8 Best Shoes to Wear With Bootcut Jeans

Shoes to wear with bootcut jeans

Bootcut jeans lengthen your legs and exude a sophisticated, fashion-forward feel. They are high-waisted and tight in today’s version.

You will find them in various fabrics, including denim, Lycra, and polyesters. Bootcut jeans are so adaptable and may be styled in various ways.

But finding the appropriate shoes might be a little tricky, owing to today’s fashion level.  Wondering what shoes to wear with bootcut jeans? Here is our list of 8 timeless shoes that you can comfortably wear with your bootcut jeans.

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1. Combat Boots

What shoe to wear with bootcut jeans
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If you like a more edgy and gritty look, try a black leather jacket with a grey sweater slipped into bootcut jeans with ripped hems and lace-up black leather combat boots.

Cropped bootcut jeans are a great way to achieve a fashionable style. They’re roughly an inch or three inches above the ankles. They’re perfect for people who wish to flaunt their new boot.

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2. Wedges

Wedge to wear with bootcut jean
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Wedges are probably the ideal choice when it comes to shoes that match nicely with bootcut jeans. They have the perfect heel height, peep-toe design, and the comfiest heel.

If you’re going to buy a pair of bootcut jeans, go up a size. This will keep the hem of your jeans from rising above your wedges.

Allow them to glide a 1/4 inch down your wedges. However, don’t get them too big because the hems of your jeans must not touch the ground. If you do not wear them in the correct size, it will be a fashion disaster.

To create an accentuating effect, use flowery or ornamented wedges. If you’re going to wear a carmine top, you may buy carmine wedges to go with it and get the same look.

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3. Sneakers

Sneakers to wear with bootcut jeans
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Celebrities favor the combination of sneakers and bootcut jeans. This is one of the finest and the most convenient types since it enables you to stand all day.

You may choose from tennis shoes or canvas slip-on shoes to give your feet a lovely look. You can design your outfit with a beautiful top and accessories because sneakers come in various colors and patterns.

The traditional tennis shoes look fantastic with bootcut jeans as well. Bright hues will provide the proper amount of punch to your outfit.

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4. Clogs

Best shoes to wear with bootcut jeans
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Clogs are one of the finest footwear options for wearing bootcut jeans since they are both comfortable and fashionable. Clogs are a terrific addition to anyone’s wardrobe because they go with everything.

However, high-heeled clogs are the way to go. Choose neutral hues that will work with a variety of outfits. On the other hand, dark blue clogs are the way to go when it comes to jeans.

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What shoes to wear with bootcut jeans

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5. Mid-calf Boots

Boot to wear with bootcut jeans
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Mid-calf boots are not only fashionable but also comfy and easy on the legs. Of course, they give excellent leg protection and ankle support.

They also include a heel, making them ideal for wearing with bootcut jeans and making you seem fashionable. Keep in mind that they should be covered while wearing mid-calf boots with bootcut jeans, and just the heel and toe should be seen.

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6. Ankle Boots

What shoes to wear with bootcut jeans
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Ankle boots are another popular footwear option while wearing bootcut jeans. They’re stylish and add a splash of color to your ensemble.

When paired with a white tank top, a wrap sweater style, and a cowboy hat, they may offer you the most daring look. Choose a lovely waist belt for a dazzling accent, and you’ll have a stunning appearance to showcase as your country-style statement.

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7. Sandals

Sandals to wear with bootcut jeans
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Sandals come in a wide range of styles, and virtually all of them look great with bootcut jeans. With bootcut jeans, sandals are also one of the most popular styles.

Sandals are quite versatile since they are open-toed and low heel height. However, the higher the sandals, the better they will look with your bootcut jeans.

You may create an extremely clever ensemble with a white shirt, a blue blazer, bootcut jeans, nude or brown shoes, and a matching leather shoulder bag.

If you’re wearing bootcut jeans, basic slingback sandals or t strap sandals are a good option. Although you can wear strappy details, most of them will fall up under the hem of your pants.

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8. Platforms

Platform sandals to wear with bootcut jean
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Platforms are essential for wearing bootcut jeans since they are taller than flats. Because bell-bottoms seem to hide whatever footwear you’re wearing, the only way to make your shoes stand out is to wear tall shoes.

Platform shoes are a good option if you dislike high shoes. While most platforms have heels, you won’t have to struggle with the unpleasant thin heels, and you can wear higher heels than your tolerance.

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Shoes to wear with bootcut jeans

Style Bootcut Jeans in Your Favorite Ways

Bootcut jeans are simple to style. You can do whatever you want with these pants because they are one of the most adaptable sorts. However, if you are going for a sophisticated bootcut look, you should consider a few important styles.

A minimalist approach to bootcut jeans is a popular day-to-day look. Because these jeans have a slimming effect, combine them with a fitting t-shirt or sweater in a neutral hue and let the jeans’ silhouette speak for itself. This looks great with little makeup and a pair of heeled boots.

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Can I wear flats with bootcut jeans?

Yes, you can. Cropped bootcut jeans that sit just above the ankles are great with flat shoes.

Where should bootcut jeans fall?

A bootcut jean leg should be tight up to the knee, then curve out to the tips of your toes just below the knee. The most critical component of your fit is the hem.

It should fall to the point where your toe meets your foot. This signifies you’ll need longer pants if you’re wearing a higher heel.

Is a straight leg or bootcut more flattering?

Straight-leg jeans are better for small ladies or those who want to make their legs appear longer because of the constant width. They’re also more flattering for ladies who have slimmer hips and thighs.

Do Sneakers go with bootcut jeans?

Yes, it does. Sneakers give you that stylish and trendy look.

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Boot cut jeans may appear to be a ’70s trend, but if you know how to combine your shoes with your outfits correctly, they’ll work in any era. Choosing shoes that go well with boot-cut jeans might be difficult if you aren’t fashion-conscious.

It would help if you generally chose shoes with some height, as these pants tend to dominate flat shoes. This advice restricts your footwear selections to high heels and a few others.

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