15 Perfect Shoes to Wear with Mom Jeans

Mom Jeans are trending for ladies and older women in recent times due to how fashionable they are. It is a casual outfit that looks extremely stunning when combined with the appropriate set of shoes.

I know most ladies who spend a greater percentage of their dressing time checking out what shoes match their outfits. Though mom jeans are in trend now, most ladies still find it difficult to find the best shoe match. I’ll help save you the stress with this article.

So, here’s a list of shoes to wear with mom’s Jean

Shoes to wear with mom jeans

1. High heel booties

Combining mom’s jeans with high heel booties is a good way to rock your mom jeans exceptionally. It makes you look classy and sexy.

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2. Sneakers

A pair of sneakers with mom’s jeans is not a bad option at all. It is simple, fashionable, and confident. Most students like this combination for going to classes and hang-out with friends. It is a nice casual outfit.

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3. Ankle boots

Ankle boots help you appreciate mom’s jeans the more. With a well-fitted ankle boot, you can proudly rock your mom Jean to any casual events like mini-vacations, site seeing, shopping, concerts and shows, and so on.

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4. Crocs

Crocs are okay with mom’s jeans. Though very casual, it’s fashionable and can be used for several events and outings. You may only have to consider how well you can manage footwear not as breathable as Crocs.

5. Heels

Heels are nice when worn with mom’s jeans for formal occasions. They are classy and stylish.

Ankle strap block heel with Mom jeans makes the leg a little sexier and formal. Slingback heels, pumps, stilettos, wedges are all beautiful options to be considered when wearing Mom jeans.

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Shoes to wear with mom jeans

6. Chunky boots

Chunky heeled boots look good on younger women than older ones. Chunky boots make you exceptionally huge, classic, and fashionable.

Black Chunkies are mostly used to rock Mom jeans with a black nylon jacket.

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7. Converse

Converse, whether high or low is always not outdated when it comes to styling your mom jeans. Since they are never old, they make good options for young girls and older women.

High Converses are used in a more fashionable setting. Converse comes in many colors, and all colors are nice depending on the top of the blouse used.

8. Ballet flats

When you want to look simple and smart in your mom’s jeans, you should consider ballet flats. They come in different colors and designs. They are comfortable, and you won’t have to worry about heights.

9. Thong Sandals

Mom jeans also go with thong sandals, whether leather or rubber. They are flat, simple, and comfortable. And can be worn to some casual occasions with no stress at all.

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10. Birkenstocks

Birkenstocks are special designs of a slip-on. They do well with Mom jeans for casual occasions. Highly fitting and comfortable for various occasions.

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Shoes to wear with mom jeans

11. Mules

Mules like heels are nice for mom jeans. Both heeled and flat mules go with mum jeans, but you may begin to consider which one to wear based on the event you’re going out for.

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Heeled mules are best for more classy occasions like parties, while flat mules can go for milder outings and shopping.

12. Lace-up Espadrilles

They are flat and comfortable for mom jeans. Both teenagers and older women find lace-up espadrilles a nice option for their simplicity.

13. Leather slides

What footwears are more comfortable than these? Cool, comfy and stylish, they are good options for mom jeans. Most leather slides, especially those with criss-cross designs are highly fashionable.

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14. Chunky trainers

Good trainers can be appropriate for mom jeans. Trainers not specifically designed for running or walking purposes can be quite stylish, especially those with chunky heels.

One unique thing about chunky trainers is that most of them come in many colors, making them a good option for teens who wish to go for some summer outings.

Other amazing colors of chunky trainers that go with mom jeans include white, pink, black, and grey.

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15. Loafers

You can say that mom jeans go with a variety of shoes, including loafers. A pair of loafers with Mom jeans can set you ready for your office. It gives the outfit an official look making you all smart and Charming.

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What shoes shouldn’t go with mom jeans?

All shoes above the ankle level might not be a good option for mom jeans. Shoes such as thigh-high booties, lengthy strap gladiators, and so on.


Tight jeans are slightly out of trend. It is gradually being replaced by the increased number of mom jeans lovers, especially as most TikTokers are now obsessed with it. To stay in trend, look out for the best shoes and rock your mom jeans fabulously.

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