Are Vans nonslip shoes? In-depth review 2022

Are Vans shoes non slip

You probably know Vans as skateboarding shoes. But how functional can it be when worn on the slippery ground like a kitchen floor littered with drops of oil or water? Or in the restaurant where the tiles are smooth and could make you slip if you don’t mind your steps?

No doubt, Vans is the second-best brand after Nike in producing incredible sportswear.

However, if you decide on wearing Vans shoes outside sports, then you should know the degree of their slip resistance or whether you can wear them to work.

A brief history of Vans shoes

Vans is popularly known to produce skateboarding shoes and other athleisure apparel for skateboarders. The company was founded by two brothers Paul Van Doren and James Van Doren on March 16, 1966.

Before, the brand identified its shoes with numbers instead of names. The popular Vans Authentic was known as style 44, while Vans Era was known as style 95.

No year passes by without Vans producing quality athleisure shoes. Below you can see how Vans shoes have evolved through the years.

History of Vans Are Vans nonslip shoes

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Are Vans nonslip shoes?

Vans are partially nonslip shoes. This means they do not provide maximum slip resistance on all floor textures. 

Vans shoes feature a vulcanized rubber outsole with a rhomboid or diamond tread pattern. However, not all Vans shoes have a tread-patterned outsole, such as the Vans Authentic 44 Deck DX. 

Authentic 44 Deck Are Vans non slip shoes

Vans are skateboarding shoes and are constructed in a way to provide enough grip to the board for safe skating. If you want to enjoy the benefits, you should get the ones with the treaded pattern.

The circle and diamond pattern prevents water absorption on the sole and enhances your traction.

But can they offer enough slip resistance on a greasy kitchen floor?

The answer is no. Although Vans shoes are nonslip, it depends on the floor texture. 

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Some people do not support the idea of wearing a pair of Vans to work in a kitchen or restaurant. In a social platform like Quora, while some folks give good remarks about Vans shoes’ level of slip resistance, others beg to disagree.

Here are some of their reviews on whether or not Vans shoes are nonslip:

What are the Vans nonslip shoes?

Since not all Vans shoes provide a nonskid effect, here are some of the shoes that do. 

They are the best Vans shoes that offer slip resistance on certain floors. They feature waffle rubber outsoles with a mix of circles and rhomboid patterns to enhance their traction.

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Vans oldskool

Vans oldskool are Vans non slip shoes
Vans old skool outsole Are Vans shoes non slip

Vans Sk8-HI

Vans Sk8 HI outsole Are Vans non slip shoes

Vans Classic Slip-on

Vans classic slip on Are Vans non slip shoes
Vans classic slip on outsole Are Vans non slip shoes

Vans Authentic

Vans Authentic Are Vans non slip shoes

What makes Vans nonslip?

No doubt that Vans is one of the best shoe brands that produce excellent nonskid shoes for skateboarding and other sporty purposes. But what makes them slip resistant? Here you will find out about two unique features that provide the nonslip effect.

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Rubber outsole

Before we start, you should know that not all rubber outsoles deliver slip resistance. The strong rubber outsoles with no form of flexibility are out of the option. Vans features a soft rubber outsole that firmly grips your feet to the ground.

The rubber outsole consists of a natural and synthetic rubber material that undergoes a unique vulcanization process to make it quickly return to its original form if bent. It also ensures that the rubber sole is abrasion- and water-resistant.

Treaded pattern

Another crucial feature of Vans nonslip shoes is the treaded pattern of the shoe. It combines circles and rhomboids or diamond shapes with enclosed spaces. These patterns help to hold the shoe firm to the ground and resist the absorption of oil or grease.

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What makes Vans a top skate shoe?

In 2015, Vans was ranked as the most liked sneaker brand on Instagram.

sneakers brands Are Vans nonslip shoes

It is no wonder that Vans is a crowd favorite. They have these incredible features that make them worth the hype:

What makes Vans a top skate shoe Are Vans nonslip shoes


One of the most important features of sports shoes is the material used as the upper. Vans uses canvas or hemp for their sneakers to ensure breathability and flexibility

Moreover, the material is more durable than suede and cheaper than leather.


A good skating shoe should feature light padding at the heel and insole to ensure maximum grip on the board while skating. And Vans did not leave that part of the feature behind.


Vans shoes feature a well-grooved outsole to guarantee an optimum grip on the board. The outsole is designed with an enclosed diamond and circular pattern to enhance traction and ensure a safe landing on any skating trick.


The shoe features a double-stitched upper to ensure durability. You would not want your shoe to fall apart after a few skating sessions.

Lace reinforcement

The lacing system of closure also ensures grip as you can adjust it to your suitable fit. In addition, the metal eyelets ensure the longevity of the rope by keeping it from wearing out.


Can I wear Vans shoes to work at McDonalds?

No, you can’t. Professionally, they don’t care about the kind of shoe you wear as long as it is black. 

However, although Vans shoes are nonslip on deck or board, they do not offer maximum slip resistance on floors prone to easily getting wet and greasy.

On the job platform Indeed, the question “Can you wear Vans?” was asked at the FAQ subset of the McDonalds’ job application space, and a handful of them do not buy the idea. 

Here is what some of them had to say about it:

McDonalds crew member (former employee)
McDonalds crew member (former employee)November 15, 2018
Read More
Yes, Technically they don’t care what kind of shoes you wear but wearing Vans can cause you to slip and fall.
Crew member (former employee)
Crew member (former employee)July 17,2019
Read More
No, wear non slip shoes from Payless

Vans shoes are functional but are not good enough to work at McDonalds or other fast-food restaurants.

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What counts as a nonslip shoe?

Aside from the slip resistance on the outsole of the shoe, other features could make a shoe count as a nonslip pair.


The outsole material should be the first thing you check when looking for a nonslip shoe. And the appropriate material for a grippy outsole is rubber. Rubber soles are soft and easily offer a firm grip on any floor terrain.


The pattern is also crucial in nonslip shoes. A smooth rubber outsole does not offer as much grip as a rubber outsole with tread patterns

Most tread patterns featured on nonslip shoes are circular, hexagonal, rhomboid, or squiggles. 

They are more functional if the patterns are in small sizes and have enclosed spaces.

These patterns help to cause friction between the outsole and the floor and offer better traction to your feet.


The midsole is significant in nonslip shoes. A well-cushioned EVA midsole enhances the grip of your shoe.

Can I wear Vans to work?

Yes, but it depends on the kind of work. Offices may not allow Vans shoes because they are athleisure and too casual. 

However, Vans with leather upper and a rubber outsole look semiformal and may be work appropriate. Check them out below:

Vans men's VN-0tuy187
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Vans unisex classic slip-on
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Vans closed-toe trainers
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Can I wear slip-on Vans to work?

Yes and no. Like I said earlier on, it all depends on the kind of work you do and your work environment.  

If your workplace demands you to look formal every day at work, then Vans slip-on is not an option.

If you work in a casual business office, you can totally wear a pair of Vans. Just pick the right color. 

However, it’s always best to ask your employer about their standard dress code to be sure.

Are Vans semiformal?

Yes, but not all of them. Vans are purpose-built shoes, which means most of them are casual. However, the ones with leather and suede upper and rubber outsoles can be considered semiformal.


To summarize, Vans are partial nonslip shoes. Although they ensure a firm grip on your skating board or deck, you can’t trust them while working in a kitchen or restaurant.

However, you can rock your Vans for any semiformal or casual occasion with a pair of chinos or denims and a shirt. You can wear Vans shoes to work, depending on the dress code of your workplace.

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