10 Best Women’s Office Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

Women's comfortable office shoes for plantar fasciitis

Enjoying both comfort and style in an orthopedic shoe for office wear is a big task to do. It is more tasking especially when you have foot problems like plantar fasciitis.

The plantar fascia is like a crossbow found at the heel, then drawn to the toes. As the foot arch starts to collapse, the plantar fascia stretches, causing tears on your heel. These tears eventually lead to plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis
Source: Mayo Clinic

Plantar fasciitis is foot pain itself. It leaves no one a choice but to be selective on the kind of footwear they purchase.

Nonetheless, plantar fasciitis can be treated and managed well if you wear shoes of the following qualities;

  • Firm heel support
  • Strong arch support
  • Minimal midsole torquing (midsole is unable to twist or bend)
  • Flexion only at the ball of the feet
  • Secure lacing

In this article, there is no need for you to compromise comfort to styles and vise versa. Because the shoes listed here have all those qualities and still look stylish to rock to your office.

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Dansko Women’s Kristen Slip-on

Women's arch support shoe for office

Its leather upper is covered with Nubuck treated 3M Scotchgard protector to protect it against the stain. For the sake of comfort and quality time wear, the shoe features a removable Eva footbed. Also, a Dansko natural arch technology, cushioned with memory foam.

Combined with a lightweight rubber outsole and a heel of about 1.5 inches providing good traction and suitable height.

Check the latest price on Amazon


  • You can find this shoe in different colors.
  • It is reliable enough to be worn to the office as a plantar fasciitis patient
  • It can be purchased at quite an affordable price at $70 — $156


  • The sole is not slipping resistant
  • It makes sounds while walking on it.

Clarks Cheyn Madi Women’s Leather Loafer

Best Women's office shoes for plantar fasciitis

Comfort and quality that can’t be beaten. Crafted with 100% leather material. The toe box is good to go as it has flexion.

The arch support is at its peak of excellence. The cushioning for comfort is a cushion soft technology, and the ortholite footbed is not disappointing.

Every feature starting from the upper to the heel of 0.05 inches is topnotch. The outsole is not left out either. It is of rubber sole that helps in providing strong traction to your feet.

Yes, it is very suitable for your office wear and ensures happy feet throughout the day.

Check the latest price on Amazon


  • It has a variety of colors
  • It can be purchased at the price of $45 — $152
  • It has strong arch support


  • It is not true to size. You should buy half of the usual size

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Clarks Women’s Channing Ann Slip-on Loafer

Women's office shoes for plantar fasciitis

This shoe from Clark’s collection delivers comfort to your feet. A perfect shoe for office work with or without having plantar fasciitis.

This leather covered-up shoe ensures comfort to its core with an ortholite cushioned footed.

Not just that! It also has a soft fabric lining that does not only incur comfort but the dryness of sweat from your feet.

With a heel of the height of 2.16 inches, it ensures suitable but balances height. It also features a shock-absorbing Eva outsole from good traction and balance.

Nonetheless, the shoe is lightweight and has minimal midsole torquing.

Check the latest price on Amazon


  • Pretty affordable for $47 — $120.
  • It is true to size
  • It is versatile. That is, it is suitable for office wear and weekend get-together.


  • It runs narrow
  • It is squeaky
  • It doesn’t have a variety of colors

Clarks Women’s Sharon Dasher Loafer

Women's office shoe with arch support

Here is another shoe from Clark’s collection that suits women with plantar fasciitis. It may seem that Clarks has plantar fasciitis patients’ interest at heart.

It’s a comfortable shoe right out of the box. It has decent arch support with a substantial wedge bottom that could also absorb impact.

It is made of premium suede with a twist-detailed front. Great targeted cushioning with the ortholite footbed. And has a strong non-slip heel.

Check the latest price on Amazon


  • It comes in different colors
  • It comes in handy for office wears
  • It is a bit cheap at $25 — $145
  • It is true to size


  • It runs narrow

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Vionic Women’s Spark Caroll Ballet Flat

Best women's office shoes for plantar fasciitis

Its iconic features earned it certification from America Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) for footwear that enhances foot health.

It features a leather or Novelty leather upper and a removable microfiber-covered EVA footbed. This footbed delivers extreme comfort to your feet. It didn’t stop the shoe from being lightweight.

It is a slip-on shoe as it has an elasticized collar that makes it easier for you to slip on your feet. A supple faux leather lining can also be found in the shoe that provides softness and comfort to your feet.

Also, a thermoplastic rubber (TPR) outsole provides flexibility at the toe box only and provides a better traction system.

Check the latest price on Amazon


  • It has many colors leaving you to your choice.
  • It can be afforded at $24 — $120
  • For someone with plantar fasciitis, it gives you happy feet.
  • It has good arch support.


  • It is not true to size
  • The toe box is kind of tight

Clarks Women’s Juliet Monte Pump

Women's office shoe for plantar fasciitis

Well, we can describe this as when love at first sight is a shoe. The shoe is made of 100% synthetic leather with the front of the shoe capped with glossy patent leather.

The comfort it delivers is right out of the box. The cushioned soft technology, combined with an ortholite footbed gives you nothing but peace and comfort to your feet. They also ensure strong arch support to your feet.

The outsole is not to be left out. It is of durable rubber sole which doesn’t just provide strong traction and durability, but also flexibility only at the toe box.

It works well with a heel of which height is 1.02 inches, creating firm heel support.

Check the latest price on Amazon


  • It has different colors and textures
  • It is sold at an affordable price of $20 — $125
  • It has good arch support


  • It is not true to size

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Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Aston Ballet

Plantar fasciitis shoes for women

This shoe for women having plantar fasciitis comes in different texture materials. It can be found in faux leather, patent, or microfiber uppers.

Its comfort has no parallel; it features a free energy technology insole with 3 distinct zones and a high-recovery foam at the heel’s ball to ease pain from your feet. Also, a dense foam stuck at the heel.

For the sake of a firm heel, the shoe has an interior quilted heel counter.

Check the latest price on Amazon


  • It has a firm heel counter
  • It is produced in different colors and textures
  • It is very affordable at $20 — $70
  • It is very suitable for those with plantar fasciitis


  • It runs wide and large

Bzees Women’s Niche Ballet Flat

Women's shoe with arch support

The Bzees Niche Ballet is a slip-on featuring a leather upper with a v-front topline opening. The stretch gores at the forefoot overlap each other with the hardware detail found in the middle.

Talk of comfort, the shoes features Bzees cloud technology in the midfoot to create good arch support. The comfort cone gel inserts in the heel for shock absorption.

The shoe also features odor ban anti-odor and silvadur anti-microbial treatment keeping both your feet and shoe odorless.

Check the latest price on Amazon


  • It is made colorful and super cute.
  • It has an affordable price at $$37 — $133
  • It has good arch support and not tight at the toe box.
  • It has a firm heel counter and minimal midsole torquing.


  • It is not true to size

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Bzees Women’s Lollipop Sneaker

Best women's shoe for plantar fasciitis

Here also is an incredible yet affordable shoe. Its qualities make it ideal for work or hangouts with plantar fasciitis patients.

At the upper is the asymmetrical vamp with gore edging. It has a reliable cushioning and arch support.

Its non-slip sole works perfectly and the shoe is lighter than air, literally. A comfort cone gel is inserted in the heel of the outsole for shock absorption and support.

An anti-odor and anti-microbial treatment are also used on the shoe to prevent any pungent smell.

Check the latest price on Amazon


  • It is very affordable at $30 — $80
  • It has a variety of colors.
  • It is true to size
  • It has good arch support and a firm heel counter.


  • It is not water-resistant

Lifestride Women’s Isabelle Loafer

Women's shoe for plantar fasciitis

Would I say that this is a perfect shoe for office work, more comforting, providing more balance to your feet? Well, there is more to this shoe than meet the eyes.

This incredible shoe is made of 100% synthetic material, hence it is animal skin free (the right choice for a vegan).

Its comfort is sponsored by Lifestride velocity with a memory foam comfort system. Interestingly, it has an elastic material at the side of the shoe to make it too easy to slip on.

It has an outsole made flexible for smooth movement, and a supportive heel to give you balance and the desired height.

Check the latest price on Amazon


  • The arch support is topnotch.
  • The shoe can be purchased at a cheap for $30 — $91
  • It is true to size


  • In some people’s feet, it runs narrow while it runs wide in others.
  • The variety of colors are not much

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Who says you can’t look stylish to work as a plantar fasciitis patient?

With these shoes mentioned above, nothing is compromised; everything presents itself. They have arch support, firm heel counter, minimal midsole torquing, and flex only at the foot’s ball.

So, take your time to go through this article to find the one that you so desire.

Simple remedies to plantar fasciitis

  • Wear supportive shoes with low to moderate heels. They should have good arch support, thick and soft midsole, and good cushioning.
  • Do not wear worn-out athletic shoes that have lost their supportive features.
  • Always move light. Extra weight on your body might stress your achilles and plantar fascia more.
  • Apply ice on the affected are. Cover the blocks of ice in a cloth and hold it over the area for about 15 minutes. Try this 3 — 4 times daily.
  • Engage is a daily exercise that would stretch your achille tendon, calf muscles, and plantar fascia.
  • You could wear night splints to improve the stretching of your plantar fascia and achille tendon.

Nevertheless, if the pain persists, you should visits your therapist or the hospital.

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