8 Perfect Shoes to Wear with Ankle Pants

Ankle are designed to expose a little of the lower part of the legs within the ankle region, hence the name ankle pants. That design makes it different from the trousers that go down to the upper feet.

The ankle pants can come in so many designs and styles. It may be flare, pencil, or folded, but whichever way it comes, you need the right pair of footwear to crown the style.

We have made this list of shoes to wear with pencil ankle pants, to save you from the stress of flipping through pages or trying out different styles that might not work.

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Shoes to wear with pencil ankle pants

1. Ballet flats

For ladies, ankle pants with a pair of ballerina flat shoes combined with an alluring blouse are one of the trending fashion outfits that will not be outdated any time soon.

It is suitable for almost all outings. It is simple and makes you look stylish and attractive with your comfort highly in place.

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Shoes to wear with ankle pants

2. Heels

Some occasions may demand that you look hot and sexy. In moments like this, all you need is to choose the best color of heel, slip your body into the perfect ankle pants, and off you go.

The looks and worthiness that high heels attach to your outfit are pretty amazing. Any heel ranging from ankle strap heel, wedges, platform heel, stiletto, kitten heel to pumps can make a good combination with ankle pants. However, gladiator heels are not good options for ankle pants.

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3. Sneakers

For pencil ankle pants, sneakers are a considerable option for both males and females. Looking good is the priority, yet comfort is desired too. Sneakers blend these two features to produce a highly confident, smart, and good-looking fellow.

When it’s time to rock your ankle pants for your forthcoming event, consider ankle pants with sneakers; it is a wonderful combination. You don’t have to worry about comfort except you’re on an undersized or oversized shoe

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4. Loafers

Personally, on most professional and casual events, I like to pair my ankle pants with loafers. Loafers naturally have an amazing design, and combining them with ankle pants makes it most appreciated. Both the shoe and the pants showcase their beauty, and the two get highly admired.

Loafers, though mostly worn by men, can also be perfect for ladies. It gives you a blend of professionalism and style.

Shoes to wear with ankle flare pants

Can ankle pants be Flare?

Yes. Ankle pants can be flare but a different term is given to flare ones. On most occasions, the name changes to ankle flare pants, while in other cases, they are called cropped ankle pants or cropped pants.

Whichever term is used, they refer to pants with a length a little shorter than the standard length of pants and are loose thereat.

Ankle flare pants are a little wider beneath. That makes it a different design of ankle pants which may need a somewhat different kind of shoes to match.

Surprisingly, ankle flare pants can match with all kinds of shoes I earlier talked about; the heel, sneakers, loafers, and the ballerina flats. But I added to this flared ankle pants can also go with the following shoes

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5. Mules

A good way to wear your ankle flare pants (cropped pants ) is with a fitted pair of mules. Exposing the toes and covering the upper part of the feet is beautiful because the ankle is exposed already.

This combination is good for casual events. It is comfortable yet fulfilling leaving you with a classic feeling both in summer and winter.

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6. Clogs

Clogs with chunky heels are the best for most ankle flare pants. It makes you look exotic and classic.

Though you may not need to wear it for a long time because most clog designs are not breathable enough, they are fashionable.

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Shoes to wear with ankle pants

7. Ankle boots

You know that ankle flare pants were a fashion of the 1980s born anew into recent fashion. Combining the ankle flare pants with ankle boots makes you look more like you’re from the 1980s. Wearing ankle flare pants and jeans is highly in trend presently.

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8. Wedge

Do you think wedges can’t go with ankle flare pants?

They can. They are amazing in combination. Wedges with a cork sole and perfect design are glamorous. You should try it.

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What are the differences between Capri, ankle pants, and cropped pants?

Capri is pants that end somewhat below the knee and above the ankle. Most times, between the knee and the ankle.

Cropped pants are ankle flare pants. They have the same length as the ankle pants but are flared.

Ankle pants are pants that are terminated at that point or level of the ankle.

The three are synonymous such that they don’t have the standard length of pants, but they all differ in length and design.

What shoes that go with ankle pants are best for what events?

  • Ballerina flats: good for office work and school for ladies
  • Loafers: good for men and ladies for office work, concerts, and school
  • Heels: good for dates, Hangouts, and ceremonies, parties
  • Ankle boots: good for shopping, site seeing, vacations
  • Mules and clogs: good for shopping, vacations
  • Sneakers: good for school, hanging out with friends, birthday parties.

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What shoes must I avoid when wearing ankle pants flared, pencil, or normal?

Gladiator: Because of the straps gladiators have, they are not a good option for ankle pants. If you must wear a gladiator, it shouldn’t be the long ones which you may have to tie the straps on your pants

Flip flops: Flip flops are too casual for ankle pants. They don’t bring out the beauty of the ankle pants.

Extremely high booties are also not nice for ankle pants. They have the same problem as the gladiators.

Bottom line

Ankle pants are stylish. But the best comes out of it when properly matched with the perfect shoe pair.

I believe this article has given you some guidelines on how and what shoes to wear with your ankle pants.

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