Best 15 Comfortable Oxford Shoes for Women

Oxfords are one of the most popular shoe styles there is. They cover a range of shoes, from dress shoes to sports and what have you.

As you may already know, the shoe you wear can either make or break your general outfit, so it is important to pick the right ones.

We have compared quality, price, and overall value for money and have been able to come up with a list of oxford shoes for women we believe you would be psyched to add to your collection.

What is an Oxford shoe by the way?

An Oxford shoe is one of the types of dress shoes characterized by a lacing system sewn under the vamp. Unlike a Derby whose lacing system is open and sewn on the vamp, Oxfords are closed and the shoe throat is V-shaped.

Although this style of shoe was predominantly used by men, new designs and have incorporated certain features to accommodate the needs women.

However, without reference to any order, here is the…

Best 15 oxford shoes for women

Odema Women’s PU Leather Oxford Pumps Shoe

Comfortable heel Oxford shoe for women

This shoe is designed with the regular brogue perforations and wingtip pattern. It is made of PU leather upper and is properly lined on the inside for breathability.

It also has a high heel (2.16 inches) that makes it even more modern. The soles are made of rubber and are designed to improve traction, while also being flexible enough for movement.

The footwear uses a lace-up closure method and can be worn on various occasions, from weddings to shopping outings.


Material: Synthetic sole, PU Leather upper

Available colors: Blue, Black, White, Apricot, Wine, Brown, Beige

Price: $15 — $30

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Predictions Women’s Saddle Oxford

Best saddle shoe for women

The Saddle Oxford is a simple-design shoe that is commonly worn by high school girls or ladies wishing to give off such school-girl auras. This is backed up by the fact that the shoe mostly comes in small sizes.

The shoe has a fabric upper, laced with quarter brogue perforations. It is also padded on the inside with well-cushioned foam to provide better comfort.

The synthetic sole underneath is flexible and is known to provide better traction. One notable thing about this; the shoe is made lightweight, making it easier on the foot. It uses the lace-up closure.


Material: Synthetic sole, Fabric, and Synthetic upper, Ortholite insole

Available colors: Black/White

Price: $29

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Ollio Women’s Shoe Low Flat Heel Oxford

Best flat Oxford shoes for women

This Ollio women’s classic is a dress shoe made with a wingtip design. It is a half-brogue shoe that comes in both bright and dull colors.

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As such, it can go with a variety of clothes. The dull-colored ones can be worn to corporate events, while the bright ones can serve as picnic/outing/casual footwear.

The shoe is made of a leather upper and leather linings on the inside for breathability. It uses the lace-up closure for fit.

The sole is made of rubber and is good for traction. The heel is just about 0.4 inch, so the shoe is generally considered flat.


Material: Rubber sole, Leather upper

Available colors: Beige, Black, Pink-White, Brown, Grey, Taupe

Price: $27

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Jabasic Women’s Wingtip Brogue Walking Shoes

Best Oxford shoes for women

This Oxford dress shoe comes in patent leather and suede uppers, depending on your taste. It has got the wingtip, half brogue design that adds a bit of flair to it.

You can wear this shoe with a pair of jeans, a skirt, or a bunch of other casual outfits. The shoe is made comfortable by a well-padded insole which makes you feel good with every step, making it suitable for all-day wear.

Underneath it, there’s the rubber sole that’s just a little elevated from toe to heel. This sole is well partitioned to provide great traction for the wearer and serve as anti-slip.


Material: Synthetic sole, Patent/suede leather upper

Available colors: Brown, Black

Price: $29

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Cole Haan Women’s 2 Zerogrand Stitchlite Oxford

Oxford Sneakers for Women

The Cole Haan Zerogrand is a classic oxford sneaker with a wingtip design. It is made of a knit upper, which makes it very breathable.

The shape and design is one that’s very common among running shoes. The sole is made of flexible rubber with Grand OS technology. This combination promotes traction and prevents slip when moving.

The sneaker uses the traditional lace-up closure. It is also fully padded on the inside and has a comfortable footbed so your feet don’t complain after a long day’s wear.

There’s also a pull tab at the ankle area for easy wear. The shoe can be worn with sports outfits, casual skirts, or jeans.


Material: Rubber sole, Knit upper, Grand OS midsole

Available colors: Blue, Black, Grey, Rye, Haze, White, etc.

Price: $45 — $263

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Easy Spirit Women’s Motion Lace-up Oxford

Confortable flat Oxford for Women

This Easy Spirit women’s shoe is crafted in a way to suit modern women’s fashion in its simplicity. A pair fitted in your feet will look good with a pair of plain trousers or a variety of other formal and casual dress combinations.

The leather upper has a round toe design and is lined on the inside with breathable leather too. The footbed is thickened foam and will serve both for comfort and as a mild shock absorber.

Underneath, the sole is made of rubber, made flat and a bit elevated. Even so, the flexibility makes movement natural with this shoe. Finally, the lace closure makes it all fit.


Material: Rubber sole, Leather upper

Available colors: White, Black, Navy, etc.

Price: $25 — $99

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Cole Haan Women’s Original Grand Stitchlite Wingtip Oxford

Nice Oxford shoe for girls

This Cole Haan’s shoe is designed as a classic sneaker/athletic shoe. It’s got a wingtip toe design that gives it style.

As is the case with many running shoes, this one puts a lot of work into traction and cushioning. The cushioning consists of an EVA midsole and a foam footbed which will keep the feet comfortable.

Like all running and walking shoes, it is also lightweight, owing largely to its knit upper, which also provides breathability and prevents foot irritation. The sole is made of rubber, properly patterned for traction and natural movement.

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Material: Rubber sole, Knit Upper, EVA midsole.

Available colors: Blue, Black, Grey, White, etc.

Price: $35 — $186

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Vimisaoi Women’s Vintage Oxfords

Best female Oxford shoes

The Vimisaoi Women’s Vintage is a wingtip, half-brogue shoe, made to give you a classic look to style up your dress. It comes in various designs; plain and patterned.

This particular style would steal you the show at parties, at a dinner event, etc., and would suit a whole lot of dress gowns.

Instead of the regular pointed-heel, it’s got a block heel, which is generally easier and more comfortable to move about in. The upper is made of polyurethane leather, in and out, which makes it moisture absorbent and breathable.

Lastly, the shoe ensures you have an anti-slip experience with its flexible rubber sole underneath.


Material: Rubber sole, PU Leather upper

Available colors: Brown, Black, Beige, Red, etc.

Price: $18 — $36

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Bloch Dance Women’s Tap-Flex Leather Shoe

Oxford shoes best for women

By merely looking at this shoe, one can tell how much detail has been given to its balance when on the ground. From the flat, short heel to the careful position of rubber pads, it’s as though the maker doesn’t want the wearer to worry about standing position or foot movement. The makings of a classic dancing dress shoe.

The shoe has a leather upper, padded especially at the ankle to heel area to provide support. It’s also got a round toe design that lets your toes move around a bit within the shoe.

The Kashmir lining provides a bit of comfort as well. As earlier mentioned, the heel is made quite short and wide for balance, while the rubber sole is carefully padded at the toe area for easy movement and slip resistance.


Material: Rubber sole, Leather upper

Available colors: Tan, Black

Price: $40 — $171

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100FIXEO Women Block Heel Wingtip Oxford

Heel Oxford best for ladies

This Oxford shoe is made with a wingtip, half-brogue design. Its design is one that well suits casual, classy outfits. The block heel and the sole are made for balance and support. They add style to the simplest of clothes.

The upper is made of polyurethane leather, and so is its lining. This material ensures breathability. The round toe design also gives a bit of flexibility to your toes while the lace-up closure ensures a tight fit.


Material: Synthetic sole, PU Leather upper

Available colors: Brown, Black, Beige

Price: $36

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Ecco Women’s Incise Tailored Wing Tip Oxford Flat

Best Oxford dress shoe for women

The ECCO Incise shoe is made with a tad touch of masculinity in its shape. The shoe is a wingtip, half-brogue oxford with much concern for performance. It is made to perfectly fit the human feet, which makes natural movement even easier.

The upper is leather-made, of course. It also has a lining of the same material for softness and moisture absorption. The sole itself is made of PU material; durable, abrasion-resistant, and has great ground-grip.

This shoe is suitable for all-day wear with casual or semi-casual outfits.


Material: Synthetic sole, Leather upper

Available colors: Dune, Black

Price: $52 — $354

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Mona Flying Women’s Leather Oxfords

Nice Oxford shoe best for women

This Mona Flying Oxford has the school girl aura around it. The feather designs around the tongue can’t help but look cute. It would look nice while taking a walk in the street or hanging out with friends.

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Sheepskin material is used as the upper but is also used for the inner lining due to its moisture-absorbent property. To ensure comfort, the insides are laced with a latex material, enclosed in leather. This lets you wear it all day without having sore feet.


Material: Synthetic sole, Leather upper, Latex insole

Available colors: Black, White

Price: $98

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Dr. Martens, 1461 3-Eye Leather Oxford Shoe

Oxford shoes for women

The Dr. Martens’ 1461 is your basic all-day shoe. It’s got all that is needed with a round-toe design and a slip-resistant, air-cushioned, PVC sole.

This sole, due to these properties and it’s elevated design, help make movement easier. It almost completely bounces and pushes you forward with each step.

The upper is crafted from smooth leather and lined on the inside with soft, durable, moisture-absorbent leather. The closure used is lace-up.


Material: Synthetic sole, Leather upper

Available colors: Black

Price: $119 — $145

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U-lite Women’s Leather Flat Vintage Oxford Shoes

Best Oxford dress shoes for women

This is another wingtip design, a full-brogue shoe. It goes well with jeans or any other casual outfit. It might not be applicable for strictly formal occasions due to its full brogue perforations.

The upper is made of cowhide leather, made breathable by its inner lining. The sole is rubber-made; flexible and well patterned to serve as anti-slip.

Being designed to hug the feet, this shoe has a narrow shape, which means you might need to purchase a half-a-size up to be safe.


Material: Rubber sole, Cowhide Leather upper

Available colors: Brown, Black, Silver, Pink, White

Price: $42 — $60

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Hush Puppies Tricia Wingtip Knit Oxford

Supportive Oxford shoes for women

This shoe has quite the makings of a running shoe but would serve as a beautiful all-day shoe as well. It has a knit-textile upper, naturally relaxed, flexible, and breathable. This material also helps make the shoe lightweight.

The outsole is made of EVA material, strategically lined with rubber to produce maximum traction. The insole is a Polyurethane footbed, laced with EVA foam to give both comfort and rebounds with every stride; a core running shoe property.

The lace-up closure fits these in as you get ready for a smooth shoe experience.


Material: Synthetic sole, Knit-textile/mesh upper, Wooden heel, Ortholite insole

Available colors: Navy, Taupe, Rose, Black

Price: $30 – $100

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The benefits of wearing  Oxford shoes as a woman

  • It is a versatile style. So you can decide to go formal or casual; they go down well with jeans and skirt.
  • Already, women are know with stiletto and pumps, so wearing a different style like Oxford would make you look classy.
  • It makes you stand out among the crowd of women rocking other types of shoe.
  • Oxfords are made with leather which means that most of them are high quality.
  • They also offer a unique comfort and balance.
  • It is the style of today; no longer bent towards men only.


Although Oxfords were initially designed for men, there new designs targeted at women so that you can begin to enjoy the versatility, comfort, and sound style they offer.

With our list, we hope to help you find the best.

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