ASICS Japan S Sneakers (From $33.50+) – Full Guide

Asics Japan S White Midnight

Sneakers are currently fashion’s hottest shoes right now as style is all about being comfortable these days. The sneaker news headlines have been largely dominated by Nike and Adidas, the world’s two largest shoe brands. 


With them hogging all the limelight, the Japanese sportswear company known as Asics, beloved for its intentionally “anti-fashion” running shoes, has been slowly but surely riding to the top and consistently pumping out hits.


We at Shoe Harbour today will be providing a full write-up on the reworked iteration of their 1981 classic retro basketball sneaker: the ASICS Japan S Sneakers


Join us as we dive deep into the latest shoe fashion trend that has taken Hollywood by storm, and it isn’t a slim stiletto or a sleek minimalist mule. Worn by A-listers such as Hailey Bieber, Mary-Kate Olsen, and Emily Ratajkowski, it’s a sneaker.

Find out why with today’s ASICS Japan S Sneakers (From $33.50+) – Full Guide and read on!

What is ASICS Japan?

What is ASICS Japan?

Asics began as Onitsuka Co., Ltd and was founded in 1949 by Kihachiro Onitsuka. The company originally began manufacturing basketball shoes for his hometown of Kobe and eventually expanded to service a variety of sports activities worn by athletes worldwide.

Onitsuka became particularly well-known due to the Mexico 66 design in which the distinctive cross stripes were featured for the first time.

The famed Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 was made famous by Bruce Lee. These sneakers helped propel Onitsuka (which later came to be known as Asics) to fame.

Fun Facts about Asics

Did you know that one of the largest brands in the planet used to be a distributor of Asics’ Onitsuka Tiger shoes (then still known as Onitsuka Co. Ltd)?

It was originally known as Blue Ribbon Sports, a company that Phil Knight founded after getting distribution rights for the Western US for Onitsuka’s footwear. 

By 1969, sales picked up, and BRS and Onitsuka had a very good relationship, with BRS giving advice on the US market, and Onitsuka tailoring their shoes based on it.

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BRS came to produce their first shoe with the Swoosh in 1971 and eventually parted ways with Asics. BRS would then move on to become one of the largest brands in the world, famous for its SwooshNike.

Asics’ main income comes from their Performance Shoes section, namely sneakers such as the Japan S.

Here’s how Asics’ sales looked like for the fiscal year of 2021:

Asics Japan S
Asics Japan S Distribution
Continent% of SalesRevenue 2019Revenue 2020Revenue 2021
North America20%$445M$511M$547M
Other Regions17%$378M$435M$465M

Why is the ASICS Japan S so popular?

There’s just something about the contrast between its understated overall colours and the striking stripes that just appeals to you. 

Imagine walking Broadway in pure white shoes with a dark blue and striking red stripe emblazoned over its centre, Asics’ iconic stripes. You will definitely get people’s heads turning with this awesome pair.

5 Key Features that Sets the Japan S Apart

1. An understated beauty

Its understated beauty and simplicity, paired with its stripes, is the main appeal that the Asics Japan S has. 

2. Comfortable and functional sneaker

The sneaker fashion of 2022 has evolved, and the fashion gurus are now advocating for unflashy and comfortable shoes

They allow women to “dress down and intentionally create a contrast with dressy fashion,” said Søren Kolborg Sørensen, stylist and content-creation manager when referring to the sneakers.

3. Highly breathable

The Japan S also has a wide toe box with perforated holes at both its uppers and side panels which makes them perfect to be worn during the summer’s heat. 

4. Fashion that is affordable

Who says fashion always comes at a price? The Japan S, with a price tag that starts from $33.50, is one of the most affordable stylish kicks out there.

5. Low heel counter and desirable stripes to make a statement

And, last but not least, its signature stripes and low heel counter will make them recognisable from miles away!

Breaking down the specs of the Asics Japan S


Retro, sporty



Style Inspiration





Leather, cup sole


Spring, summer

We have included a table above for the specs of the Japan S. The Japan S is a throwback to the original 1981 design of a retro basketball sneaker.

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This reworked iteration is formed with a low-top silhouette and comes complete with a court-inspired toe box and a range of colorways. 

Made from leather and with an updated cup sole, these shoes are made to last! Due to its perforated uppers and side panels, it is very breathable and suited for all-day wear, especially during spring and summer. 

Paired with nostalgic branding like the ASICS stripes and lettering on both the heel and tongue, the Japan S is definitely a looker!

Why Should You Buy the Asics Japan S?

Comfort, comfort, and did we mention comfort? The Asics Japan S is the epitome of comfort meets fashion in the sneakers division. Pair it with a summer dress or a cute top with jeans and you will be camera-ready and posing for Instagram within minutes!

1. An underrated lifestyle sneaker

The simple and bold statement of the Japan S stripes paired with pastel colours are a breath of fresh air. Deceptively bland yet enticingly seductive, these sneakers will definitely draw some attention when you walk by!

2. Extremely comfortable

Yes, we know. We have been repeating this a lot, but you have to wear them yourselves to feel it! Equipped with premium comfort and improved cushioning, the Japan S will give your feet a break from those tight dress shoes or wobbly high heels.

3. Lightweight and compact 

The Japan S doesn’t tip the scale and is extremely sleek. Through ingenious design, Asics has managed to achieve a wide upper that provides plenty of room for your toes while making the shoe compact with a stripped-down sole.

4. Perfect for all-day-wear with its mix of smooth leather

With its highly breathable uppers and side panels, these shoes can be worn all throughout the day without you feeling the heat. Its rubber sole gives a good amount of traction and lets you take firm strides rain or shine and on concrete or grassy terrain.

5. Fashion at a fraction of the cost

When compared to Balenciaga’s sneakers’ hefty price tag of $1,150, the Asics Japan S Sneakers offers good value for money  for only $70. That’s only 6% of the cost of a Balenciaga

How to Style the Asics Japan S?

1st Style: Men 

2nd Style: Men

3rd Style: Men

4th Style: Women

5th Style: Women 

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6th Style: Women 

We have taken the time to help you visualize what outfit you can pair with the Asics Japan S sneakers from smart casual to casual chic. 

Style 1:

Try out the smart casual look by pairing the Japan S with an untucked shirt and a jacket and denim jeans.

Style 2:

Ripped jeans, a plain white tee and a chequered jacket. Go out in style with this combination with your Asics Japan S!

Style 3:

Simplicity at its best. Rock the Japan S with a pair of sunshades, a tee and a pair of three quarters!

Style 4:

Go for the fashionable yet comfortable look of a white slack paired with a tucked-in white turtleneck to complement the Japan S. Then top the look off with a blazer and a belt.

Style 5:

Beat the heat and stay comfortable by pairing your Asics Japan S with a flowy mini or midi dress. The simplicity of the Japan S can go with both plain and printed dresses.

Style 6:

Get ready for your dinner date with a long-sleeved button-up shirt, high-waisted pants, and, of course, your trusty Japan S pair.


Miami Realty Superstar
Miami Realty SuperstarASICS, great as always
Read More
White, comfortable, easy to clean. I have started to wear asics 16 years ago. It has consistently been the same size across all models. Feet do not feel tired after wearing these daily. Easiest way to clean is using mr clean magic eraser sponges
Ian S.
Ian S.Asics Japan S
Read More
Had these shoes for a couple months now. I like how they look and they’re more comfortable than my vans and converse. Fit is a wider fit so there’s plenty of room for your feet which is nice. Overall good shoes
streetlegalWant to wear them all the time!
Read More
Really comfortable and nicely made. I usually wear a 10W and was concerned that they might be too narrow but they fit great. Good foot support, too.


There’s a reason why the decidedly anti-fashion running shoes brand Asics has been steadily gaining popularity. Even after all these years, the brand is firmly focused on shoes made for running, and yet, seemingly out of nowhere, they came up with the Asics Japan S which is exactly what makes Asics so cool.

Whether you’re going for a comfy chic look, smart casual, or feminine, ASICS Japan S  has got you. What are you waiting for? Get this season’s must-have pair today!

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