. High Heels

Footwear is referred to as a high heel when the heel is significantly higher off the ground compared to the toe. High heels raise your heel preventing it from being on the same level as your toe.

Types of women's high heel shoes

Types of high heels for women

A. Stiletto

A stiletto comes with the heel as pointed like a dagger. Moreover, they are very stylish. It’s a perfect option for a breathtaking date or night party.

Stilettos will always bring out the classic nature in you and make you look stunning. But can you walk on stilettos?

It could be pretty difficult, and your comfort can be at stake, but if you’re good at it, then let’s rock it!

B. Pumps

Otherwise known as court shoes. They have heels but they’re not as tall as stilettos. It could be covered or open toe. It could also have a block heel or slender shaped heel.

Pumps are classy and a lot more comfortable than stilettos though they have their flaws. The toe covered pumps leaves injury on the foot when worn for a long time.

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C. Kitten heels

Most women love to wear a kitten heel because it’s not too much of a high heel. Though it may be out of fashion it still gives comfort to some aged women who want to slay and can’t afford to slip off a stiletto or pump.

D. Platform heels

They are very high heels but their unique feature is that the forepart of the footwear is very much padded to meet the heel behind. This heel is fashionable. Most young ladies like to wear it to big functions.

E. Wedge

Ladies love wedges so much because they are balanced. You don’t need to worry so much while on wedge cos it is firm and fancy. You can wear it to any party you desire. It’s not so flashy but just okay.

F. Slingback heel

It may be open toe or not. It’s pretty okay because it provides a medium for adjustment and so can fit you well and when it becomes painful you can easily loosen it. It is great footwear for work and church too.

G. Block heel

Its heel is block-shaped. This makes it pretty comfortable and stable against the floor. It’s fancy as well.

H. Ankle strap heel

The presence of an ankle strap on a shoe doesn’t just make it iconic and classic but also ensures tightness.

Most ladies go for this shoe because it’s a heel you can run with and won’t fear that the heel will slip off your feet.

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I. Comma heel

It is more or less a kitten heel with a comma-shaped heel. With the heel length of about 1cm. It’s no longer in trend but most women still fancy it.

J. Cone heel

Do you not think that it is amazing to wear a shoe whose heel is cone-shaped? Well, this shoe is wonderful for parties and other outings.

K. High heel gladiator

Wow! This is the sexiest footwear ever. When you put on a gladiator heel and step in, it gives a mind-blowing impression and makes you appear hot.

Though it might be difficult to wear as the straps leave a painful mark on your body when removed. It’s still a painful joy and that’s why most ladies will risk the pain just to be hot.

L. High mules

You have to put your feet into a mule as though you are putting your leg in a box. Sometimes it opens up at the toe area, most times it’s closed all the way. Mules are comfortable but the closed ones are not breathable enough.

M. D’orsay

The D’Orsay is another amazing type of high heel. It usually comes classic with designs such as roses by the side and other fancy accessories can be added to it. It does have an uncovered space on the left side of each foot. That’s the style.

N. T-strap heel

This shoe comes with its strap running in between the bridge of the foot therefore giving it a T shape. This footwear is fashionable and it’s breathable and firm.

O. Chunky heel

It’s a complicated heel. It is heavy and may not be fancy enough but it gives a lot of women comfort.

P. P.V.C heels

This is the trend right now. It’s awesome!

This heel gives you a classic outlook and makes you look sexy. It’s comfortable as its heel is mainly a block heel. It could also be an ankle strap. You see, it’s firm.

Heels are wonderful, you just have to go for one which you can handle to avoid accidents and prevent a clumsy look.

5. Flat Shoes

Flat shoes are those which when you wear them, your heel is on the same level as your toe. However, they are balanced and are comfortable to wear.

Types of women's flat shoes

Types of flat shoes for women

A. Ballet flats

They can also be called ballerina flats. It’s usually flat with a very flexible sole. This shoe originated from ballet dance where it was mostly worn to dance.

It is very comfortable and can be worn for formal occasions. Young ladies and older women love it because of its simplicity.

B. Mary Jane flats

This is a comfortable flat shoe that has a strap running horizontally across the bridge of the foot. This helps to ensure a firm grip. Little girls wear much of this type of flat shoes because it is simple and it can be sure not to fall off the foot.

It is fashionable and comes in different colors but mostly black. Ladies wear it to the office, for conferences, and other formal outings.

C. Trainers

This includes sneakers, canvas, and other sports shoes. It could be Nike, Adidas, Skechers. They are all flat shoes that are used for sports activities or casual dressing.

Most women prefer using this shoe because it makes them look stronger and a little bit masculine. A pair of Nike Air Max 97 will be great with a pair of jean trousers and a polo.

D. Espadrilles

This shoe is likened to the Spanish origin. It is mostly worn during the bright summer in Spain years back.

The espadrilles sole is made of woven rope called espanto. The lower part is rope soled while the upper part comes in multiple designs.

E. Moccasins

Moccasins are shoes mostly made of soft leather and are sewn or stitched around the top. There are female moccasins even though moccasins are mostly worn by males. This kind of flat shoe can be worn to work and it’s very comfortable.

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6. Female Boots

Not every woman loves boots but they are a very special kind of footwear that can make you look magical. Apart from wearing snow boots, rain boots, horse riding boots, cowboy boots, hiking boots, etc for their different purposes, they also exist other kinds of iconic female boots that you can wear to grace an occasion and still appear stunning. Let’s check them out.

Types of women's boots

Types of female boots

A. High heel booties

These boots are amazing and comfortable because their heels aren’t too high. One can easily walk comfortably on it. Boots are not all that breathable but they are fine.

B. Over the knee boots

These boots are worn with a very short skirt or gown mostly because the length of the boot is already above the knee height. Women love this boot a lot because it’s very sexy and hot.

C. Knee boots

Its length is a bit before the knee. It’s a very wonderful boot that may have any kind of heel, it may be block, slim, and so on

D. Slim heel boots

This is more like a stiletto boot. Its heel is tall and slender. It’s a beautiful heel. No other boot can make a lady look more classy.

E. Wedge boots

This is a boot with a wedge heel. It’s pretty and not too selective as well.

Many kinds of female footwear can be worn anytime to anywhere. It is yours to make your choice based on that footwear that will make you beautiful and comfortable while matching your outfit.

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How many shoe pairs should a woman have?

It’s quite easier to tell a guy straight up the number of shoes he should have, maybe a pair of oxfords, brogues, loafers and a sandal will serve him well. But that’s not the same with women.

A lady will need all kinds of footwear at least a pair each. Yes, she has to. Not every occasion demands a heel and not every outing requires ballet and so on.

Every young and healthy lady in a day makes use of at least all kinds of shoes. Let me give you a rundown;

  1. She wakes up in the morning and dives into her flip flops to walk around the house and make food and have her bath.
  2. She wears her ballet flats to work.
  3. Back from work, may need to go for a walk or pick things from the mall and then choose her gladiator sandals or sneakers.
  4. “It’s a friend’s party I have to be there”. She puts on her high heel.
  5. On weekends, if it’s not wintering yet, your hiking boots come to play.

You see, a lady needs different categories of sandals, slippers, flip flops, heels, and boots that she prefers. This could rundown to at least 10 pairs, 2 types for each.

Why do ladies wear high heels?

High heels can be of different designs and categories. Few reasons why women love high heel are:

  • It makes them look taller and bigger.
  • It makes a woman classic and sexy
  • A high heel might just be the perfect match for your outfit. Any other shoe might make it look boring.
  • For a long time now, parties are for high heels, a lady can’t do less than wearing them to feel belonged.
  • It elevates an outfit. A heel will make a less quality cloth look amazing. It’s a good reason for one to love high heels.
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Whichever reason you have, ensure you’re comfortable, don’t wear it if you aren’t fit in it.

What kind of shoes are best for your feet?

While some shoes are stylish and classic, they might not be too good for your feet. Bad shoes can damage one’s feet, whereas a comfortable shoe will make you remain in good condition. So why not seek your comfort first.

  1. Ballet flats and mary-jane flats of your size are healthy.
  2. Sandals and flip flops don’t pose so much threat to the feet.
  3. Pumps, kitten heels, and wedges are not bad heels at all. If only you pick your size.
  4. A comfortable boot is not a bad option not minding that boots are not too breathable. And such shouldn’t be worn for too long a time.
Don’t go for these!
  • Painful footwear
  • Too much a high heel (above 4 inch high)
  • Over tight or over loose footwear.

What is the easiest type of heel to walk on?

Most heels are not too difficult to walk on. The easiest is not so general, it differs though but these heels include:

  1. Wedges
  2. Block heels
  3. Kitten heels
  4. High heel booties
  5. Ankle strap
  6. Mules

The easiest amongst these depends on your body shape and walking pattern.

What are the trendy types of footwear for women in 2021?

Footwear comes and footwear goes, but these shoes have come to stay as far as 2021 is concerned. Let’s see them

  • PVC heels; The PVC heels are transparent and can be very elegant. This heel is making waves as far as female fashion is involved in 2021. Every lady has it because it’s iconic.
  • White high booties; High heel booties are classic but this white color has made them more wonderful. It’s a hit this 2021.
  • Vionic Alma active sneaker; This is one of the best walking sneakers for women. Because if it’s lightweight and comfortable, it’s the main trend in 2021. It’s highly shock-absorbent and good for jogging and long walks.
  • Colorful stiletto; Stiletto has come to stay as far as fashion is concerned. Different colors and designs keep stiletto trending every year. Right now, there are amazing colors and blends you can’t afford to take your eyes off.

Bottom Line

What you wear tells a lot about your personality. Women are very fashionable and as such different kinds of footwear which they put on can never be exhausted.

New styles and designs pop every day making it quite difficult to make a selection. But the question remains “what do you want to look like?”

If you’re able to answer this question then, you can slay in an amazing way like a queen which you are.

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