13 Types of Shoes to Wear with Dress

Shoes to wear with dress

The choice of shoes to wear with a dress can be quite a hard choice to make, especially if you have assorted accessories in your wardrobe.

You stand before your shoe closet like a lost sheep looking for its shepherd. Back and forth, you searched for the best shoes to match your dress.

Just like every other woman, you need to dress simple and classic to hit the crowd with a great look.

To make the right choice of shoes to wear with a particular dress, you must first consider the occasion for the glamor and the type of dress right for that occasion.

As you probably know, open-toe wedges or sandals give a better look with a formal dress, while closed-toe shoes or boots work in pari-passu with casual dress.

Now, read through to see the best type of shoes to wear with a dress.

1. Strappy sandals

Ever tried strappy sandals with a gown? It is the perfect footwear for the summer as it gives space for fresh air to caress your feet.

With double strapped sandals, you can have an ultimate feeling of comfort and relaxation. You can wear it with an evening dress, flowing maxi dress, bouffants skirts, godet dress, and slip dresses.

It is also perfect for vacations and any other casual outdoor activities.

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2. Boots

Boots go well with a short dress for casual occasions. A high-heel boot lifts your hot legs with a mini gown or a long dress with a subtle bit of bling under it.

The cowboy boots with their pointed toes add a great feeling to your look, especially when rocked with a long gown.

Combat boots on the other hand work side by side with a feminine dress. The chunky silhouette can be worn to official events and works.

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3. Closed-toe sandals/shoes

When the aim is to protect your nice polished pedicure, closed-toe sandals are perfect for that. They are versatile and very comfortable.

This chic can be worn anywhere with a business dress and evening dress. Whatever choice you wish to make with it, it gives you that classy look.

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4. Fuzzy ugg slides-on

It is very exquisite with your favorite summer dress. Its comfort is limitless, and its beauty is faultless, nothing goes wrong while on it.

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5. Loafers

Pairing loafers with a dress is getting to the peak of a good fashion sense.

If you haven’t tried on your favorite dress with loafers to work, then you are missing out on the outstanding look. Loafers as well known are perfect with office wear.

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6. Wide fit espadrilles

With this on, you wouldn’t know that you are wearing anything because of its lightweight features and comfort.

It is best paired with a short flare gown. More so, they can be worn for any outdoor activity and to work as well.

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Types of shoes to wear with dress

7. Converse

This high-ankle silhouette goes faultless with any type of gown and occasion. For a wedding or get-together party, you can simply rock it with a short dress.

For a simple walk-out from your province, Converse is versatile to any form of dress, flare or straight cut, short or long dress touching the ankle.

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8. Cruise rider pumas

Looking for a pair of shoes for your casual days? Here you go with this chic.

They bring a different style to your closet for your summer dress.

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9. Sneakers

Sneakers are popular footwear well known by their fanatics. They are worn with many outfits ranging from denim trousers, athleisure wear, to a simple dress.

Celebrities have also learned to rock sneakers to red carpet occasions with a nice dress that goes with it. Sneakers add a bit of edge to your dress and give you a retro-style look.

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10. Platform sandals

Just as the name suggests, it gives your feet a platform for relaxation. This type of footwear is never wrong with a dress, especially for casual occasions.

The platform sandals match a well sporty dress, trapeze dress, and t-shirt dress.

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11. Pumps

Pumps are shoes meant for work and parties. However, trying a pump with a dress might be the bang you desire.

Pump shoes make you outstanding and gorgeous. Rocking it with an evening dress, bouffants skirts, t-shirt dress, body con mini dresses is an idea not to be regretted.

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12. Wedges

For the lovers of non-pointy heels but wish their feet be high a little bit, this is for you. Wedges are not only comfortable but also grace your feet with gorgeousness.

Like other shoes mentioned here, you can wear wedges with a dress for both formal and casual occasions. They are also matched with sundresses for a beautiful summer.

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13. Flats

Flats are one-of-a-kind footwear; their versatility is top-notch. Although not everyone appreciates them; they can match any form of dress and occasion.

It can be worn with a sporty dress, trapeze dress, flowing maxi dress, t-shirt dress, slip dress, and sundresses.

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Type of shoes to wear with shoes

Things to consider while choosing your shoes for a dress.

A. The length of your dress

You wouldn’t want to go all day long with your hand holding your dress up while walking. Do you?

The combination of a long dress with a high-heeled sandal gives a fascinating look. The heel lifts you over before you trip on the train of your dress.

Open-toe heels could give you that freedom and as well an elegant look. Someone who is vertically blessed wouldn’t find wearing a lengthy dress with flats a problem. It would be a problem for a shorter person.

Also, a short dress could be matched with flats or heels. Let’s say they are more versatile to shoes than floor-skimming dresses.

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B. The occasion of the day

Shoes for casual occasions are different from formal shoes. So, it might be an exaggerated dress type to wear an open-heel stiletto with your casual dress for quick shopping, or a high-knee boot with a cocktail dress to a birthday party.

Keep it simple: casual shoes for casual occasions and formal shoes for formal occasions. Match your footwear with the exact type of occasion.

C. Weather

Knowing the kind of weather condition can help in making the right choice of shoes. Boots do not have anything to do with summer, nor do having your feet bare have anything to do with winter.

Sandals collaborate well during summer unless you wish to get your feet fried with a boot. Winter comes with cold, and you shouldn’t leave your feet bare, or perhaps you want to freeze.

D. Color

When it comes to making the right choice of shoes for your dress, select shoes that are a little bit darker than your dress. The contrast color of your shoe and dress will be perfect if the color of your shoe is the same as accessories.

For example, a red dress could be matched with a brown shoe, a black dress with any color of the shoe, and a white dress with a beige color.


Footwear is considered one of the iconic accessories to glamor for any occasion that calls. Different dresses have their way of styling them, and making the right choice of shoes for them is one complement you have to give yourself.

We have carefully listed and explained above the different shoes you can wear to match your dresses. We hope you make the right choice with it. Every woman needs to glow.

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