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15 Beautiful Lace Shoes for Wedding

Picking the wrong shoes on your wedding day could turn out to be all kinds of wrong. Without going into details, it could well and truly ruin your day. For this not to happen, you have to take absolute care when choosing your shoes.

Most of the time, when women get lace wedding gowns, they prefer to go for lace wedding shoes to match. Meanwhile, it could just be your choice to step in shoes made with lace material.

To meet this particular need, we have compiled a list of some of the best lace shoes for stunning brides. They include pumps, flats, wedges, all of them.

So, go through the list carefully and pick the one that suits you.

ElegantPark Mary Jane Lace Wedding Shoes

Best Lace bridal shoes

The ElegantPark Mary Jane is named for the way its lace-up closure and its uppers are made. It is a closed-toe shoe, made of a combination of lace and synthetic material upper.

Having a heel of merely 2 inches high, this shoe does not lack for balance. The leather outsoles also help to make sure of that while providing cushioned comfort. The shoe is great for dancing, movement and is priced around $50

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Emily Bridal 183-1-6 Women’s Wedding Shoes

Best lace shoes for brides

Emily Bridal is well known for their exquisite bridal attires. When it comes to shoes, they do not fail to deliver. This beauty is made of satin lace material uppers, a closed-toe shoe with a man-made insole.

Besides the regular functions of keeping out odour and moisture, this insole also serves to preserve the shape of the shoe. It is resistant and won’t deform even when twisted or compressed.

The sole is made rubber and offers great traction and flexibility; balances out the 3.5 inches high heel. This shoe is around $45

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Dress First Women’s Pumps

Best Lace shoes for wedding

No one can deny that a pair of great-looking pumps can put a smile on the face of most ladies. The way Dress First incorporated the lace material into classic-looking pumps deserves a shout out. The closure here is a buckle located at the ankle strap.

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This shoe is a closed-toe shoe with heel cuffs. It is steadied by the flexible rubber soles underneath that provide traction. The uppers, made of lace material is lined with synthetic material inside.

At $40, this shoe is worth every penny.

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ElegantPark Chunky Heel Lace Bridal Boot

Lace boots for wedding

This is a shoe you would want to to get for comfort. While it is style for wedding, it is also a beautiful choice of shoe for Evening party, prom, cocktail party, and any special occasion you can think of.

It is closed-toe chunky boot with towering heels up to 3 inches. However, it is balanced out by its high traction rubber outsole.

The upper is made of lace and satin materials. In the inside is lined inside vegetable tanning leather. The insole is made of well-cushioned fibre leather and provides adequate comfort.

A beautiful lacing system lies on top to keep the footwear tight on your feet. Because of its height, we recommend that only people who are well-accustomed to heels should use it due to the amount of movement required. This shoe is priced at $70.

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Get More Beauty Women’s Lace Open Toes Ankle Boots

Best ankle lace shoe for wedding

This shoe has a high heel, high ankle design that makes it worthy of the name, “ankle boots”. The heel is over 4 inches high and the shoe has a corresponding platform of a little over 1 inch.

It has open-toe uppers, but the rest of the foot, up to the ankle area is covered by lace upper material. It uses a buckle closure that runs across with an ankle strap.

The soles are made of synthetic material and provide the required traction. One good thing about this shoe is that it is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about your feet getting wet. It is priced around $40

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Jiajia Women’s Peep Toe Bridal Shoes

Best Lace shoe for brides

No doubt, this shoe was made with attention given to it’s balance so it could aid easier movement and possibly dancing. It has a 2.6 inches, medium-sized heel and flexible rubber soles for traction. The shoe uses the slip-on closure.

The upper material is satin lace. It has no lining under, which makes it light. It is still breathable though because the lace material has its airspaces. A pair costs $50.

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Emily Bridal Women’s Stitching Lace Heel

Bridal lace heels

You can flaunt your style with these cute-looking lace heels. These are very comfortable shoes, owing to their outsole-insole combination.

The insole is made of soft, yet resistant synthetic material and doesn’t deform easily. It serves as a comfortable footbed. The outsole, however, is made of rubber and is durable and skid-resistant.

As expected, the outsole is satin lace material, decorated with a faux flower to make it look adorable. It is a closed-toe shoe and is perfect for parties, dates and the like. It costs about $45.

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ElegantPark Mary Jane Wedding Shoes

Bridal lace shoes

ElegantPark pulls a well-balanced shoe here (no pun intended). The Mary Jane shoe style is a classic that happens to work well with the block heel design.

The shoe is a has a closed-toe design with satin lace upper. It is lined with synthetic material for breathability and to reduce risk of deformation.

Its sole is rubber-made and is as flexible as it is durable. This block-heel beaut is great for dancing, all-day wearing and general ease of movement. You can get a pair for $50

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Dress First Women’s Strap Wedding Shoes

lace shoes for brides

So it’s been heels and heels all this while. Here is one of the lovers of flats. This Dress First shoe is made with man-made leather uppers and decorated with faux flowers and lace material.

It is a slip-on shoe but also has a cute ribbon ankle strap for aesthetic appeal. The footwear has rubber soles underneath for traction and slip-resistance.

Thus, these shoes are perfect for brides and their train, or even at a party or dance. A pair costs about $35

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Cloverly Women’s Lace Ballet Shoe

Cloverly lace wedding shoe

Still on flats, this Cloverly ballet flat is another beautiful option for those who aren’t much into heels. It’s got the lace crotchet uppers with a little synthetic material lining for the toe and heel areas. The footbed is soft due to proper cushioning for comfort.

Finally, the sole is made of rubber; soft, flexible rubber for great traction. These shoes are great for dancing and generally look cute in the wearer.

Ihere’s no closure method; it’s a simple slip-on shoe, easy to wear and take off. You could get a pair for $25

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Emily Bridal Slip-On Flat Wedding Shoes

Lace ballerina shoe for wedding

This is another flat lace shoe, having satin lace uppers but with touches of synthetic leather at the toe and heel cuff areas. The shoe is very breathable and has all the balance you will require, as is the case with flats.

The sole is made of rubber; durable, skid-resistant rubber. It also has insoles that help make the footbed easier on the foot. This shoe goes for around $45.

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Emily Bridal Women’s Silk Like Satin Wedge

Best Lace Wedge shoe for brides

Can’t decide between heels and flats? Well, have you considered wedge heels?

These give you the few inches you’re looking for, while also maintaining balance and easing movement. This Emily Bridal wedge is a closed-toe shoe with lace satin uppers, lined inside with breathable man-made leather.

The lining also serves to prevent deformation. The soles are made of flexible, durable rubber that act as skid-resistance. A pair of these goes for $42

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MVE Shoes Women’s Lace Bridal High Heel

Open toe bridal lace shoe

The MVE Bridal Lace is an ankle boot. It’s got a peep-toe design and lace satin uppers, except for the heel cuff area which is made of synthetic leather. Its also got rhinestones arranged across the uppers from the front. These serve for aesthetic appeal.

The shoe is closed with a zipper, located behind it, at the heel cuffs. The soles are made of rubber, the heels stand 4.5 inches high, with a platform of about half an inch. This would look great at weddings, dinners and other similar events.

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Shoesland Women‘s JYG075 Wedding Pumps

Lace stilleto for wedding

Shoesland’s lace shoe features the peep-toe design, combining it with pump designs. The shoe uses no closure; it’s a simple slip-on shoe, which is perfect for easy wear and removal.

The uppers are made of lace satin material, save the heel area which has synthetic leather cuffs. For the insoles, the PU leather used makes a soft, well-cushioned footbed.

The soles are made of rubber, flexible rubber that provides adequate traction and is anti-slip. A pair goes for about $51.

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Salabobo Women’s Pointed Toe Lace Dress Wedding Court Shoes

Lace court shoe for bride

Made of lace satin uppers, with PU leather inside lining for breathability, this Salabobo Women’s pump shoe is a beauty to behold. The fore-foot section is joined to the heel cuffs by rhinestones, but the shoe itself uses the slip-on closure.

The sole of the shoe is made of rubber, with the heel at about 3.5 inches. With its soft insoles, the shoe provides a comfortable footbed for the wearer. This shoe will suit different gown styles and add flair to whatever it is worn with. It costs about $50.

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What now happens to these shoes after wedding?

You might be wondering if it is right to wear your wedding shoes after that day. Well, the simple answer is Yes because they are yours.

These shoes are designed for general occasions for which wedding happens to belong. Rock them without fear to parties, dinner, graduation, and so on, except your choice is otherwise.

Bottom line

Now, having explored our list of the best lace material shoes for wedding, which of them do you fancy most?

Let’s hear you in the comment section; and if you have more suggestions to this list, feel free to drop them too.  We wish you the best.

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